M14 Socom Airsoft Gun Spring Powered Sniper Rifle with Rail System

1B3-M305F - Spring Powered Sniper Rifle - Rail System. Spring bolt action, Single shot, but large capacity magazine.
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Comes with an integrated rail mounting system,simplified to easily attach tactical upgrades & accessories such as bipods, lasers, flashlights, red dot optics, and scopes! (None Included). Replica of SOCOM/Scout M14, is easy to carry and maneuver around corners. Accurate up to 60 feet, with a shooting range up to 120 feet. Includes a 200 round high capacity magazine. The magazine is reloaded by pulling down the spring follower, and shaking the BB's into the main chamber from the BB reservoir. Includes nylon sling, M14 SOCOM Sniper Rifle is great deal. Overall length Length: 34.5"

  • Spring bolt action
  • Single shot, but large capacity magazine
  • Approx. 330 FPS with .12g BBs, 280 FPS with fidragon seamless .20gram BBS
  • includes rifle with rail mounts, sling, and magazine

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