The definition of hidden knife is a small, sharp knife. If the blade were placed flat against your skin and pushed straight in, it would only manage about six inches of penetration but produce an extremely tight wound. This knife is designed for slashing rather than stabbing and has a short blade with a sharply pointed end that can attach to the inside part of the hand by depressing the thumb joint. 

The idea behind this type of weapon is that you can gain access to areas previously inaccessible with other cool knives. It's also effective in places where one-handed use might be complex without it, such as lockers, cars, and computers. It's a simple weapon, especially to get a hold of, as long as you know where to buy one. Just ensure it's legal in the country where you plan to carry it.

It's a carefully designed and secretly manufactured hand tool that looks harmless enough but in fact, is precisely machined with a razor-sharp blade that can be readily withdrawn and used extremely quickly. It is not intended for stabbing or cutting but for delivering rapid cuts and slashes usually accompanied by the smell of burnt flesh. This is not only very painful but also dangerous because if your victim doesn't feel the pain immediately, they may not realize they're bleeding.

History of Hidden Knife

The history of these knives lies in the hands and pockets of people for over 8000 years. The first knives were made during the Mureybetian culture, approximately 7000 BC. As people progressed, they began to create more efficient hunting weapons and self-defense weapons which led to the invention of cool pocket knives.

Hidden pocket knives are among one the most popular modern-day concealable weapons as well as dangerous weapons for everyday carry or self-defense. It is not uncommon for a person to carry up to 4 different concealed knives on their person today, including both fixed blade and folding blade types. The history of these hidden blade knives has been around for ages, even dating back to the Stone Age.

This was when women used to carry a stick of wood with a hidden knife in it. The first use of this knife is believed to have been made around 5000 B.C. in the Arab world. The first use of metal was believed to be made by the Greeks who used soft thin metal and made small knives for their daggers. The Roman Empire improved on this process by using iron and steel for better durability, which gave them an edge over other civilizations in war.

Features of Hidden Knife

The design of the hidden knife necklace is a brilliant one. It would be an easy task for detectives to find out who designed this weapon. But in order for the design to succeed, it had to be obscured from everyone except those that are privy to it. 

The "industrial designer" of this knife was inspired by a masterful military engineer and his concealed weapon; because only those that have seen this design can create one themselves, no one else could replicate the knife without access to the original plans.

These knives are items that can be either disguised as a tool or placed on the ground or a table, then used to take out an unsuspecting enemy. They come in various shapes and sizes for use by different people with different tasks. A few of the handles are designed for keeping your fingers safe, while others have special grooves that will help you keep hold of them in slick weather.

There are a few materials that are used to make concealed knives, each of them with its own uses. Some people prefer the feel and texture of wood and others like the comfortable rubber grip or other soft materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so use your common sense when looking for the perfect type of hidden lipstick knife for you.

Advantages of Carrying a Hidden Knife

Hidden Knife is a shocking new self-defense tool that's going viral thanks to its affordability and effectiveness. Simple, effective, and completely legal. This Knife is an easily concealed self-defense device that anyone can use to protect themselves in any dangerous situation. The 10 advantages of carrying a hidden knife for self-defense:

  1. People don't suspect you have one on your body. You can walk around the office without people thinking you're planning on robbing the place or hurting them in any way, so it's highly unlikely that they'll do anything stupid while they're awake.
  2. It's the ideal weapon for a close-range combat situation.
  3. You can use it to defend yourself. For example, if someone "accidentally" bumps into you, then you can shove their face, push them away and they'll get the message.
  4. When confronted by an armed criminal who threatens you at gunpoint, you don't have to lie down and beg for mercy because your hands will be covered so no one will know that your hands aren't empty.
  5. You can place a hidden knife on the floor without your intended victim thinking that you have a gun underneath where they stepped unless they look very closely.
  6. You don't have to go through all kinds of trouble to change the angle while pulling it out, as in most cases.
  7. A Hidden knife is extremely concealable even if it's stuck in your pants.
  8. It's among one the best self defense weapons because it easily fits into a small pocket and is virtually impossible to spot right away, especially if you're holding something else in your hand at the same time.
  9. When you're trying to hide it, you don't have to turn around and look around to find a desk or the edge of a counter. Simply place it down, lean over, and pick it up when you need it.
  10. It's virtually impossible to "lose" because there is either no handle or the handle is on your side. It's almost impossible for people to make an accidental slip that would even think of stabbing you in the wrong place. They can draw as much of their arm as they dare while they're reaching behind them, but they still have at least one hand covering their face and arm (if possible).

Notice that number 10 is the most significant. Having a concealed knife on your person can give you the upper hand over (almost) anyone. It's not going to do you any good if they are looking for a gun, or even if you both have one. 

A knife is so much harder to spot than either of those things, and it will definitely give you an advantage if a confrontation arises. If someone decides to pull a gun on you, then there's not much that you can do without losing your knife in the process, and they'll probably be dead before they can get their gun back out to shoot it at you.

The Few Disadvantages of Hidden Knife

The disadvantages of a hidden knife vary, but the most common is that it can be difficult to store one, it can be easily misplaced, and it is difficult to clean up after. Because the blade of this knife is not exposed by opening a sheath or other flaps outside of its handle, you might have trouble cleaning up blood and other fluids. 

Another disadvantage is that while they can be used to inflict fatal wounds if wielded with expertise, they will require a much more intricate set-up than those made visible by opening them up. This includes using different types of blades that may not necessarily be on hand at all times. However, these disadvantages can be turned into advantages. 

A concealed knife can be stored easily, and it can be utilized just as easily. The blade is hidden inside the handle, so it doesn’t get in the way at all if you don’t need to use it. In addition, your opponent may actually not notice a concealed knife until after they have been stabbed, making them less likely to call for help or attempt to fight back! 

Also, unlike the blade on a visible weapon which is exposed by opening your sheath or other flaps outside of the handle, a concealed blade cannot easily be seen unless you are looking for it.