Carrying self defense weapons has become a real necessity. How did that happen? Why are there so many attacks on people nowadays? There is a rising threat of random attacks on people; such a worry it is! 

Safety has become a huge concern in the United States. It is hard to believe that anyone feels safe after what has happened in the past few years. Attackers are having no problems attacking the people randomly. And every time, they get away with this. 

Social media has revealed some dangerous incidents in the recent times. Often, the attacks have been violent, vicious and injurious. To survive these attacks, people have no other choice except carrying self defense weapons like stun guns, pocket knives and pepper sprays etc.

However, not all these weapons have been effective to rescue them from the attacks. There is a great variety of self defense weapons available in the market. Hence, it has been difficult to identify which serves the best during self defense and survival situations. 

But, Americans have done their homework. They have come around on one weapon that they believe is the best. After using plenty of weapons, they have stick to stun gun as their preferred option.

Sounds like a gun, stun gun isn’t a gun by any means. It is just a small device that can be placed in a pocket. From the shape of the device to its working mechanism, it has nothing identical to a gun. 

Rather, this is the only weapon that gives an electrical shock to the attackers to immobilize them for quite some time. People of America are huge fans of this weapon for some reasons. Let’s figure out the possible reasons why they prefer it when there is a massive choice in the market, But, it is better to first have a short introduction of this weapon.

What is a Stun Gun?

It is a small sized device used as self defense stun gun. It works by giving an electrical shock to the attacker. This small device is available in plenty of different shapes and designs. It has been a very popular weapon for self defense for some reasons. It has certain key features that make it a preferable weapon in self defense situations. Let’s explore some of its key features:

Features of a Stun Gun

- A Small Device

The most advantageous thing with a stun gun is its small and comfortable size. The comfort comes with the small size as everyone knows. People are never interested in carrying massive weapons like firearms. They prefer a weapon that can be kept secret and used with ease. Also, small size becomes easy to carry in a pocket, bag or purse. 

No one wants to display his weapon to anyone or even want to let someone know about what his carrying. This is to keep his weapon secret and hidden. This is why this small device has become a preferred weapon among the Americans.

- Gives an Electrical Shock

A stun gun is different from all other weapons in terms of working mechanism. First of all, it does not feature a blade. Also, there is no magazine where bullets can be loaded. Even there is no push button. But, it can deliver a serious electrical shock to immobilize the attacker. There is no other weapon that has such an impact. 

There are pocket knives, pepper sprays and other weapons, but not a single one of them has the ability to shock the attacker. Stun gun has two small prongs on it that touch the attacker to deliver the shock. So, this unique result of this weapon makes it a favorite for the people.

- Just a Touch Required

The most advantageous feature of a stun gun is that it delivers the electrical shock by just touching any part of the body. Since it is a unique weapon, it does not have a blade, a trigger, or a push button. Nothing you need to do to use the weapon instead of just touching the attacker with the two prongs on it. 

As you touch his body, the shock is delivered. It causes immobilization for a reasonable period of time. Meanwhile, you can get away from him and survive a possible attack.

- Flashlight (Optional)

Flashlight is not a mandatory feature of a stun gun, but it is an optional feature available in a few. It is known as a stun gun flashlight just because of the additional feature of flashlight. Flashlight is such an important thing for those who travel during midnight or get back home from work late in the night. 

Attackers often take advantage of the dark and hence do the damage. Yo prevent this situation, you can use the flashlight to have a clear view of who is coming toward you. It enlightens your route to enable you to sense an attacker approaching towards you. Once you realize someone getting closer to you, get ready to use your weapon or escape to save your life.

Benefits of a Stun Gun for Self Defense

Stun gun is easily the most advantageous weapon. There are some key benefits of this weapon that emphasize the Americans to prefer it over other weapons available in the market. Let’s explore those fundamental benefits that this small device offers over other self defense weapons:

- Easy to Use

The most important benefit that makes the Americans prefer stun gun is the ease of using it. Having mentioned its working mechanism, it is worth highlighting the lack of parts attached to it. Many other weapons like knives and firearms have many parts to learn about. 

For instance, when you have a knife as your survival weapon, you first need to learn it. You would be learning about the opening mechanism of the blade, how to handle the blade and how to aim etc. Similarly, firearms are difficult to learn because of many parts attached to them.

Stun guns on the other hand are pretty easy to learn and use. Since there is no blade, trigger, or push button, you have nothing to learn about. Nothing you need to do to use the weapon except touching the attacker with the two prongs on the device. In case of knives and guns, you need to spend days and months of training. 

But, this small device saves you from even hours of training. There is nothing really to practice. As you get your hands on the weapon, you are already and expert to use it.

- Carried in the Pocket

Another benefit that urges Americans to prefer stun gun over other weapons is that it can be carried in the pocket. Since it is the smallest weapon in the market, it can be carried in a bag or pocket. You can also keep it in your vehicle’s dashboard. Women can carry it in their purses. 

A problem with weapons like knives is that they are uncomfortable when it comes to carrying them in the pocket, After all, you want your weapon to stay with you all the time, and there is no better place than a pocket in this regard. So, a weapon carried in the pocket is preferred by the Americans to avoid distress.

Americans are smart, they don’t want to carry a weapon that is visible to attackers and to cops. So, they want a secret weapon. A stun gun is the best secret weapon they can own. Of course, a baton or firearm can’t be hidden in a pocket. Therefore, such massive weapons are simply ignored by the people.

- Quickest Result

Quickness of a weapon makes it an effective weapon for defense. A weapon that produces results slowly is never a preferable option. For instance, a knife may inflict an injury, but it won’t be as serious to make the attacker fall on the ground straight away. It does not slow his momentum. 

Stun gun produces quick results. As you touch the prongs on the device with the attacker, the electrical shock is delivered at once. It would immobilize him with immediate effect. He would be unable to move or get back on his feet for quite some time. This allows you to quickly run away from the danger and survive the attack.

- Smart Designs

Another like able thing about stun guns is that they are available in hundreds of different designs. If you head to the market in search of this weapon, you would see interesting designs, such as lipstick, flashlight torch, or cell phone etc. This adds to a secret factor to this weapon. 

One can’t figure out that the cell phone you are carrying is not a cell phone, rather, a device that can cause electrical shock. Ladies mostly use the lipstick version of this device. This seems like carrying another cosmetic in the bag or pocket.

So, it becomes difficult for the attacker to figure out what weapon you have used against him. It also brings an element of surprise. The attacker would be amazed to see how a flashlight, a cell phone or a lipstick immobilized him. This is where you can gain an advantage of attacking him or leave him down on the ground and get to your path.

- Non Lethal Weapon

Stun gun is a non lethal weapon. It does not fire bullets, nor it uses blade to injure the attacker. Just a couple of prongs work to give an electrical shock. This shock is temporary and no permanent injury is caused to the attacker. People in America like to use non lethal weapons. 

Since it is a non lethal weapon, it is equally useful for both men and women. This is why women are also keen to carry it for self defense. Women, in particular, prefer non lethal weapons that only cause temporary injuries. The non lethal nature of stun gun is a massive factor that makes it a favorite weapon for both men and women.

- Cheapest Self Defense Weapon

Talking about rifles and knives, these are the most expensive weapons that a budgeted person just can’t afford. Stun gun is the cheapest self defense weapon available in the market. 

You need to spend just a few dollars to equip yourself with a weapon to defend against the attackers. Low price is another important factor that makes this device a desired one!

Most Popular Designs of Stun Guns

1. Cell Phone Stun Gun

When it comes to designs of stun guns, goodness me, there are plenty! There are numerous very interesting ones. But, the best among them is the cell phone stun gun. As it sounds, it is a stun gun that is shaped like a cell phone. 

From size to appearance, it has everything similar to the respective cell phone model. iStun 8 is a device that replicates the iPhone 8. It looks identical to this model of Apple iPhone, but can deliver a powerful shock.

However, it is pretty hard for anyone to identify that it is not a cell phone. The manufacturer has done a wonderful job to make it look like a real phone. This has been a popular design among the Americans. They love to use it against the attackers as they let themselves survive the attacks with a cell phone.

2. Stun Gun Flashlight

Stun gun flashlight has become an increasingly popular model of stun gun in America. The popularity of this design lies in the additional feature of flashlight. It is designed like a real torch, and it is actually a torch. There is a flashlight that provides light in the dark. It enlightens your route as you get back home during midnight in the dark. 

This makes it an extremely handy device. But, don’t get yourself wrong about it. There is a stun gun attached with it as well. It has the prongs as well for delivering a strong electrical shock. It is just the additional feature of a flashlight that makes it a preferred option nationwide.

3. Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick stun gun, as the name suggests, is a stun gun shaped like a lipstick. As we mentioned the smart and unorthodox designs of this device, this is the one for the women. There is no restriction though, men can go for it as well. But, they usually don’t. 

As far as women are concerned, they absolutely love this particular device. It become yet another cosmetic item to carry for them. They can easily put it in their bags or pockets. However, this cosmetic is a great defender. It can immobilize the attacker with immediate effect. It comes up as the best option for the ladies due to its non lethal nature and a very familiar design.

4. Mini Stun Gun

Mini Stun Gun refers to the smallest design of stun guns. In fact, this is a series of designs that include rings, keychains and similarly small designs. The reason behind the popularity of these designs is the small size that makes them fit in the palm of your hand.

Stun Gun - Simply the Best Defender!

While concluding, we can safely say that stun gun is the best self defense weapon. Americans are right to prefer such a weapon that has all the benefits to offer. 

Considering all its pros, there is no alternative to this device. It is small, non lethal, quick, easy to carry, easy to use and cheap. All things considered, it is simply your best defender against the attackers!