Knives play an important role in our lives. We use them in our everyday tasks and it seems like it is quite impossible to perform those tasks without a knife. Whether you want to use them in households tasks or you find the need for them in your outdoor excursions, knives come in handy almost everywhere. The origin of knives goes back to Stone Age where tools out stone were made and were used to perform tasks for whose execution, we use knives today. The designs of knives have been changed and evolved over the years, however, the purpose remained the same.

One of the most popular and useful types of knives are the spring assisted knives. There are various types of spring assisted knives as well but we will discuss them later on. Let us first have a look at what are spring assisted knives actually.

What are Spring Assisted Knives?

Spring assisted knives are pocket knives or more simply known as folding knives. They get their name from the mechanisms by which they operate. Spring Assisted Knives use a spring mechanism to open and close. A spring is attached to the blade of the knife from one end and its other end is attached with the handle of the knife. The resistance of the spring keeps the knife close and the spring is in an active state at that moment. However, when you flick the thumb stub present on the blade of the knife or the flipper of the knife by exerting some force on it, what you are actually doing is, overcoming the resistance of the spring and when you do that, the knife flicks open on its own due to the action of the spring.

Uses of Spring Assisted Knives

Spring assisted knives are small pocket knives and are therefore easy to conceal and easy to carry as well. If you want to keep an effective blade with you at all times, then a spring assisted knife is the one for you. You can use it as a utility tool and perform small tasks with it quite efficiently i.e. cutting ropes, cutting fruits and vegetables, opening packages etc. Also, you can also use it as a self-defense tool if you ever face any dangerous situation and find the need for a weapon. Spring assisted knives will help you greatly out there too.

Types of Spring Assisted Knives

There are too many types of spring assisted knives. Each different from each other, not in terms of the mechanism but in terms of design. Let us discuss a few of them below:

Karambit Style Spring Assisted Knives

Karambit style spring assisted knives are one of the exotic and stylish knives among all. These knives operate via spring mechanism and are folding knives. However, their blades are different from those of other knives. Their blades are curved as in c-shape and resemble the claw of a tiger. Also, sometimes they even have finger rings attached to their rear side which provides a secure and comfortable grip of the knife. You can a karambit style spring assisted knife for utility purpose. But majorly people use it to fight or use it during camping, fishing or hunting.

Military Spring Assisted Knives

Military spring assisted knives are the perfect tactical knives. They got their name after the US military who make extensive use of these knives. Are you wondering why? Because military spring assisted knives are durable, strong, sturdy and reliable and because of these characteristics, whenever the military went to a mission, they used to keep these knives with them. These military knives are designed to be used efficiently in fights and combats. However, you can use them for self-defense purposes as well.

Knuckle Styled Spring Assisted Knives

Knuckle Styled Spring assisted knife is another cool type of spring assisted knives. These knives are also folding knives, however, they have knuckles attached to their handles. Yes, so a knuckle styled spring assisted knife provides a two in one feature. It allows you to enjoy the benefit of a pocket knife and that of a knuckle as well. Imagine wearing your knife on your knuckles, yes that’s what you can do with a knuckle style spring assisted knife. Also, whenever you find the need to teach someone a lesson, you can always deliver a classic punch with the knuckles part of the knife. Sounds cool. Right?

The above-mentioned types are a few types of spring assisted knives, however, they are the most common among all. There are numerous other types i.e. camo knives, tactical knives etc for you to choose from. So, tell me fella, which one of the above-mentioned types of spring assisted knives fascinates you the most?