Knight Templar Sword

I have found that the best way to define a knight's templar sword is to start with some background information. 
The Knights Templar are a religious order of knights that has existed for over 900 years. They were founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. They were one of the most powerful military orders in medieval history, and they contributed in no small part to European dominance during the Crusades.  The order was dissolved in 1312 by King Philip IV of France. The Templars were a powerful force within the church, and they played a significant role in shaping European history.

A Detailed History Of The Knight Templar Sword

The Knights Templar sword is a weapon that has been used by the Templars throughout history. The defining characteristic of this sword is its length and weight. They were very long swords, up to 2 meters long, and weighed an average of 1.2 kilograms. The weight makes it easier to swing due to the momentum, and also keeps it from being thrown as well as being used for hacking.
In addition to being strong, the often ornate hilt of period swords and Templar swords were quite unique as well. The hilt often consisted of several jewels. The blades were extremely sharp, and the Templar swords often had beautiful steel fittings.
The Templars were primarily known for their sword fighting abilities. However, the sword was also used for monastic duties as well. For instance, they used the sword to work on the land, and to harvest crops. They were primarily farmers and farmers primarily used blades to do their work.
The Templars would go on long journeys across Europe, which is what explains why the Knight Templar sword was so long and heavy.  It allowed them to take their swords with them wherever they went without fear of theft or damage.

Properties Of A Knight Templar Sword

After a few centuries of success and glory, they were brought down by a combination of a frenzied mob and an inept king. The church accused them all of heresy and burned them to death on an island in Paris. But what was their sword like? Find out here!
  • The Knights Templar sword had to be knightly: Strong but not too heavy--a tool for killing other warriors rather than hacking through trees or bashing through walls. The blade needed to be able to withstand the rigors of daily wear, and to handle well in tight spaces and in heavy combat.
  • The sword had to be big: The knight was the picture of physical manhood, but he couldn't fight with a tiny knife because that's how babies die. A good sword was at least four feet long, and it could be no less than two feet wide or two feet thick.
  • The sword must have been able to stand up to plenty of beating: It had to have a hardy edge that would not dull so easily. The sword tip needed to be strong enough to inflict a deep wound, but not so stiff that it might break or chip under stress. The sword also had to be able to withstand rigorous daily use.
  • The Knight Templar sword had to be versatile: It had to do well in sharp, rapid blows as well as in strong, slow chops; it had to withstand both the point and the edge; it had to stand up well under heavy blows and hard thrusts. Because of this versatile design, the Knights Templar were able to use the same sword for hundreds of years without changing its basic design.

Knight Templar Sword In Medieval Times

The word "medieval" means "middle ages". This is a time of a thousand years of a very long time. You can imagine this to be a time when you were in high school and it was the 1600's.
The medieval times had many different things that happened to people, such as the crusades, witch hunts and more.The Knight Templar sword was the glory of knights in that time.  They wore many different things, depending on the lord they were with. For example, if you went with your master, he would have a different looking sword and armor set than you would have for your own master.
They mostly wore leather armor or heavy cloth coats with cloth pants and boots or light coats with leather boots. They also held many different sizes of swords that were used for battle and various times of wars.
Knights Templar swords were made by armourers in medieval times. They are one of the most beautiful swords found in medieval armoury. One of the most famous weapons used by Medieval knights was their longsword, which usually had a straight blade measuring about 88 centimetres (35 inches) long. The grip may be either on the blade or on one end of the handle. 
The edge is typically not sharpened but can be somewhat strengthened with annealing and tempering, as well as honed to provide a cutting edge.
The blade is generally straight and double-edged with a cruciform hilt which provides protection for both hands.

Importance Of Knight Templar Sword- The Symbol Of Glory

The Knight Templar sword was a symbol of the knight’s connection to God and the Church. It was often blessed before battles or used in ceremonies such as coronations and knighting; in these cases it symbolized divine power and authority. 

Knights would carry their swords on the left side, close to their heart, so they could draw them with their right hand. Carrying a sword on the right side would have been viewed as disrespectful, since knights wore their swords on the left side while walking. Additionally, the sword was an important piece of armor. It was often etched with religious symbols, such as the cross; this decoration also had symbolic meaning. 

Practical Uses Of Knight Templar Sword

The sword had more practical uses as well. Knight Templar Swords were used for close combat and self-defense, especially during battles involving hand-to-hand combat. Knights were often trained in fencing, which enabled them to use their swords for thrusting and parrying more than simply cutting down enemies. 

Many knights also carried daggers alongside their swords; these daggers were called dussacks and served as utility knives. They could be used to cut food or free oneself if one was tied up or tangled in an enemy’s rope. They could also be used in close combat in the same way that swords were. 

Knight Templar Sword: The Famous Excalibur

The most famous of Knight Templar swords is Excalibur, which was supposedly used by King Arthur. It had tremendous symbolic power; when Excalibur was pulled from a stone (in order to prove Arthur’s identity and claim to the throne), it bestowed great power and authority on him. 

It was said to contain a magic blade capable of breaking other swords and could cut through stones and even metal when necessary; it also had the ability to light itself on fire if threatened. 

Though Excaliber was not real, there were historical versions of this sword type called "the brand". Brandenolssa, a Hungarian king's sword from the 800's, was described in a High German poem. It has been depicted in a fresco in the Dome of St. Martin in Tours and is known from a drawing made in 1338 by artist Giovanni d'Andrea. Martin Luther owned a sword that was likely modeled after Brandenolssa; it’s said to have been used by Gustavus Adolphus at the Battle of Lützen in 1632.


As everyone knows, swords have been a part of our society and life for many years. They have a long developing history. There are many swords of different designs and functions present at all times. But The Knight Templar Sword was one of the greatest swords of all time. Their glory and importance remains the same. People still love to buy this old design sword for their collections.