stun gun

Self-protection is a top most priority nowadays because the crime rate is increasing every day. And, not every time we have someone to protect ourselves. Hence, it's necessary to get some Stun guns or other self-defense weapons to stay secure.

Whether it is a stun gun or a knife; if you know the tactics, you will cope with the situation efficiently.

We all are aware of such weapons but only the basics. Whereas, there is much more to know.

What Does A Stun Gun Mean?

I always wondered about its name. In some cases, it doesn't even look like a gun, plus it just gives electroshock. Then, why do people call it a stun gun? Because it is enough to protect any individual with a shot, it doesn't matter if it's electroshock.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular and widely used electroshock weapons. There are many other electroshock weapons, including tasers, belts, pods, etc. People confuse stun ones with the tasers, but they are different from each other. Tasers fire projectiles at long distances. Whereas, stun ones are a direct contact weapon with a limited and fixed prong.

This self defense stun gun affects the target by disrupting the aimed muscular area temporarily to give you enough time to escape or hide.

The high voltage and correct amperage are responsible for an absolute shock. Voltage is the electric current and amperage is the rate at which the current flows. Hence, high amperage is more important than focusing on the voltage.

The use of electric weapons first took place around 1888, whereas the two Italian psychologists invented actual Stun guns in the early 1930s.

What Are the Effects of A Stun Device?

This gun affects not only the body but the brain. The electric energy from the gun dumps into the opponent's muscles. The imbalance and disruption in the muscles and body is the reason behind the mental distraction.

The lasting of its effects depends on the period for how long you are attacking. The longer you are in contact with the attacker through the prongs, the longer it will disrupt the muscles. Moreover, this shock doesn’t pass from person to person.

It works in seconds as if you pressed it for a second; then, it disturbs the person's mind and body. But, if it goes for about 3 seconds, it may cause imbalance, disorientation, and blurred vision. These 3 seconds may sound lesser, but in those emergencies, they are enough to save your life.

The most important thing to know before using it is that every person reacts differently towards self defense stun gun weapons. So, be prepared for all the possible reactions.

What Are Some Unique And Stunning Types of Stun Guns?

Electroshock guns are now getting popular all over the world. Therefore, the variations are also extending. An actual stun gun comes in the size of a TV remote. The traditional types are still alive, but the latest ones are also fascinating and impressive.

  • Lipstick Stun Gun
  • Disguised Stun Gun device
  • Flashlight Stun Gun
  • Mini Stun Gun
  • Stun Gun batons
  • Cell Phone Stun Gun

Many brands claim that their guns are a perfect product with high voltage and high amperage. Whereas, the combination of both is impossible in a stun gun flashlight. Extreme high levels of voltage are not favorable and never appreciated.

Besides this, high voltage with high amperage can cause fatal injuries. Therefore, no one will make such guns, and no guns are made in this way.

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High voltage with low amperage is perfect for the excellent quality stun weapon. The various kinds of these guns are to provide better chances to hide them. If it is lipstick or pen, no one will doubt you. So, it's safe and beneficial to get these multi-purpose guns.

What Are Some Beneficial Features of A Stun Device?

These guns are to provide you with a beneficial experience next time when you step out of the house. They are not deadly but enough for you to stop the attacker. There are many uses related to such weapons.

  • For Police Use:

Almost every weapon is or was in the use of police or army officers. Just like others, stun weapons are also the favorite of police. As they can't cause severe damages but disrupts the opponent, police can use them anywhere under dangerous situations without killing the person.

  • Perfect for Self Defense:

Imagine yourself in a life-threatening situation without any firearm, but a stun gun lipstick in your purse or a cell phone stun gun? Now that’s enough for you to save your life. Use it to defend yourself whenever you want without any fear of killing the other.

  • For Robberies Prevention:

These days, one of the most widespread crimes is robbery. Once you see the robber, grab your stun weapon and wait for him. Now shoot and escape before he gets active and stable. This is good to save your cash and life from a street robber every time.

The Final Thoughts:

There are other electroshock weapons too, which are helpful in many cases. But, a stun gun is exceptional because of its unique mechanism and benefits.

The correct and proper use of this gun can save you from various mishaps, without the guilt of murdering or harming someone. You push them back, and you are secured with a simple and small life-saver. But, all you need to do is to keep the batteries fresh for better usage.

Moreover, hold it in the right way and for the desired time to avoid problems. So, if you don’t have this, buy a good quality stun device right now!

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