Is airsoft safe?

Airsoft guns are the toy guns or replica guns used in a popular recreational sport of the same name, where teams compete against one another using replica weapons that shoot non-lethal plastic projectiles. They come with a variety of different functions and styles and can be used to play many different games.

The popularity of these guns has grown in recent years, with some countries seeing more airsoft players than real firearm shooters! The global appeal of this sport is undeniable; if you're not an enthusiast yourself yet, these reasons will make you want to run out and get your own gun:

Airsoft is Inexpensive

Real firearms can be very expensive, especially if you want something that will last. The good thing about airsoft is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun. There are a wide variety of cheap airsoft guns available for purchase at different price points, from entry-level guns to high-end replicas.

Airsoft is Safe

Airsoft sports have garnered a lot of attention in the safety department. No one wants to get hurt and thanks to strict safety rules and regulations, injuries are extremely rare with this sport. While eye protection is required at all times and you are never to aim at another player, airsoft guns do not have the capacity to seriously harm someone.

It's Fun!

If you are looking for an activity to enjoy with your family or friends, airsoft is a great option. You can join a team or play individually, as suits your lifestyle and schedule. You don't even need to travel far to get in on the action; most fields are located within walking distance from where you live.

It's Skill-building

Airsoft sports require players to exercise their hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills when playing the game itself. Plus, the airsoft sniper rifles look great on display and make for a nice conversation starter. You could even use this gun as a piece of art to decorate your room!

Airsoft sniper rifle

Comparing Airsoft Guns and Real Guns

In terms of power source, these guns are significantly different from real guns. Compressed air instead of gunpowder powers an airsoft piston gun. These balls look like real bullets and are shot with plastic or rubber propellants. 
The compressed air in the gun is stored in a small tank connected to a hose so that the gun can fire for a long period of time before needing to be filled with air. By shooting at paper targets or real objects, an airsoft pistol can mimic the handling of a real firearm.
There is little muzzle blast and little recoil with airsoft guns, as they are less powerful than real firearms. As a result, the compressed air propels the small projectile at a high speed, giving it an intimidating boom. However, if a user has the proper training and experience, they may be used for self-defense.

How to Play Airsoft Safely?

Anyone can take part in this fun activity. Whether you have experience or are just getting started, the process of learning the proper rules and techniques is fun and easy. Once you learn how to fire your gun from a distance and aim at targets, you'll find that there's no stopping you from becoming an expert!

Airsoft is a game that allows players to act out an infantryman's or special forces operator's experience without the risks of potential personal injury. It may sound like fun, but if you want to play with airsoft guns safely, following these rules will help:

  • Do not shoot at anyone wearing camouflage or other field-type clothing 
  • Shoot at people who are wearing gear that contrasts with their environment 
  • Do not intentionally shoot ANYONE in the head (this includes eye protection) 
  • If you're shot by someone else, wait for them to say "hit" before shooting back. 
  • While using a gun, If you're hit, inform others that you're hit and call yourself out. 
  • If someone is hit, do not shoot them until they have returned fire. 
  • Always point your weapon in a safe direction. (down hill, away from people) 
  • Never re-enter a play area once the game has started. (if you are accidentally shot or injured and cannot return fire immediately THEN make your way to safety at a snail's pace) 
  • If you are injured, call yourself out by saying "I'm hit!" then proceed to go out of bounds. Do not run across open areas while still engaged in battle with another player. 
  • Always have a first aid kit on hand and know how to apply pressure bandages effectively.


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Types of Airsoft Bullets

Rather than shoot bullets, airsoft guns fire rubber, plastic, or BB pellets. You can play with these guns both for fun and for practical purposes. 
During an emergency like an evacuation or when practicing target shooting at a shooting range, they can be used. Airsoft is a game popular in the United States, where over a million players can be found, and it's worth is estimated at over 3 billion dollars.
Gunpowder-like propellants are not used in these guns. Small plastic pellets are launched at high speeds by compressed air and a specially designed piston. With 2g BBs, they have an effective range of 300 to 420 FPS (feet per second). Practice shooting, hunting, and law enforcement training can all be done with the pellet guns.

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Airsoft Guns: A Must-Have Protective Equipment

The following equipment is required for players to enjoy a safe and fun airsoft experience:

  • A low-pressure air supply or HPA tank, typically 3000psi or less.
  • Airsoft gun and ammunition. 
  • Eye protection. 
  • Tactical vest and load bearing gear to carry all equipment comfortably. 
  • Strong boots - one size larger than normal for best fit with tactical pants and knee pads.

Safety Rules 

  • All parts of your body must be covered by clothing. This means that no skin should be visible at any time during play. 
  • Eye protection must be worn at all times when at the playing site. This means that even when you are not playing, you must still wear eye protection. 
  • Ear protectors or hearing protectors must be worn to protect your ears from distance gunfire, explosions or similar noises created during play.
  • You must not use any type of stimulant or drug before playing.

Measures to Ensure the Safety of Airsoft Guns

It is essential to know the basic safety precautions, even if these guns cannot kill or severely harm a person. Proper protection is mandatory for airsoft gun users in order to be on the safe side.

The minimum level of protection when using these guns is to wear full-seal protective eyewear. The protective face mask can also be used just like in paintball. As well as wearing long sleeves and pants, it is a good idea to wear them while playing airsoft games. Knees, feet, and hands may require extra padding for certain players.

There are numerous options if you desire additional protection. A wide variety of airsoft products are available, such as protective helmets, tactical vests, airsoft ghillies, pants, jackets, and uniform sets.

Do Airsoft Guns Have a Chance of Being Deadly?

There are many myths about cheap airsoft guns, including that they are hazardous and even lethal. These are completely untrue. Even though these guns fire projectiles at quite a fast rate, there are some limitations.

This game uses plastic BBs, which are an important consideration. As the bullet leaves the inner barrel, it must travel at a certain speed. They are unreliable and inaccurate at high speeds because they are unstable. 

Airsoft gun

An excessive burst of air pressure can break the BB even before it exits the barrel. It is possible for a gun to still bruise skin and cause bleeding if it comes into contact with plastic when it is designed to be weak enough not to be lethal. 

When an existing airsoft gun is modified, it is likely to break. BBs are made with such a special material that, when they collide with an object at a high enough speed, they simply shatter, making it nearly impossible for them to damage an object. 

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Airsoft Guns: Replica Guns for Airsoft, Target Practice & More 

In competitive games and military training, gas and electric airsoft guns are the most common types of these guns. Guns that use the gas system fire high-pressure projectiles fired by a cylinder mounted at the gun's rear. A pyrotechnic pellet is launched by compressed air from a pyrotechnic chamber. 
Guns typically fire a ball-shaped plastic or metal pellet, but they can use plastic or metal BBs as well. Electric guns fire aluminum BBs from the front of the gun using a piston and spring similar to gas-powered guns. So, grab these guns if you are a fan of airsoft, target practice and training!