Robin Hood Dagger with Scabbard

Robin Hood Dagger with Scabbard. 18 1/4" overall with 10" blade. The highly designed. Metal guard is 5" across.
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Ornate Robin Hood Short Sword. The dagger features a blade made from stainless steel, while also featuring attractive and extensive cast-metal furnishings on both the hilt and the scabbard. The hilt features a guard displaying woodland creatures as the symbol of Robin Hood, as well as a pommel that features a cross decorated with a small faux gem and red tassels. The sheath, on the other hand, is adorned with further regal designs and is also connected to the pommel of the dagger by a detachable cord on a clip. The dagger measures approximately 18.25 inches long.

  • Possesses a Stainless Steel Blade
  • Features Cast Metal Furnishings on Both Hilt and Scabbard
  • Decorated with Simple Red Tassels
  • Scabbard is Connected to Dagger via a Short, Detachable Cord
  • A Fantastic Collectible or Gift Idea
  • Overall Length: 18.25 Inches

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