Brass knuckles has become a debate in the recent times. People are keen to know everything about this small thing. There are many questions revolving around it. We have come up to answer all those questions. In this article, we shall try to answer every question you might have in your mind regarding brass knuckles. We have compiled all possible questions and the ones that people often ask. We hope after reading the complete article, you would have your answers. So, here we go with a complete session of questions and answers:

What is Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles is also known as a knuckle duster and sometimes, knucks.. It is a small weapon that can be worn around the knuckles. It is not just a weapon, it is a tool and an accessory as well. Made of metal, it is available in plenty of different shapes. The main purpose of this weapon is to enhance the punching power of the wearer. The wearer can make a fist and deliver a powerful punch to the opponent. The metal-made weapon would make sure to inflict severe damage. There are hundreds of unique shapes and designs to choose from. But, all of them are necessarily made of metal.

Is Knuckle Duster a Lethal Weapon?

Yes, knuckle duster is an extremely lethal weapon. Though it sounds as if it is made of brass, but it is not necessarily made of brass. Rather, it is made of metal. Anything made of metal is often pretty strong and lethal. So, you can expect brass knuckles to be very strong as well. A punch with knucks can be a brutal one. When you target the face of the opponent, you are likely to cause some serious injury. Metal is a powerful enough material to force the blood poured out of the victim’s mouth. This is why people prefer it for self defense. But is it really a self defense weapon? Let’s find out.

Is Brass Knuckles a Self Defense Weapon?

Yes, brass knuckles can be a perfect self defense weapon. In fact, it is the most popular weapon for defense against the attacker. There are many reasons that make it ideal in such scenarios. It has every feature you are looking in a self defense weapon. To start with, it is easy to carry. In fact, you don’t need to carry it, rather, you just wear it. It is lightweight and feels like nothing when worn. Another advantage is that it stays with you all the time. So, you don’t have to worry about the time. Whenever an attacker approaches, you have the weapon to tackle him.

Also, brass knuckles is a weapon that is always ready to use. Since there are no blades or bullets used, you are always alert to the attacks. You can quickly get ready to battle the attacker and knock him down with a single punch. Another thing that makes it an effective weapon for defense is the ease of using it. It is perhaps the coolest & cheap knuckle weapons to use. It surpasses other weapons because of this particular advantage. Since it does not have any blade to deploy and any bullet to load, all you need to do is just deliver a punch. This is enough to knock him down. So, yes, it is an ideal weapon for defense.

How to Use Brass Knuckles for Defense?

Well, it is simple! Just a forceful punch is what you can do to defend yourself against an attacker. It is the simplest weapon to use when compared with other options in the market. Because it does not feature a blade or magazine where bullets can be loaded. Also, there is no push button. So, all you need to do is wear it around your knuckles and close your fingers to make a fist. Your knuckles are covered with the metal-made knucks. Now, deliver a punch on the face of the attacker to make the attacker busted wide open. Yes, it’s that easy. Another reason that proves its worth as a self defense weapon.

Can Brass Knuckles Be Used for Street Fighting?

Yes, brass knuckles is preferred as a street fighting weapon. In such situations, it comes pretty handy. The quickness of the weapon would surely give you an advantage over your opponent. If you are engaged in a street fight, you need to get an early advantage, and knuckle duster does exactly that. It allows you to take control by delivering an early punch on his face. A few punches can even knock him down and prevent him from getting back on his feet. Here again, you need to target the face of your opponent. Since it is a lethal weapon, a punch on the face would inflict severe damage. So, yes, it is a good street fighting weapon as well.

What are Other Uses of Brass Knuckles?

We are often asked about the uses of brass knuckles. Since people like to use their things in a variety of ways, there are many ways you can use your knucks. In fact, it is one of the multipurpose weapons that allow you to extract plenty of benefits out of it. Yes, they have been used for self defense and street fighting, but, following are a few other uses of brass knuckles that many are not aware of:

  • Fashion Wearable

Since there are many uses of brass knuckles, a foremost among them is fashion. It is often just worn as a fashion accessory. Because it gives a gangster appeal, you can wear it to express yourself as a gangster. It has been depicted as a specific accessory of gangsters in the movies. Many fashionable people just wear it as a cool thing which makes them look unique because these real brass knuckles are trendy. And rightly so, it does provide some uniqueness. You won’t see many people wearing it just as a fashion accessory because their purpose would often be different.

  • Paperweight

A popular use of brass knuckles is paperweight. Paperweight refers to anything that can hold the papers and documents and prevent them from moving away. You often need such things in the office. Since knuckle duster is made of metal, it has some weight that can control the papers from flying away. Particularly in summer, the fan is turned on which causes the papers to fly away. To prevent this, you can put your knucks on.

  • Cosplay

Many cosplayers tend to use brass knuckles. They wear them on different LARP events, specifically, when they are playing a gangster role. In cosplay, it is all about dressing up like a character and then playing his role on the stage. However, you need to accomplish all your costume needs. When a cosplayer has to become a gangster, he prefers to wear a knuckle duster than any other thing. So, it is a popular accessory among the cosplayers as well.

  • Ornaments for Cars and Bikes

Brass knuckles are also used as ornaments for bikes and cars. You would see creative car owners removing their original door handles and installing knucks as the handles instead. Similarly, you would see them hung around the mirror and steering wheel. Bikers often wear it, but at times, they also install them on the handles. They give a very attractive appearance to the vehicles. That is why many people use them as cool accessories for their vehicles.

  • EDC Uses

Brass knuckles can be your EDC tool as well. It lets you accomplish several everyday tasks with ease. It can be used to smash ice and break glass when required. Many knucks come with bottle openers as well which let you easily open the bottles. Also, it can be used for opening packages. In addition, you can just practice punches on your heavy bag to improve your punching abilities.

Why Are Brass Knuckles Highly Popular?

Brass knuckles as a weapon has become very popular across the world. But, it is nothing new to the world. In American continent, it has been a popular choice as a weapon. Currently, it is commonly used as a self defense weapon. But, if we go back a decade, it was still very much popular fighting weapon. A great example is the use of this weapon in WWE. You must have seen many wrestlers fighting their opponents while putting these knucks on. William Regal and Chris Jericho are a couple of wrestlers who were often involved in such fights that included the use of knucks.

The use of brass knuckles in WWE made it famous in America. Also, its use as a fashion accessory is a reason behind its popularity. Many people just wear it to become more fashionable. It gives a look of a gangster to the wearer. If someone wants to dress up as a gangster, he can just wear these knucks to achieve that appearance. A few popular movies like Wanted which feature Angelina Jolie displayed the use of knuckles for fighting. Similarly, famous video game GTA Vice City also featured the use of knuckles by the main character, Tommy. Also, there are plenty of uses of these weapons like self defense, cosplay and paperweight etc., which is why they have become popular all over the world.

Hope, All of Your Questions are Answered!

Since we have tried to answer every possible question related to brass knuckles, we hope that all of your confusions are cleared now. We have covered almost everything in this article. If you have never used them before, this is enough you need to know about this weapon. You must have realized the benefits of using this weapon and why everyone is eager to use it for self defense. It is a powerful and lethal weapon that can ensure your survival against the attackers. Also, a perfect fashion accessory and wearable. Get brass knuckles and you have more than ten ways to use it!