Airsoft is a sport or an outdoor activity which involves a couple of teams battling each other on a field called an airsoft field. There are replica guns used to play the sport known as airsoft guns! 

With the skyrocketing popularity of airsoft, more and more individuals are eager to be part of this thrilling sport. The greatest hurdle that they need to cross in their attempt to become an airsofter is buying airsoft guns. 

These replica gun s are usually considered expensive, and this is what demoralizes many beginners. Yes, it’s true that many of these guns are pretty expensive, but not all of them. There are certain heavy-duty guns that cost too much, but there are numerous other affordable options. 

Airsoft is not all about heavy, large-sized rifles; there are airsoft pistols and other smaller guns that provide a similar shooting experience. If you are an airsofter and looking to buy cheap airsoft guns, we have a surprise for you! We have taken some time to bring the 5 cheapest, but quality airsoft guns that are ideal for you.

1. Sig Sauer AEG Rifle

To all the airsofters out there, this is the one you will love. A full automatic electric rifle that offers a great shooting range. At an affordable price, you will get a rifle along with a handgun, and additional 5000 BBs. 

Yes, that’s all you get in a single package. Isn’t it incredible? Both the handgun and the rifle are compatible with BBs of 6mm. Usually automatic, but semi automatic mode is also also available in this rifle. So, depending upon your needs on the airsoft field, you can switch between full and semi auto modes. The pistol is single-shot, but incorporates fixed sight which enables precise aiming.

As far as capacity is concerned, the rifle has a capacity of 300 BBs while the pistol has a capacity of 12 BBs. That is perfect for airsofters because it would fulfill your entire needs on the field. Considering your airsoft needs, sometimes you require fixed sights while at times, you need to adjust the sight. 

With both pistol and rifle with you, you have both fixed and adjustable sights for more accurate firing. Now coming to one of the important things, the speed. Rifle offers a pace of 328 FPS which is brilliant. So, if you are on a budget, this is an ideal airsoft gun for you.

2. Spring G12 Regulator Pistol

Another masterpiece for all the airsofters, specifically the beginners. This is a regulator 6mm airsoft pistol that is available at an amazingly low price. It is lightweight and small, but brace yourself to know that it provides an equally good shooting experience. 

It possess the power you expect from a heavy-duty rifle. Not too small though, instead, it is comparatively bigger than other replica pistols. This Spring G12 looks more realistic and shoots in a real manner too. 

The pistol is spring powered with plastic and metal constructions, perhaps one of the reasons why it is lightweight, yet powerful. Plus, there are absolutely no concerns over durability. It is among the most durable airsoft guns on this list.

This pistol incorporates a couple of magazines with one single shot. The magazine can be unloaded at a quick speed of 215 FPS. As it is a spring powered pistol, you need to cock it for every shot. However, it is clean, fast, cheap and can be maintained pretty easily because there are no batteries or gas for operating it. 

Holding this 9.5 inches pistol feels like holding a real gun. So, if you are a new airsofter looking to practice target shooting or attempting to learn airsoft, this is the perfect gun for you.

3. M4 Smoky AEG Rifle

What every airsofter loves is a gun that offers a realistic firing experience, and this M4 Smoky AEG does exactly that. This is an economical option as your budget is low. With 30 inches of length, it feels a real, lethal weapon when held in your hands. 

Also, both automatic and semi automatic mechanism are available. This will certainly provide you an edge during an airsoft competition. The greatest feature offered by this rifle is the spin up firing mechanism which allows you to keep your shots on target. 

An adjustable stock is additionally featured along with a 500 RD magazine capacity. It can shoot at a speed around 160 FPS. But, all these features can be availed at a pretty low cost.

A mock scope is another additional thing with this rifle which enables the airsofters to immediately sight their opponents. So, this is a perfect gun for those who often get involved in skirmish scenarios on the field. The rifle comes with 6-AA batteries. Seems a cool choice, doesn’t it?

4. FN Herstal Scar Rifle

For those looking for high speed airsoft guns at reasonable price, here is a drool worthy option. This FN Herstal Scar rifle offers an incredible speed of 400 FPS. To be honest, there is no other gun at this low price that provides such a great speed. The magazine capacity is unbelievable as well i-e 350 BBs. 

With 30.5 inches length, it is a huge rifle, plus the weight is around 2.5 lbs. Therefore, it is heavy and seems more realistic. It is one of the rifles that ensure excellence on the field. Also, this spring powered, replica gun incorporates vertical grip and folding sights. The stock is adjustable or foldable for customized fit.

5. Taurus PT92 CO2 Pistol

This non-blowback CO2 pistol is a masterpiece by Taurus. The only gas airsoft gun on this list, but a pretty efficient and strong one. It is an ideal pistol for the airsofter who is eager to make a great impact on the airsoft world in a short span of time. 

This replica pistol is officially licensed and closely resembles the M9 Style. The most encouraging factor is its low price that makes it a worthwhile pistol. Also, this is a perfect weapon if you are a beginner trying to practice shooting or training.

A great speed of 377 FPS is another plus point associated with this cheap airsoft gun. Add a 13-shot capacity and lower rail system equipped, there is no better choice than this pistol for the enthusiasts. While firing, the slide never moves, so, you can expect more comfortable and accurate shooting. 

Pick Your Desired Airsoft Guns!

Since you have explored the features of all these airsoft guns, which of them fascinates you the most? Well, all these replica guns are affordable and provide some spectacular features. 

Which of these top-notch cheap airsoft guns did you like? You can choose any of these and enjoy their unmatchable features. However, whichever you buy, we promise the affordable price and ultra-premium quality.