T4E Premium .50 Caliber Paintballs, Orange, 250 Count Jar

Mark your target! Pick up this 250 count jar of .50 caliber T4E paintball ammo four your training or paintball play needs. These 50 caliber rounds are filled with water soluable orange paint for clear marking. The easy to pack 250 count jar is great for transporting the ammo to the range or field
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Orange paint filled paintballs in .50 caliber for T4E training pistols and rifles. Easy clean-up. Made for use with Training 4 Engagement platforms used by law enforcement agencies so they can train more and spend less.

  • High performance paintballs constructed with a gelatin capsule to keep its water soluble, colored material in its spherical shape
  • Compatible with ONLY the training pistols, grenades and other .50 caliber markers
  • 250 count of paintball ammunition in a plastic jar

  • Brand: Umarex
  • Build: Polyethylene Glycol (Gelatin Capsule)/Water soluble substance mixed with Dye
  • Compatibility: ONLY Training Pistols, Grenades and Other .50 Caliber Markers
  • Color: Blue
Warnings and Storage:

  • Goggles, face masks, and ear protection designed specifically for use in paintball games are mandatory at all times for all persons who are within paintball gun range. Failure to follow the rules, instructions and safety recommendations for safe paintball play may result in bodily injuries including face, eye, and ear injury, blindness or deafness. Do not shoot at ranges closer than 15 feet as rebounds may occur. Do not shoot paintballs at speed in excess of 300 fps (92 m/s). Not for human consumption.
  • CAUTION: Not to be sold to minors or where prohibited by law. Keep paintballs out of reach of children and pets. For use by those 18 years of age and older. Adult supervision required. Do not place paintballs in your mouth. Do not ingest paintballs. Do not litter or deface property.
  • FIRST AID INFORMATION: Training for Engagement Paintballs are fully biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating and not harmful to skin. However, avoid contact with skin. Should contact occur, wash immediately with soap and water. Seek further medical attention if needed.
  • CLEAN UP: Clean-up should be done with hot water and soap immediately after use.
  • STORAGE: In order to insure consistent reliability, it's recommended that this package be stored in a temperature of 59 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a relative humidity level not more than 50%. Protect from freezing, reseal when not in use. Failure to store paintballs properly may adversely affect performance and dependability as well as increase the risk of injury.

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