Swords are a type of weapon that is used in battle. These weapons are typically sharp or pointed objects with a long, sharp blade and a handle, used as non-punishable thrusting or stabbing weapons. These have been in use for over 51 centuries - there's no denying that they've played an integral part in humanity's history. 

The best swords have been used not only as weapons but also as decorations by kings and queens, in ceremonies, and in the practice of martial arts. From the earliest age, we have been taught that swords can be used to hurt other people. But we also use them to fight with our siblings and friends. There are many different types of swords suited for different purposes - some are better for fighting than others. 

Some swords are straight, others curved or forked into two points at the end. The hilt and handle of the sword are traditionally made of wood or metal. This can be very dangerous if you're not careful because lots of people have lost their fingers by playing with a sharp sword. The fighting element is so important to swords that they are one of the first weapons children show interest in. 

A child with a stick or tree branch is making a sword, even before they can write their name. In 'Knights and Castles', we learn about how in that period there were many successful knights who rode on horses and had many different kinds of weapons, like swords, knives, and arrows. Knights fought each other in battle using these weapons to get through armor (and shields) when attacking their enemies.

The Best Swords of History

The sword has a long, rich history dating back to the first millennium BC. For 4000 years the sword has been used for both war and ceremony, marking and symbolizing power on both the battlefield and in religious ceremonies. 

They have evolved from simple swords of steel with one edge through to double-edged blades, then four-edged blades, rapiers, sabers, cutlasses, and scimitars until finally evolving into modern-day firearms. The blade shape has mattered less over time but it still matters today in fencing whether a blade is a foil or epee shaped for example. Here are five of the best swords of history:

1. Bronze Age Sword

The first sword was discovered by archaeologists in England in the Bronze Age dating to around 1700BC (Before Common Era). It is made of bronze, has a simple cross-guard, and is a broad single-edged blade with an embedded stone point at the end. The bronze age sword was used for ritual burial ceremonies and religious ceremonies.

2 . Iron Age Sword

The Iron Age sword was discovered in the late Bronze Age [2000 BC] and served for several hundred years before slowly being replaced by the Bronze Age sword. The Iron Age sword had a straight single-edged blade and a simple rounded cross guard made of bone or more likely, pebbles to protect the hand from cuts. They were probably also used for purposes of defense as well.

3. Medieval Sword (13th Century)

This is believed to be the earliest surviving sword found in Europe and dates to around 1300 BC (Before Common Era) and was discovered in England. The sword was a bronze weapon, polished and forged with a straight single-edged blade with a handle made of wood covered by leather. 

These medieval swords are believed to be the first widely accepted Viking weapons they used in battle, although it has also been said that their first weapon was the axe they had already used for several centuries before this time.

4 . Renaissance Sword (Late 16th Century)

The early Renaissance saw a great change in the construction of swords where they became more complex with more decoration and style. The most famous Renaissance sword is now known as the Arming Sword, also known as the "Colossus Sword". 

This sword was owned by Charles II and was made in Milan between 1536 to 1540 with a single-edged blade and a straight cross guard. It has been said that it was too heavy for the time and used only once at Fulham Palace where Charles II refused to fight his cousin, Henry VIII (who knighted him) because he refused to fight without weapons, saying that he would only fight if he had a sword in his hand.

5 . Saber (19th Century)

This sword dates to around 1800 BC [Before Common Era] and has a curved single-edged blade with a brass crossguard. The hilt was made of wood covered by leather with a steel pommel. This type of sword was used by the Russian cavalry in the late 18th century and is still used today in fencing as the Saber blade.

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Features of the Best Swords

Starting a fledgling collection of the best swords can be an expensive and in-depth task. With so many different weapons from which to choose, it can be difficult to decide what type of sword to purchase first. However, there are a few important qualities every sword collector should know about before collecting these types of blades. Here are the qualities of the best swords:

A good sword should have a sharp, carbon steel blade. Some swords are painted black to make them appear more fearsome. The best swords are made of carbon steel, which can be identified by their very hard and shiny surface. This type of metal is ideal for a sword because it is extremely durable and long-lasting. It will not rust or stain and will maintain a sharp edge for long periods of time.

It should also have a full tang. A full tang means the blade extends all the way from the handle to the bottom of the guard on both sides of the blade. A partial tang only goes through one side of the handle and can potentially snap off, as it is only supported on one side. A full tang is the best because it guarantees a reliable, sturdy blade.

A sword's handle should be made of either a material like bone or a strong synthetic. The handle should fit nicely into the hand and feel balanced when swung or carried. Handles are attached to the tang of a sword with rivets and must be glued together in order to avoid becoming loose over time. Ideally, it should be made from hardwood, leather, or steel wire wrapped in leather, which can be very durable if properly maintained.

A handle must have a good grip and balance to allow for controlled swings and thrusts. A good sword should not slip in the hand of a user and feel comfortable when gripped tightly. The hilt is the handle of a sword and must be made from metal or leather that is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. 

A sword's hilt can vary widely, with types ranging from ornate metals to simple, simple designs. The key to choosing a comfortable hilt is ensuring that it provides a secure grip for the user as well as has a balance point on both sides of the blade that allows for balanced attacks.

The Best Swords in Modern Society!

These best swords have always been iconic symbols: the samurai, knights in armor, pirates, and even the Lone Ranger are all portrayed with swords. Swords are often part of a person’s wardrobe because they can be incorporated into any costume. Even though today’s world has modernized with guns and ammunition, single-edged and double-edged swords have always been used in movies, television shows, and theatrical performances.

Swords are a part of pop culture for many reasons. Swords are associated with the times of chivalry, which were considered to be the “golden age” of honor, compassion, and justice. Single-edged swords were mainly used for training because they can be made of light materials like wood or aluminum. Double-edged steel swords were used in battle with enemies or dangerous animals like bears or tigers; they required more skill than wooden swords.

Swords are also used in movies and television shows because they are a symbol of power, a way to tell someone “I am more powerful than you”. Swords can be used for fighting and can increase the dramatic effect of the storyline. Once in a while, swords are also an allegory for love, like in "The Princess Bride", which features a sword called "Excalibur". The main character must use a sword to defeat death.

Part of the appeal for movie directors is that when people see swords on television, in theaters, or even at home, it makes them think about weapons like lasers and cannons that would not be allowed in today’s world.