Knights Medieval War Sword

Knights Medieval War Sword
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In war, a knights best friend was often his sword, as it was the weapon that would often keep him safe from death! And this Knights Medieval War Sword recreates the iconic knights blade for any enthusiast or collector to own, carry, and enjoy. This sword blade is made entirely from stainless steel, and it echoes a shape that hails from the earlier days of the medieval era. The blade features a slight fuller, which runs down approximately half of the blade, as well as little profile taper, which gives the weapon a broad, powerful looking blade that ends with a rounded point. The swords guard features downward curved quillons topped with small round knobs, for added defense that will catch blades and keep them away from the hand. The grip is leather wrapped wood, while the great round pommel is adorned with several small circular icons and a carved cross. Both the guard and the pommel on this sword are rendered in attractive gold-brass metal. Included with the sword is a matched black leather wrapped scabbard, which serves well for keeping the sword secured when it is not in use. Iconic and appealing, this Knights Medieval War Sword serves well as a side-arm for the intrepid warrior who wants to look the part of a genuine knight.

Key Features:
  • An Iconic and Classic Looking Medieval Sword
  • Features a Stainless Steel Blade with a Short Fuller
  • Blade Features a Gradual Profile Taper and a Rounded Point
  • Guard Possesses Downward Curved Quillons
  • Wooden Hilt is Accented with Brass Hilt Furnishings
  • Includes a Black Leather Sheath
  • Great for Costume Use, Carrying, or Display
  • Overall Length: 40.5 Inches

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