Knives, undoubtedly, have been serving the humanity for centuries. When counting the oldest tools and weapons used by the humans, a knife comes in the mind straight away. The ancient people used it as a weapon for defense and fighting. For years, we have knives as essential kitchen accessories. Almost all the knives during ancient times had fixed blades. But, fixed blades did not fulfill all the needs. To full all our needs with the knives, we began developing more advanced knives which eventually led us to pocket knives. Pocket knives are regarded as the most advanced and useful type of knives.

When we count the needs of the humans, we want a knife that fits into the pocket and can be carried anywhere with ease because our needs are not limited to kitchen. Pocket knives are the small sized knives that can be carried anywhere because they fit into the pocket. Let's’ review this extraordinary knife while shedding light on its features, uses, types and advantages.

What is a Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife is sometimes called a folding knife. It features a small, foldable blade. It is lightweight, but sturdy and durable. The knife is designed based on the needs of the users. The manufacturer made it a pocket carry so that it can be carried with ease. There are numerous pocket knives, but all have foldable blades. The blades are small enough that they are concealed inside the handles. It is smaller than fixed blade knives even the blade is completely deployed. But, when the blade is folded, it becomes a small stick. This knife is designed to be a part of your EDC tools so that you do your routine cutting tasks with ease. However, the uses of this knife are not limited to cutting tasks, we will discuss its multiple uses later in this article. Here are the features of these knives!

Features of Pocket Knives

  • Folding Mechanism

The most prominent feature of a pocket knife is the folding mechanism. In fact, this is what defines this knife. Counting the parts of the knife, there is a handle a blade attached to it. The handle is opened from one end and the blade is folded back to the handle from this vacant end. The blade is opened by either pressing a push button or by pulling it yourself. If the knife features a pushy button, you can simply press the button, and the blade would be deployed. When trying to fold the blade, just pull it back towards the handle. If there is no push button, use some force to pull it out to a partial position, the blade would then be opened completely.

  • Reducible Size

Another key feature of a pocket knife is its reducible size. Generally, this knife is smaller than all the fixed blade knives even when the blade is completely opened. However, the size of the knife can be altered. If you want to lessen the size, just fold the blade. A folded blade would make the knife further small. Hence, you can easily put the knife in your pocket.

  • Locking Mechanism

In every folding knife, there is a locking mechanism installed. This is the mechanism that prevents the blade from opening itself. Whether there is a push button or not, the locking method is necessary. To avoid any accidental injury, the locking mechanism makes sure the blade stays in a closed position. When carried in the pocket, your body is vulnerable to injuries because the blade may open accidentally in your pocket. However, the blade is locked inside the handle when in the closed position. Also, when the blade is completely deployed, the locking mechanism locks the blade in the opened state so that it does not move.

  • A Pocket Carry

Pocket knife EDC is the only knife that is designed as a pocket carry. The manufacturer had the intention to make a knife that fits into a pocket and can be carried in the pocket with ease. So, we call it a pocket carry. Other knives, fixed blade knives for example, can’t be carried in the pocket because they are too huge and heavy.

Types of Folding Knives

  • Spring Assisted Knives

Spring Assisted Knives are one of the two types of pocket knives. They are also known as assisted opening knives. As the name suggests, they require some assistance for opening the blade. When the blade is folded, you need to pull the blade yourself with slight force. Once you partially open it, the blade would then open at once. These knives are slower to deploy compared to others. However, these knives are more durable and sturdy. Also, they are the most widely recognized type of pocket knives.

  • Automatic Knives/ Switchblades

Automatic knives are the other type of folding knives. They are sometimes called switchblades. They differ to the assisted opening knives in an important way. Rather than requiring any assistance from the user, they allow you to just push a button to open the blade. Hence, these types of knives would always feature a push button. These knives are quicker because the blade deploys straight away as you push the button.

Uses & Advantages of Pocket Knives

  • Small and Lightweight

The biggest advantage of a pocket knife is that it is small and lightweight. The users are sick of carrying massive heavyweights and require knives that are small but effective. These knives have smaller handles and smaller blades, but are good at any job. They weigh significantly lower than the fixed blades, so it becomes comfortable to carry them. The small size also makes it easier to control the knife. You can maintain a good grip over the handle because it fits perfectly in your palm.

  • No Need for Sheath

A huge disadvantage with the fixed blade knives is that their blades remain opened causing threat to the user. Therefore, a protective sheath (often made of leather) is needed to cover the blade and avoid any accidental injury. So, a sheath is always a necessity with these knives. On the other hand, the pocket knife does not require any sheath to cover the blade. The blade is never remained opened. Rather, it is folded in the handle. So, the handle works as a sheath which prevents you from putting a protective sheath on the blade.

  • Easy to Carry

Indeed, the greatest benefit of the folding knife is that it is easy to carry. Carrying the fixed blade knives is challenging for two reasons. First, you are not permitted by the authorities to carry any bladed weapons with you. Secondly, the cool knives are too heavy and large that it is impossible to carry them in a hidden place. Pocket knives prevent you from this distress. This is the only bladed weapon manufactured to be carried in the pocket. The size is already small and after folding the blade goes further reduced. So, you can carry it in your pocket as a hidden place without worrying about the cops or the vulnerability of the blade.

  • Easy to Use

There is nothing too challenging when it comes to using knives, but pocket knives are still the easiest to use when compared with other knives. It is crucial that your weapon is easy to use in a self defense situation, and this knife is exactly what you require. All you need to do is just push the button or put some assistance to open the blade. The sharp blade of the knife allows easy and precise cuts. Similarly, many utility tasks can be done with extreme ease. In a self defense situation though, its ease of use enables you to deal with the attacker in the best possible manner. You can just aim any part of his body and do the strike to injure him. Meanwhile, you are allowed time to escape and save yourself from a severe attack.

  • Self Defense

When it comes to self defense, there is no alternative of a pocket knife. It comes up as a solution for all your self defense needs. Considering it is easy to carry and easy to use, no other weapon provides such luxury. You have your self defense weapon with you all the time. Whenever you have to counter an attacker, just pull the knife out and launch a counter attack to knock him down. The blade is small though, but has the capability to penetrate deeply and cause a serious injury. Also, if you engage in a fight with the attacker, you would be on advantage. The attacker would never be able to disarm you because you have a good grip on the knife which fits into your hand.

  • Utility Knife

Pocket knife is your utility knife which lets you do all the utility tasks with ease. It can do what your regular knives can do in the kitchen. The sharp blade would allow you to perform all the cutting tasks with ease. You can easily cut fruits and veggies and prepare food. Similarly, many other utility tasks can be accomplished with ease once you have this advantageous knife in your arsenal.

  • EDC Tool

Folding knife is your EDC tool as well. EDC stands for everyday carry, and you know that this knife would be your regular carry. Also, it has the capability to accomplish all the everyday tasks that you are supposed to do with your EDC tool. For instance, it lets you do all the gardening work in your backyard. It lets you open all the canned objects and bottles. It allows you to trim your clothes, remove nails and cut the ropes. Furthermore, it can be very handy in opening the letters and packages. I call it an all-rounder, considering all the tasks that it can perform. So, a perfect tool to have in your pocket.

  • Camping & Shelter Making

If you are adventurous and love camping, you can forget taking anything, but the pocket knife. Make it an essential part of your camping tools. While preparing shelter and camping, this is the knife you require. It will allow you to cut the branches and make way for you. Also, you can cut the ropes pretty easily and prepare shelter.

  • Food Preparation While Travelling

Folding knife is your ideal travel partner. I mean, you may not have your other half by your side. But, don’t miss carrying this knife while travelling. You will never feel away from home because your knife will let you peel the fruits. You would be able to cut the veggies and prepare food to eat.

  • Emergency Tool

Pocket knife is an ideal weapon to have during emergency situations. For instance, when you are in a forest, you may have to deal with the wild animals who can attack at once. So, a knife in your pocket will let you counter his attack and save your life. If you pull the knife out and stab the animal quickly, you are guaranteed to be the survivor. If an accident has taken place, your knife would come very handy. You can cut the seat belt to get out of the car after a crash to survive further damage.

Concluding Pocket Knives!

To conclude, I can say that pocket knife is the most versatile knife ever designed. The manufacturer deserves the credit because he has fulfilled all the needs with the knives. There is no other knife that can serve in that many ways. If you have a folding spring assisted knife in your arsenal, you have a tool that can accomplish almost every task. It would be your companion in every emergency situation. It would be your primary self defense weapon and a useful tool for preparing food and shelter while camping. Keeping all the uses and benefits in mind, pocket knives are the best!