The stun gun is well-known as an effective weapon of self defense which is hand-held and delivers an electric shock enough to leave the attacker stunned and temporarily paralyzed.  Mind you, the stun guns are nothing like the traditional guns which are lethal and fire bullets; on the contrary, these are non-lethal weapons which are quite effective when it comes to personal defense. 

If you are looking for the best contingency plan for yourself and your loved ones, then it is recommended to get stunned guns. 

When it comes to that stun gun is best self defense weapon for women, the stun gun is among the most recommended items due to the easy carry; effective use; and non-lethal impact of it.  In addition, there is a huge variety of stun guns available in the markets; some even come with an inbuilt LED flashlight.

Why is the Stun Gun Effective?

Before we plunge into the list of the best stun guns of all times, I want you to understand the various aspects of these guns which make them effective for protection and safety. 

Did you know that the mere sound of the electric voltage can cause the potential attacker to change his mind and leave you alone for his own good? In fact, this factor has been reported by the majority of the stun gun users who have found this amusing and interesting at the same time. 

Apart from this, stun guns are effective when it comes to close body fights; in addition, all you need to do is find a spot on your attacker's anatomy and press the button.  The electric voltage is non-lethal yet effective enough to render the attacker temporarily paralyzed which will give you enough time to get yourself out of the situation and even alert the cops. 

If you are still not convinced about the efficacy of the stun guns, think for a moment about the reason for which cops carry these weapons. Yes; you are right; these non-lethal guns are quite effective when it comes to safety and protection without feeling the need to fire a real bullet.

DZS 10 Million volt Stun gun

If you are a beginner-user of the stun gun or simply contemplating buying one, there must be a couple of concerning thoughts in your mind with respect to the use and safety. 

You don't need to worry with respect to the electric voltage through the body of the potential attacker; the current will not pass through you. Rather, it is recommended to get a stun gun which comes with an "anti-theft" strap for the wrist; this will ensure that the attacker cannot snatch the gun from you while you are delivering the shock. 

You might also be wondering what exactly happens after you press the button and hold the prongs of the stun gun pressed against the attacker's anatomy. 

You ought to know that the electric current flowing through the weapon operates at lower amperage which means that the attacker will experience tremendous pain and even lose temporarily control over his body and muscle; however, this will not impart permanent damage. 

Depending on the type of stun gun along with how long you held the prongs against their body, the attacker can remain in the ‘stunned' position for as long as one hour.

Not to mention the fact the electric current of this effective self defense weapon for women can even travel through the clothing layers. Nonetheless, these non-lethal guns are constantly in great demand among the various security agencies as well those individuals who acknowledge and recognize the importance of carrying a contingency plan with them at all times. 

Undoubtedly, the stun gun is an effective weapon of personal defense. The below-given list comprises some of the best stun guns which are available online and in the local markets. Get yours now!

1. The Vipertek Stun Gun (Rechargeable)

When it comes to the best high-quality stun guns of all times, "Vipertek" is a reputable and reliable name. This version of the Vipertek stun guns comes with an inbuilt flashlight. 

For additional safety, it includes a safety switch (on/off); whereas, the presence of the safety cap ensures that nothing goes wrong. The inbuilt battery can be recharged with ease; hence, there is no need to buy batteries. 

If you intend to simply scare away the potential attacker, the push of the trigger will release the voltage traveling between the prongs; nonetheless, the sound of the flowing electricity will suffice in discouraging the attacker to act out his mischief. 

Self Defense Stun gun pistol

However, if the attacker fails to get the hint and still continues moving towards you, the electric jolt will be enough to render him stunned and temporarily immobilized for enough time to get yourself out of the situation. 

If you are looking for the perfect self defense tool that contains a higher voltage and higher level of protection, then this is the weapon to go with.  The only downside of this weapon seems to be the flashlight which might not be as bright as you might be expecting. Moreover, some users might find the safety cap as an additional burden.

2. The POLICE Stun Gun

Apart from the Vipertek, the "Police" brand carries a significant name in the markets of the best self defense products. Simply put, you can trust this brand with respect to safety and protection. 

Referring to the POLICE stun gun, it includes an inbuilt flashlight which ensures that you don't have to walk home in the dark. In addition, the electric jolt is strong enough to bring down the strongest and tallest attackers. 

Even the mere sound of the electric current bouncing between the prongs will surely discourage the potential attacker and they might leave you alone for their own safety. The design of the grip of this gun is specifically designed for a sturdy grip on the weapon while you are administering the electric jolts. 

Police Stunn gun

Moreover, this version of the POLICE stun guns is lightweight which ensures easy and smooth portability. You can also conceal-carry this effective self defense weapon due to its compact design. 

One strong administered electric jolt with this stun gun will suffice in order to disorient the attacker; whereas, it will buy you enough time to get yourself out of the nasty situation.  The only downside of this version of the POLICE stun guns might be the framework of it which seems to be poorly constructed and fragile.

Some Final Thoughts…

Apart from carrying and owning the best self defense weapons, it is equally important to possess the knowledge with regards to their maneuverability.

This note is especially for the women; ladies, you ought to stay alert and keep your sixth sense alert whenever you step out of your house. The sad truth of our society is that women are looked down upon as the ‘weaker' sex; therefore, women become the easier victims of attacks and assaults. 

One common mistake that women do is that they toss their self defense weapons casually in their handbags which cause them to rummage through their bags at the time of a life-threatening situation. 

It doesn't matter what type of self defense weapon you choose to carry and own; a delay in time can also prove deadly; therefore, it is important to keep the self defense weapons at a ‘spot' from where you can retrieve it easily and immediately.