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Silver Ink Pen Knife with Plain Edge
Silver Ink Pen Knife with 3 Inch Plain Edge Blade
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One Dozen Letter Opener Pen Knife Set
One dozen refillable pen and letter opener. Featuring 3 Inch Blade. Black, Silver and Grey Color. You will receive 4 of Black, Silver and Grey Color.
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Pen Knife: The Perfect Hidden Blades

Did you ever think that a simple stationary item such as a pen could carry a knife in it? No? Well, it can and it does. A pen knife is a real pen which has a pen on one side of it and a blade on its other side. It looks like an actual pen but carries a small blade attached to it which comes out when the pen is pulled apart. A pen knife can become the perfect self defense tool and an EDC tool as well. The best thing about a pen knife is that you can easily carry it around with you as no one can detect it as a knife because of its design that resembles an ordinary pen. 

Cool Pen Knives for Sale

Are you looking for a self defense item that you can carry with you easily and stealthily? If yes, then you should definitely have a look at our collection of pen knives. We at Wholesale Blades stock one of the most amazing collection of pen knives at very affordable rates. Our pen knives feature elegant designs and look totally drool worthy. The twisting mechanism of the pen knife we stock is highly efficient and upon twisting, the pen reveals a 3 inches short blade which is sometimes plain and sometimes partially serrated. You can use this mind-blowing pen knife to open letters, cut boxes, ropes or cords. Also, another use you can put this pen knife is to use it for self defense. The knife is disguised as a pen which makes the weapon very hard to detect and thus will provide you an edge over your assailant. You can take this pen knife with you, anytime and anywhere, and no will know a thing about it. Keeping a pen knife with you will make you feel safe. So, browse our collection of the most stylishly designed and reliable pen knives now available at very low rates, if you want one for yourself. 

Wholesale Pen Knives For Sale

Wholesale Blades is the distributor of amazing pen knives for sale and brings superb offers for its customers as well. We provide the best dropshipping and wholesale services as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We are the most renowned wholesaler and dropshipper of the best pen knives. Want to hear about what wholesale offer do we provide? If you buy six or more items of the same pen knife from us then you can avail a FLAT 20% Off that pen knife. This offer is so super that it should be grabbed as soon as possible!

We also have good news for all those people who are into dropshipping business. We have made dropshipping business more easier than ever by providing 100% FREE dropshipping and membership services. Yes, you heard it right. So, browse our collection of the best pen knives for sale and make your purchase from us now to avail awesome offers along with the fastest shipping of one business day only.

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