The best switchblade knife is a type of knife with a folding blade contained in the handle which springs out into position when a button on the grip is pushed. It resembles a jackknife (folding pocket knife). Still, it operates as an automatic or manual-opening knife, rather than having to be opened with an external lever or pull tab, as with most other types of folding knives.

Switchblades, except for law enforcement officers and military personnel, are generally illegal to carry in public places. The legality of possessing and carrying switchblades varies by jurisdiction; some jurisdictions prohibit them altogether while others permit it only for those above 18 years old. These knives are generally considered uniquely dangerous. 

Many types of switchblade knives have a well-designed locking mechanism that is used to prevent unauthorized use by unauthorized individuals. However, some types are inexpensively made and incredibly unsafe. Others have been banned because of their actual or perceived close resemblance to military weapons, such as the M3 "Eagle Eye", a variant of the folding knife carried by US Navy Seals and the French commandos forces during World War II.

Switchblades became popular in America with the influx of immigrants from countries where they were common. The first switchblade was patented in 1878, and it was not until 1903 that the Swiss Army adopted one for their Officers' Model cool pocket knives.

What are Switchblades Actually?

Switching up your carry knife is a great way to spice up your EDC. In fact, some people prefer switchblades for their increased convenience and versatility. Here's what you need to know about them!

  • Switchblades are knives that can be opened and closed with one hand, usually by pressing a button or lever on the blade's handle. This makes them more convenient for one-handed use than open blades...
  • The best switchblade knife is not just any old pocket knife: it has a blade that folds in and out of the handle through a hole in the middle of it. As it is closed, the blade locks into place...
  • A switchblade is usually a lockback knife, where the blade is locked open when not in use. Closed blades are also sometimes referred to as push knives, as their blades are pushed in and out of the handle from the outside...
  • The knife must have a hilt that moves. That hilt must be movable away from the user's hand. Some models move in and out; another kind moves up and down… The blade pivots away from the back of the handle when opened. The blade pivots toward the hand when closed…

Types of the Automatic Switchblade Knife

The best switchblade knife is a type of knife that has a folding or sliding blade contained in the handle which springs out into position when a button or lever on the handle is pushed. Some types of switchblades may be one-handed opening, meaning that with practice one can open the blade from either the thumb side (for right-handed users) or finger side (for left-handed users). There are 3 different types of switchblade knives: 1. Fully Automatic Switchblades  2. Sliding Knives 3. Semiautomatic.

  • Fully Automatic Switchblades

As the name implies, these are switchblades that have a mechanism in which the blade is opened and closed by the user, rather than an automatic action of a spring. They can only be opened with a 1-hand motion. 

Some examples are Spyderco knives such as the Spydie (I) Knives, Spyderco Green River, or Gold Bug. Gerber's fixed blade knives such as the Gerber Mark II and Mark III Knives or Gerber's folders such as the Zero Tolerance Benchmade knife. These types of switchblades can have one or two blades depending on how they are manufactured.

  • Sliding Knives

These switchblades have a blade that slides along a rail within the handle, with no moving parts. The knife is opened using a 1-hand motion (usually thumb or forefinger). Examples are Kershaw knives such as the 1570BKST Ken Onion Blur, Kershaw Black Out II, or any other style from Kershaw. The styles of these cool knives vary and tend to be more compact than other types of switchblades. Some may not even feature the spring-loaded button that opens them.

  • Semi Automatic Switchblade

Also known as Automatic Switchblade Knives. These are illegal in most states. An automatic switchblade is a knife that has a blade contained in the handle, which springs out into position when a button or lever on the handle is pushed. Once opened, it will remain in that position until the user manually closes it. 

These types of switchblades are usually not spring-loaded, although they may have a spring to open them and then lock the blade in place when opened. In most states, these types of switchblades are considered illegal to buy, sell, or own.

Advantages of Switchblades

Switchblade knives are a type of knife that comes in two varieties: one with a blade that folds into the handle or body, and one with a wooden handle and blade attached via metal pins. Many switchblades come equipped with an opening device that is activated by pressing down on the knife's thumb stud or flipper. This opening device is what produces the distinctive switching noise associated with this type of knife upon activation.

The advantages of using the best switchblade knife as your go-to tool are numerous; they can be carried practically anywhere, which means you won't have to worry about where you will be able to find one if needed for self-defense purposes. They are very sharp and when you need one for self-defense they will make quick work of the attacker. 

Another benefit of switchblades is that due to their simplicity, you can create one yourself without too much trouble. So if you want a switchblade but feel unsure about creating your own model, then select one of the many premade ones that are available in today's market.

Carrying a switchblade is not illegal in most places and they have been used for centuries as an effective tool of self-defense and many people choose to use them regularly for their daily use. Since the knife design involves fewer parts than that of other knives, it is easy to carry and handle even though it is made from metal.

Disadvantages of Switchblades

The best switchblade knife is a type of folding pocket knife. It has a set of blades that are attached to the handle by hinges and springs so that, when the right-hand thumb pushes down on one end of the blade, it causes another blade next to it on the same surface of the knife to pop up perpendicular from its surface. The unwinding motion starts and is powered by wrist movement that automatically resets when release pressure is applied.

  • Switchblade Knives are banned in many countries for security reasons.
  • Switchblades are never safe, and they make our environment unsafe as well.
  • Switchblades only take seconds to be opened and harm anyone in front of them.
  • Switchblade knives are not easy to use once it is dark or if you're attacked by a group of people at one time and also they get easily jammed in case the victim tries to defend him/herself using the same knife against attackers.

The Popularity of Switchblade Knives

The popularity of the best switchblade knife is on the rise. These knives are not a new invention but their popularity is increasing among many people. This is due to the introduction of some types that can deliver a much more deadly edge than ever before. It may be too late for you, just wait until they catch up with your kids!

Switchblades have existed since back in 1891 when a man named John L. Browning invented an automatic knife using his cartridges as its spring mechanism and folding blade design. Since then, manufacturers have released different types that can bring much more effective results than others while also being affordable for everyone to use. 

These products are available online and through stores locally which makes them accessible to anyone who wants one. In the past, switchblades were used for military use only and were considered a deadly weapon but this is not the case now, In fact, they can be perfectly used as everyday carry (EDC) tools.

Different types of switchblade knives are available today to give customers more options to choose from. Some may not even know what to choose so here is a complete guide on the different options you have and how each type works. The double-action switchblade knife uses an internal spring that you have to keep compressed before using the blade. You also need to compress it manually while using the blade as well.