Spontoon Pipe Hawk Peace Axe 17.5 Inches Overall Hatchet

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Spontoon Pipe Hawk Peace Axe. 17.5 Inches Hatchet
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Tobacco was sacred to the many different Native American tribes. The tobacco being burned in a peace pipe is believed to send one's prayers up to the Great Spirit, the creator of all. The Spontoon Pipe Hawk Peace Axe is a replica of artifacts unique to North America: created by Europeans as trade objects but often exchanged as diplomatic gifts. They were symbols of the choice Europeans and Native Americans faced whenever they met: one end was the pipe of peace, the other an axe of war. The spontoon style blade and poll of the axe is made of mirror polished iron with a heart cutout and a peace pipe for ceremonial purposes. A spontoon means half pike. The shaft is constructed of real wood with a spiral carved almost the length of the blade. Peace pipes are still used today by Native Americans and medicinal purposes.

*Please Note: This item may have minor rust due to the material.

  • Overall Length: 17.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 8 Inches
  • Blade: Iron
  • Blade Thickness: 8 mm
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Wood Handle
  • Iron Constructed Blade

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