Silver Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge

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Silver Ink Pen Knife with 3 Inch Plain Edge Blade
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All you need to carry in your pocket these days is this Silver Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge. It is a beautiful pen that helps you write. Moreover, it is a great tool for self defense. There is a small and sturdy blade hidden inside the pen. Remove the cover to reveal the blade and battle the attackers with it. 

This Silver Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge is a real pen you can use for writing purposes. It features a removable cap and that cap is removed to uncover the blade. It features aluminium housing and a twist mechanism. There is a pocket clip attached to the pen to make it easy to carry in the pocket. 

This Silver Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge is an ideal equipment for self defense. This EDC tool can be extremely useful in cutting work as well. There is a small blade of 3 inches with a plain edge. Not only the pen you want but the pen you need! 


  • Ink pen
  • Aluminum housing with twist mechanism
  • Removable cap reveals hidden blade
  • 3" blade
  • Pocket clip

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