Pirate Medalion Coin Necklace With Hidden Knife

Pirate Coin Necklace With Hidden Knife. 3 1/4" overall with 440 stainless steel knife blade.
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A neck knife is a small, fixed-blade knife carried from a pendant rig, which suspends the knife around the neck. Appearing like a piece of pirate gold with Aztec designs, this pirate medallion is not entirely what it seems to be. The small, triangular protrusion from the bottom is not merely decoration or a setting with which to wear the medallion, but instead, the grip of a tiny, sharply curved blade that looks almost like a steel sharks tooth. Efficient for cutting, this tiny blade would also make an effective defensive blade, albeit it only in limited circumstances.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Worn around the Neck
  • Great Pirate Design
  • Overall Length: 3.25 Inches

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