Marijuana Necklace With Hidden Knife

Neck knife marijuana emblem. Very nice detailed, features hidden knife that pulls out of the end of the necklace. Includes necklace with clasp.
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This Marijuana knife necklace is a fantastic hidden blade knife for self defense. It has a nice marijuana shape and marijuana emblem. It is designed like a real necklace, and you can wear it around your neck. The necklace contains clasp to make it possible for you to wear it with ease and comfort. 

There is a small hidden blade in this knife necklace at the end. You can pull the blade out when needed to battle the attackers. The blade is made of stainless steel and is a sturdy and powerful blade. It can help you injure the attacker and survive. 

This knife necklace is an ideal self defense weapon for women. As a woman, you can replace your original necklace with this hidden blade necklace. And it isn’t only great for self-defense, you can accomplish your routine cutting work with it as well. The blade is extremely strong to help you cut different materials! 

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