So you want to sell knives on eBay? 

We have received this question weekly. After my 2nd phone call this week one lasting more than an hour. I thought I had to get this information up on the site and save a few hours a month.

I won’t go in to detail as to what I recommend you should sell, because the end result anything will sell.

I do want to touch on the eBay policy and recommend what not to sell, as a few sellers have jumped in to this with no research and ended up on the bad side of things with eBay. Read what I have to say and take it to heart, because I have lived though the horror stories.  Following a few rules will keep you on the safe side and selling faster than you thought you could.


eBay policy

eBay has or had a strict rule with knives mainly spring assisted knives. They have since been a little more lenient, but you are warned the policy is still in place and should be followed for 100% safety of your account.


eBay weapon policy specifically knives have a few keywords you want to avoid. For an example   “Automatic knives” Sounds like something to describe an assisted knife or what they like to call them now action knives. And for good reason too. 

When using an assisted pocket knife you only need to use minimum force to open the blade using one finger almost like an automatic knife, but the difference is great from a full auto knife and an eBay legal assisted knife.  Spring assisted knives are not switch blades. I don’t want to go in to detail as to why they are so different. I will leave that for another time. 

Using any keyword under the restricted ebay policy will red flag eBay and your listing will most likely be pulled even if it’s a legal knife. So just don’t use them.

eBay policy states “Spring-assisted knives. There has to be manual movement of the blade by a thumb stud or screw that's clearly visible on the blade.”

Here at wholesaleblades we wholesale lots of spring assisted knives that don’t have a thumb stud. I recommend avoiding it at all cost. Stick to what is safe. You will see lots of sellers selling anything and eventually they get caught. they won’t be  locked up or even the account removed, but enough strikes with ebay and they will start limiting your account and push for removal.

I recommend buying only knives with a thumb stud and taking your own picture. Make sure you take clear pictures showing the thumb stud. Having that image will prevent a headache dealing with the eBay policy police.

Double edge throwing knives duel blades are other ones you don’t want to get involved with unless you feel like you can’t be touched buy the almighty eBay hand.

What it all comes down to is California state law. Anything that is illegal in California is not allowed on eBay. 

Be sure to browse over it. It should be the 1st thing you read after this if you want to sell knives on eBay.
Any questions or more input please leave a comment below.
Thank you
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