Lipstick knife - a woman's survival tool

Knives are an amazing tool! They’ve been around for centuries, and they’re still in use today. Knives have a variety of uses from being used as weapons to being utilized by carpenters, but there are many other things that can be done with them. 

You also get amazing benefits when you cook with a knife, whether it be cutting ingredients or just for comfortability.  They can also help you provide for yourself if the case ever arises. Whether you're an expert chef or preparing a meal in everyday life, knives make everything easier and better!

Variety of Hidden Blades

It's no secret that hidden knives have been around for centuries and have always been used in one way or another. Hidden blade knives have a variety of types which are used nowadays for many purposes. One of these knives is a lipstick knife that is the most easy to use and portable tool. Let’s read about them together!

Hidden blade knives

What are Lipstick Knives?

A lipstick knife is the nickname for a small hidden blade knife that is usually carried by girls, who often use it to slice their apples and other fruits. These knives can be multi-purpose tools in addition to being fruit knives, with utility options such as bottle openers and screwdrivers.

Some people are now putting these knives around their necks. These knives are just as they sound. They're regular knives that have been made to look like a tube of lipstick and placed in a container that is shaped like a lipstick case. You can easily clip your lipstick knife onto the side of your purse, backpack or anywhere else you might keep your makeup.

These knives typically contain a small saw blade, but some also have additional tools inside them such as drivers and screwdrivers (for quick home repairs). The blades on these things are sharp just like any other knife blade, so you should never put yourself into a dangerous situation where you need to use it to defend yourself from an attacker, for example.

Lipstick Blades: Size and Dimensions

A lipstick knife may also be called a "lipstick blade". It is a small knife that is between 4 and 6 inches long, with blades ranging from one inch to two inches in length. This type of knife is carried in a sheath or case, and is designed to be easily accessible and able to fit into a small purse. 

Other times, it is carried in the pocket for easy access. It has no locking device, allowing for quick-use situations where only one hand must be used to open it. In addition, the knife can be opened easily with one hand.

A lipstick blade is made of stainless steel and has a handle made of either plastic or wood. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used to carve, pare vegetables, cut fruit, open bottles of beer or wine, and even change the spark plugs in an automobile.

There are various other uses for this type of tool that may include: opening canned food, opening packages of pet food and aligning screws. This type of knife is about two to three inches long with blades ranging from one inch to two inches in length. Many have screwdrivers on the end that allow more functionality on different types of jobs around the house or garage.

Lipstick knife

Perks of Having Lipstick Knives

Finding yourself in an emergency situation with no means of defense is always a problem. Luckily, these lipstick blades appear on the market now and make great self-defense options. In some emergency situations, lipstick knives are a good choice because they are concealable, lightweight and can be thrown.

Another benefit of these high-quality knives is that they don't break like glass or fall apart when you use them to cut things such as rope or webbing. They also don't rust quickly like metal ones and the handles are made from sturdy material that'll hold even after rough handling. 

So you can always have a durable lipstick knife on hand, ready to defend yourself and loved ones. These amazing knives come in different colors. You can get a black one to be used for covert operations or choose a silver or gold one for your own protection. 

These are awesome gifts for women, especially for your loved ones who want a safe fashion accessory that just happens to be the least expected weapon of all time!

Several Styles of Lipstick Blades

There are also several styles of these pocket knives. You can choose a regular straight version with a 2.5 inches blade or go for the extra-wide one with an opening that is 3.8 inches wide. The difference between these two is that the wider version has more practical uses because it can easily hold more items in your bag, such as your wallet or phone.

You can also choose a number of features for your lipstick knife like serrated edge, clip to attach it to your purse strap, addition of handle extensions or different colored handles like pink, neon green and black as well as other colors that you like based on your personal needs.

So if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, why not carry a lipstick knife with you to protect yourself against the dangers of the surrounding environment. For less than $10, this is an affordable and practical choice for women and men who want to keep themselves protected from attackers in their everyday lives.

Lipstick Knife: Dangers and Precautions


  • The danger of lipstick blades is that they are very diverse. They could be hidden in a purse or pocket and used by an individual without the knowledge of others. As such, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
  • A lipstick knife can also cause injury under certain circumstances. For example, there is a chance you will cut yourself when opening it if you're not paying close attention to what you're doing when opening it with your fingers.
  • Also, if someone does manage to get hold of your lipstick blade, they could use the blade to slash at your face or stab at other parts of your body with them as well. Other dangerous situations that these knives can get you into are getting into a fight and becoming too embarrassed to go to the hospital for treatment. 
  • Never underestimate the damage that could be done by a seasoned fighter, nor the extent of your injuries if you were to wind up in one. If you do end up in this situation, it is wise to seek medical attention as soon as possible or else risk becoming seriously ill or injured by your own hand.


  • A lipstick knife, while being a very small knife is not necessarily any less dangerous than any other knife that is bigger and more obvious. If you are obsessed with shiny things and carrying it in your pocket, don't play with the knife because it could end up hurting you.
  • Don't take it out for a walk with you. It's better to bring a regular knife or any other tool around with you. All in all, take the risk into consideration and avoid playing with your lipstick blade under any circumstances, just like another number of bad habits like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, etc.
  • And never ever hide them where you might lose them or accidently hurt someone else by mistake. The danger is that they're small but can inflict severe injuries to people if used incorrectly or mishandled. Be careful when using these small blades too. 

Emergency Self Defense Tools!

What would you do if you were attacked and there was nothing in your pocket or on your body to defend yourself?... What would you do if those little tubes of lipstick might save your life?

Wondering what to do in case of an emergency? Well, some lipsticks have been designed with a blade, and are ideal self defense weapons. However, this tool is not available to purchase. It is also illegal for anyone who isn't trained in martial arts or law enforcement. 

But that's not a problem as long as you have one nearby!  In the event someone tries to steal from or assault you, just squeeze the bottom of the tube and it will spring open into a sharp blade.