best survival knife

If you are looking for a survival knife, this is the right place for you to be today. For starters, this knife can come in handy to you in different situations. It can help you in self defense, it can be used when camping, and it can even help you with other daily routine cutting chores when you don’t have a proper knife around.

Especially when it comes to self defense, a survival knife is a must-have for you. There are indeed a lot of other options that you can consider for personal defense, but the truth is that a survival blade is much easier to carry and much more effective.

You don’t need any training or practice to use this knife and it can easily help you take down any person who tries to attack you. In the case of camping, as the name implies, a survival knife will help you in situations when you are in trouble and have to cut something hard.

For example, during winters when it is too cold outside to resist, you will have to cut some wood to turn on the fire. Well, this is where this knife can come in handy to you. Speaking of, there is another fact that you will get overwhelmed if you start searching for a quality knife. The reason is the number of options available.

However, don’t worry because today, we are here with one of the best survival knives to date. This knife is durable, comes with a sharp blade, and is beautiful in design too. Continue reading the article as we are going to define the best survival knife for you!

Survival Knife 16 Inch Big Bad Bowie Knife Black Pakkawood Handle:

The Big Bad Bowie survival knife is going to be the best thing you will buy this year. It is one of the most popular knives that we have to date and we assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the quality no matter what.

The basic requirement of a good knife is that it must have a sharp blade, it should have a blade that stays in place and a sheath to keep it inside. Well, guess what? With the Big Bad Bowie, you get the same things at an affordable price and this is the one reason why you should invest in this knife.

Survival knife 16 inch big bad bowie knife black pakkawood handle

Some Appealing Features Of This Knife:

Below we are going to discuss some features that will convince you to buy this amazing knife. Also, get to know about the 7 essential features of a survival knife!

  • Fixed Blade Knife:

One of the main advantages of a fixed blade knife is that it is easier to use and you won’t have to worry about the blade slipping in. Especially in case of self defense, you require something that is easy to stab with.

Well, this is what the Big Bad Bowie is about. It comes with a fixed blade that is easy to use and easy to stab with when it is required.

  • 16.5 Inch Length:

If you are looking for a big knife to carry, this is the right knife. It is 16.5 inches in length which is more than enough in both cases, survival, and self defense.

For personal defense, you need something intimidating and that is what this knife offers. Only showing it to the attacker might settle things for you and you might not have to stab him. The size of this knife is exactly what you need when camping too.

  • 11 Inch Long Blade:

The 11-inch long blade is the second best feature of this knife. On top of it all, the blade is perfectly serrated in reverse which can come in handy when cutting tough and hard surfaces like a tree or a piece of wood, etc.

The quality of the blade is also an important factor to pay attention to. It is sharp and made up of durable stainless steel. Usually, manufacturers compromise on the quality of the blade but with the Big Bad Bowie knife, you won’t have to worry about that at least.

It is perfect and we assure you that no matter how many times you use the knife, it will last longer and the blade will remain in its best possible condition for a long time.

  • 5.5 Inch Pakkawood Handle:

When buying a knife, you can’t miss the quality of the handle because that is where you get all the grip from, right? So, if you are on the same page about it with us, you would love this knife that we have for you.

The handle is made up of pakkawood which is the highest quality of wood. It won’t get damaged and it will give you just the right kind of grip that you need.

  • Nylon Sheath:

This knife comes with a nylon sheath. Of course, you need something to contain such a big knife with a fixed blade.

Well, this is the reason why there is this nylon sheath that comes along. The sheath is made up of high quality nylon and it is black in color. Therefore, yes, it does look a little classy to carry such a weapon with you.

In A Nutshell:

These are some of the main features of this survival knife. If you think that this is the type that you’ve been looking for, don’t wait and get your hands on it right away.

We can bet on the fact that you are going to love using it and buying it won’t be a decision that you will ever regret. Now, without waiting anymore, just check out this survival knife and hit the buy button if you want something that is worth your hard-earned money. Buy it in bulk to get an amazing wholesale discount!