Brass knuckles are known as the coolest weapons to be used in street combats and now they are being used for self-defense as well. Brass knuckles are so in trend nowadays that teenagers are mostly seen searching for brass knuckle for sale online so they could get their hands on the best ones and stay up to date with the latest variety. 

knuckle dusters help you ward off your opponent in the coolest way possible. I normally stay out of trouble but once I had the chance of watching a street fight. I was with my friends and we were out on for a football match in a deserted area. 

The opponent team had big guys, the kind who has chains wrapped around their wrists and around their necks as well. They were teenagers and all of them were dressed in T-shirts and shorts. We were in the middle of the game that suddenly I heard some noise.

When I looked around, I saw a group of guys huddled around something on the corner. I was already getting bad vibes and I knew something was wrong. I ran towards the source of noise and when I reached there I saw one boy of the opponent team beating down one of ours.


I looked towards my team members and asked them why were they not stopping him but it was clear that nobody wanted to interfere and everybody was afraid that they would suffer the same fate if they intervened. The boys of the opponent team were cheering their guy to beat our poor guy more and more. 

He was close to fainting now and blood was pouring down his face and down his chin and neck. His face was starting to swell and I was confused how could he get so severely injured in such a short time. It was not as if he was getting beaten up from a bunch of guys, it was only just one boy. 

That’s when my eyes fell on the knuckle duster in the boy’s hand with which he was throwing punch after punch on the poor guy’s face. They were made of metal and looked quite similar to the brass knuckles for sale my best friend was showing me the other day. 

They looked awesome but looked very deadly as well and after seeing what they could actually do, they suddenly seemed more dangerous than before.

The sharp spikes were jabbing themselves in the face of the young boy, there was shouting everywhere. Some were the shouts of cheers while the others were the shouts of my friends who were screaming at that big guy to leave our friend alone. 

Suddenly, the rush of adrenaline, those screams, shouting and blood got too much for me and I ran from there. As soon as I got my breath my back, I started thinking clearly, took my phone out of my pocket and called the police. By the time the police came, the boy was badly injured but thank God he was not dead. 

He suffered some major injuries but he recovered with time. I learned one thing that day about brass knuckles that they are awesome weapons but if you misuse them or are not careful with them, you can get into loads of trouble and your carelessness may cause someone his/her life.

Brass knuckles are mostly seen in possession of heady teenagers and they use them carelessly, sometimes to show off and sometimes when they are not mad and are not thinking properly. People should try buying knuckle duster for sale more as items to be used for self-defense than as weapons.

What are Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles are pieces of metal that are designed like knuckles so that they can be worn around them. The primary purpose of brass knuckles is to magnify the power of a punch. This consequently results in more damage to the victim and inflicts more damage than a normal punch would have. 

The real knuckle dusters are made up of metal, however, knuckle dusters made up of plastic and rubber are also available in stores at very affordable rates. 

These fake replicas are used in LARP and cosplay events mostly where real weapons are banned. The real brass knuckles are known to cause lots of injuries ranging from minor to major ones. Mostly they cause swelling, bleeding, cuts, wounds, concussions, broken bones and even death in the most extreme cases.

History of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles became famous after World War 1. It was the time of trench wars which required the use of a weapon that could be used in trenches for close quarter combats. Trenches were dug through thousands of miles of land. 

The Germans attacked France and Belgium and that’s when brass knuckle knife was designed which had brass knuckle attached to its handle. This knife served as a knife and was specifically designed for thrusting and stabbing. But it could also be used as knuckles to throw punches.

Brass knuckle knives did what firearms could not do in trenches. They killed thousands of enemies and proved to be very effective as well. 

The brass knuckles design of the handle of this knife also facilitated in a secure and more firm grip which also helped in thrusting the knife deeply into the enemy’s body and inflict the maximum amount of damage. The knuckles fit superbly around the knuckles of a hand and also provides protection from unwanted injuries.

Brass Knuckles for Sale

Brass knuckles have a huge demand and they are available at very reasonable rates in stores worldwide. There are so many types and designs of brass knuckles; some of them are stylishly designed and some of them are simple yet elegant. 

Some brass knuckles even come with extra features i.e. they come designed as paperweights, belt buckles and even as bottle openers. Sounds handy. Right? Let us have a look at some superb variety of brass knuckle which you can get at the lowest possible rates.

1- 100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

Have you ever seen a bottle opener designed like a weapon? If not, then get ready to be introduced to one. The Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener is a very unique type of bottle opener and looks absolutely stunning. It is designed like brass knuckles with four large finger holes. 

You can wear it around your knuckles and can open bottle after bottle with it and it will serve you superbly. With this bottle opener, you can be as brave as you want and people will think twice before messing up with you. 

This brass knuckle bottle opener features full brass construction and has a total length of about four point two five inches. The width is around four point one five inches and each finger hole is about one inch in diameter. 

Other than being a bottle opener, this can be a used as a belt buckle too as it has a buckle pin attached on it as well. These knuckle dusters are available at very affordable rates in stores and serve too many purposes.

    • Full Construction of Brass
    • Big Finger Holes
    • Has a Buckle Pin
    • Can be used as Bottle Opener
    • Specifications
    • A total length of 4.25 Inches
    • A width of 4.15 Inches
    • The dimensions of finger holes: 1 Inch x 1 Inch Diameter
    • Construction Material is Brass
    • Features a Bottle Opener

2- Blue and Gunmetal Flame Skull Knuckle Paperweight

If you are looking for a stylish and chic brass knuckle, then the Blue and Gunmetal Flame Skull Knuckle is for you. It comes in a striking contrast of electric blue and metallic colors. The base color is gunmetal having blue flames erupting from it and some chain designs over the flames as well. 

The overall dimensions of these brass knuckles for sale are 4.5 inches x 2.8 inches. The full aluminum body is made up of zinc which means that it is light yet durable. These brass knuckles can be used as knuckles to throw punches and can also be used as paperweights. Moreover, these knuckles are available at very cheap rates in stores.

    • Knuckle Duster
    • The total size of 4.5"X2.8"
    • A body of Zinc Aluminium

3- AK-47 Rifle Bullet Spiked Golden Knuckle Paperweight

If you are a gun enthusiast, then this one's for you. These knuckles feature the famous rifle AK-47 on it and also have the name written on top of it. It comes with four big finger holes and bullet spikes emerge in between two consecutive holes. 

The overall length of these knuckles is 4 ? inches and the height is 2 ? inches. The complete body the AK-47 Bullet Spiked knuckle dusters is made up of metal and has a shining golden finish to it. 

The golden finish gives these brass knuckles for sale an elegant touch and the design give them a serious look which will make other people take you seriously. These knuckle dusters have a unique design and are light in weight as well because they are made up of zinc alloy.

    • A width of 4 3/8 Inches
    • A height of 2 3/8 Inches
    • Has a Golden Finish
    • Detailed AK-47
    • Features Bullet Spiked design

4- Hexagon Kung Fu Finger Magic Ring Self Defense Knuckle Survival Tool

The Kung Fu Knuckle Ring is a very unique weapon which has lots of advantages. But we will discuss them later, let us first have a good understanding of its design. It is a self-defense ring which fans out to form brass knuckles having four finger holes designed in a hexagonal shape. 

It is a simple ring which has multiple layers stacked upon one another and held together by screws. This self-defense ring proves to be quite effective and keeps you well-equipped for any dangerous situation that you might face, after all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

These knuckles are made up of alloy and feature an antique finish of black color which further makes them look more sturdy and strong. This self-defense ring provides you extra power and strength and makes you feel confident as well. 

The internal diameter of each hexagonal ring is ? inches and the outer diameter is 1 ½ inch. This ring is simply constructed, easy to carry and is light in weight as well. 

Its compact nature makes it a good self-defense weapon which you can keep with you at all times and can even wear and move around in public without anyone actually knowing that you are carrying a weapon. 

You may face a little difficulty in using these brass knuckles but eventually, you will get used to them. These brass knuckles are sophisticated and unique but are available at very reasonable rates in stores worldwide.

    • Inner Diameter of ? inches
    • Outer Diameter of 1 ½ inch
    • A thickness of ¼ inches
    • Construction of Alloy
    • Antique Black Finish on full body

5- Eagle Winged Brass Knuckle Paperweight

The Eagle Winged brass knuckle is designed like an eagle which sits on top of it with its wings wide open. It is a well-crafted eagle with intricate patterns and designs and looks absolutely stunning. 

The eagle has a fierce and angry look on its face which gives the whole knuckles are a serious look that makes your enemy think twice before messing up with you. These brass knuckles for sale come with an antique brass finish and a total width of five point five inches. 

The brass finish gives the knuckles shiny and antique look. These knuckle dusters may be made up of brass but they feel quite comfortable when you wear them around your knuckles. Also, because of its superb design and detailed construction, you can use these knuckles as paperweights too.

    • A width of 5.5 Inches
    • A height of 2.5 Inches
    • An Antique Brass Finish on body
    • Detailed Eagle design on the palm grip

6- Dragons Inferno Knuckle Antiqued Silver

The Dragons Inferno is an antique designed knuckle duster that looks as if it belongs to the fantasy world. It has a solid and very sturdy construction and features a total length of about four point five zero inches and a width of about three point two five inches. 

The construction material of these brass knuckles for sale is solid steel and it comes with four finger holes with arrows protruding from each one of them. It comes with a silver finish and has the design of dragon flames on the palm grip. 

Below the flames, the dragon stretches its wings and sits there with a menacing look on its face. These brass knuckles for sale are very designed with fine details and are available in stores at very affordable rates.

    • A length of 4.50 Inches
    • A width of 3.25 Inches
    • Solid Steel body
    • Finger Holes Size is 1x 1 inch
    • Features four large finger holes
    • Antiqued Silver Polish on Body
    • Design of Dragon and Flames

The above-mentioned brass knuckles are one of the best that are available in stores and you know what is the best thing about them? The best thing is their low prices which are perfect for everyone’s budget. So, which one of the above-mentioned knuckle dusters did you like the most?