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Medieval Knight Double Edge Stainless Steel Dagger with Scabbard
BLACK KNIGHT - 11" Medieval Battle DAGGER Knife with Scabbard.5 1/4" 440 stainless steel blade. Metal ring handle with cast metal scabbard.
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16 Inch Overall Knights Templar Dagger With Scabbard
16 Inch Overall Knights Templar Dagger With Scabbard. Many Templar daggers and other knight daggers are highly detailed, displaying the symbols of their order. A Great Collectible Dagger for both the Collector and Re-enactor.
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Irish Harp Sgian Dubh Dagger Knife
Irish Harp Sgian Dubh Dagger Knife. Overall Length: 7.25"
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Damascus Sgian Dubh Knife Dagger
Damascus Sgian Dubh Knife Dagger. 8.25 Inches Overall in Length.
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King Solomon Short Sword Dagger 22 Inches Overall Includes Scabbard
King Solomon Short Sword Dagger 22 Inches Overall Includes Scabbard
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Medieval Dagger: A Piece of History

The Medieval era is known and remembered for lots of things and a Medieval dagger is among them. A medieval dagger was carried by Middle Age knights as a secondary weapon and other than their swords, they used to keep this dagger with them at all times. A Medieval dagger is actually a small pointed dagger having a double edge and was used by soldiers and knives to protect themselves in wars when they couldn’t get hold of their primary weapon i.e. sword. Medieval dagger is known to be quite sharp and had the tendency to penetrate armour and shields easily and soldiers used them against their enemies when they had to get pass their full body armours. 

Breathtaking Medieval Daggers for Sale

Wholesale Blades stocks a huge variety of the most genuine Medieval daggers for sale. This superb little blades outmatch almost all big weapons and their small and compact build makes them quite effective for piercing and stabbing. Our Medieval daggers are light-weighted and are very easy to carry as well. These impressive daggers are very intricately designed and speak of royalty and nobility.

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