Pepper spray

It has almost become unbelievable if someone says he is not attacked by a random attacker even once. It seems as if attackers find it easy to attack anyone. Specifically, women are easy preys for them. 

This is why it is important for women to carry self defense weapons for women. One of the best weapons to counter the attackers is pepper spray. It is not an ordinary spray but an effective chilli spray to cause severe effect on the eyes of the attackers! 

Pepper spray has become very common in usage for self defense nowadays. It can be defined as a very strong inflammatory agent that is created from hot cayenne and from the oil of hot peppers as well.

When someone sprays it on anyone's face, the victim person will start feeling the burning sensation in the eyes, blindness for a few minutes, breathing problems, or disorientation too. But keep in mind that all effects are for a certain period. After this, the person will recover. Therefore, the user needs to get escaped from the threat as soon as possible.

Well, like many other defensive weapons, pepper sprays also have some different advantages and disadvantages that every user should know. Also, he/she should know how to use it accurately. So, stay here and read the article till the end to get your informed about which is best self defense weapon.

How Does Pepper Spray Work?

Pepper spray is one of the non lethal self defense weapons but can be effective in getting rid of the attackers. It is not an ordinary spray, rather a chili spray with capsicum as the active ingredient in it. It comes in a small bottle and can be very effective when sprayed on the face. 

So, in a self defense situation, simply spray it on the face of the attacker and see the results. It can be extremely irritating to the eyes and causes a burning sensation. This burning effect continues for some time. It can also cause temporary blindness. So, you can escape from there to save your life. 

Pepper spray

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing Pepper Spray for Self Defense?

  1. The first advantage is that these sprays are very pocket-friendly or you can say inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on protecting yourself if you get this spray. Secondly, they are a very easy-to-carry mode of protection.
  2. These sprays are excellent in working from a distance. For instance, if your attacker is 8 to 10 feet away, the spray and pepper foam will do wonders and your attacker will be affected from a long distance.
  3. Pepper sprays are amazing in providing a time period for your escape. You should know that the affected person is disabled for about 15 to 30 minutes. And, this is more than enough time to escape from any difficult situation very easily.
  4. These sprays are also available in gel form and they are called pepper gel. They are more effective than sprays. You can use them from a distance of about 18 feet. Moreover, these weapons will give you the maximum time to escape because your attacker will remain far from you.
  5. With the passage of time, pepper sprays have also evolved and a lot of new modifications have been made. For instance, some of these spray products cause UV dye on the attacker that will make it easier for you to identify your attacker.

What Are the Drawbacks of Utilizing Pepper Sprays for Defensive Purposes?

  1. The wind is a major factor that affects the ability of this spray. Yes, heavy wind can blow back the spray toward you and you would be affected instead of your attacker.
  2. Rain or extra humidity in the air can reduce the effectiveness of these sprays.  
  3. If your assailant is not too far from you, he might snatch your spray and use the product on you. Then, you might become defenseless.
  4. Pepper sprays have some of their own restrictions. Like, with the passage of time, they lose their effectiveness. If your spray is old, it might not work properly. Besides this, people who are under the influence of any drug or alcohol, they sometimes feel no effect of these sprays.
  5. These sprays require about 3 to 5 seconds to work properly. If your attacker closes his eyes immediately, there are chances that he might not get much affected by this spray.
  6. Lastly, these sprays only work effectively when they are sprayed properly on the face. If you miss your target, the spray might not be very effective.


What If You Get Sprayed By Pepper Spray, Gel, Or Pepper Foam On Yourself?

After discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this pepper spray, now let us tell you some methods to reduce the inflammation from this spray. If you accidentally get this spray on yourself or even you become a victim of this spray from someone else, you can follow these precautions:

  • Attempt not to rub the area that is influenced by this spray, especially your eyes. Open the windows or doors and try to go to any highly ventilated place.
  • If you are wearing any kind of contact lenses, you should immediately remove them and discard them instantly. And then, wash your eyes with cool water immediately.
  • After being affected by this spray, you should instantly change your clothes. Because your clothes might contain fumes from the spray.
  • The best method to reduce the effect of this spray is to apply milk to the affected part. It contains some elements that reduce inflammation and itching.
  • When the discomfort starts to lessen, only you should wash the affected area with any soap and water. Wash your face or any affected part about 8 to 10 times using cool water. Don’t use any lubricant.
  • After a specific time, if you still feel pain and inflammation in your eyes, you should consult a physician immediately. Check yourself closely and if you feel any kind of breathing problem or cardiac issues, you should instantly call a medical physician.
  • All about pepper sprays, pepper foams, and pepper gels are only for your self defense and they are worth the money. But you should never use them for a fun basis. Although these sprays are totally non-lethal, they are very much effective when they are sprayed properly on the face.


Using pepper spray for defensive reasons is no doubt a wise choice. However, you should be cautious when using this spray as it can cause harm to your eyes. So, never leave your spray in the hands of your children and never use it for fun.

Nevertheless, you can easily carry this weapon in your purse or pocket and it will provide you the best assistance in a self defense situation. Be safe! And always carry your self defense products along with you.