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MTech USA Fixed Blade Knife 9 Inches With Army Green Handle
MTech Fixed Blade/ T-Dagger Knife with Army Green Aluminum Handle. 9" Overall
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Push Dagger - A Discreet Weapon

The Push dagger has always been one of the most popular weapon for close quarter combats used by military and civilians alike. It is an invention of thousands of years ago and was used for self defense in an uncertain and dangerous world, yet it is still famous and kept by people today. A push dagger has a short blade with a T-shaped handle. This design helps one to hold this dagger in the palm of one’s handle with the blade protruding from the fingers. This design makes a push dagger very effective in fights and combats. 

The push dagger is known to be similar to the 16th century “katar” and has its origins from Indian subcontinent. In the 1800s, the men and women both used to carry push daggers with them for safety purposes. Push daggers were used extensively in wars as well especially during trench war systems which required the need of a good stabbing weapon. It is a concealable and discreet weapon and that makes it a very good self defense weapon as well. 

Exceptional Push Daggers for Sale

If you are looking for a self defense weapon from history, then a push dagger will serve you right. You can either use it for self defense like the old folks or you can keep it as a historical artifact, used for collection purposes. We at Wholesale Blades stock a huge variety of the best push daggers for sale. Whether you want the classical ones, the trendy ones or the graceful black ones, we have them all at very reasonable rates. 

These daggers are masterpieces having fine and razor sharp blades. The thick dual blades of these daggers make them worth having and the thick rubber handles provide a very comfortable grip of the dagger. With our push dagger, we also provide free nylon sheath with a stainless steel clip. We believe in giving only the best to our customers and that is why we provide only top quality products to them at very affordable rates. So, browse our collection of the most beautifully designed push daggers and have your pick now at very low rates.

Wholesale Blades - Top Wholesaler and Dropshipper of Push Daggers

If you are looking for the best wholesaler of push daggers or even if you are looking for the best dropshipper, then you should definitely do business with us as we are the distributor of the exceptional and classical push daggers. We also have an amazing wholesale offer for you. Now, if you buy six or more pieces of the same push dagger from us, you can avail FLAT 20% Off that dagger. This is the best wholesale offer we provide to our customers as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. 

We also offer FREE dropshipping and membership services to our customers who are interested in the dropshipping business. Yes, that is right. Browse our collection of the most superb push daggers and avail these offers as soon as possible by making your purchase NOW at the lowest possible rates to avail the fastest shipping of one business day only.  

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