pocket knife

Carrying the pocket knife in your pocket can be useful at so many times. It offers safety and can be a source to use at the time when needed for self-defense. 

But the question is carry a knife with clip in a pocket considered a concealed one or as an open carry. Most of the knife clips are easy to show that there is a knife that a person is holding in a pocket. 

Or if you are found with a pocket knife, there will be no interpretation left that is considered right under the law.

To keep a pocket knife, there are multiple clips available in the market. The purpose of such clips is to offer the holding source, so the knife can easily attach with the pocket and even does not visible to the public. 

But due to the length of the clip or the knife blades, they look like a part of each other and do not make a difference.

In some areas, you can’t openly display or hold the knife that is designed with the particular shape of the blades. And if you do so, it can cause complications or even you are unable to interpret the situation.

Carrying A Knife- Use In Multiple Ways:

There are so many traditions regarding the carrying of the knife. In general, holding and carrying a knife is tricky. But people have one for multiple purposes including safety, self-defense, and simple tasks.

Before carrying or having one, it is necessary to learn about how to carry and perfectly hold a knife. Carrying a pocket knife or concealed one should depend on the nature of the blades, manufacturing or style. 

Moreover, it is also necessary that the knife should not be that kind which can be used as a criminal tool like a dagger.

Make sure the knife only be used to give the injury in case of self-defense and should not be the cause of someone’s death. If a person is having a pocket knife of that kind that can put the other person’s life at risk, it can be prohibited or can cause serious issues.

It is ok if a person is carrying a simple, portable or ordinary pocket knife for self defense. But having a dagger, dirk, or switchblade knife is dangerous to hold. Folding knife held in a pocket concealed will not harm the person until it is hidden or only be used at the time of need.

Types of Pocket Knives And Blades:

Having a knife in a pocket is good or sometimes can create problems for you. But choosing the right blade and handling it with responsibility offer advantages. Especially in an uncertain and difficult situation, it is helpful. 

For the pocket, folding knives are considered the most suitable options. It looks good, manageable and easy to hold and hide.

There are multiple shapes and blade types available in the market related to folding knives. But with the information and understanding about the blades, a person can get the right one. 

Here are some most frequently used types of folding pocket knives helps to choose the right one for the use:

  • Knife With Clip Point Blade:

Folding knife with a clip point is a common type usually people prefer to have as a pocket knife. It has a sharp point blade with a bold and thick back, which is almost half in the length of the front. 

The blades have a slight back slop that makes its design elegant. This knife has a sensitive fine tip and it can be used as a daily knife.

  • Knife With Drop Point Blade:

It is one of the shape blade knives with thick and unsharpened back. Due to its style and look it is one of a common and popular knife to use for multiple purposes. 

The blade offers a long cutting area with a long and sharp surface. Besides this, it does not have shape tips that make it durable for a long time.

  • Knife With Harpoon Blade:

Harpoon blade in a knife offers suitable coverage to hold and a large cutting area. It has thick and bold back with a sharp tip. This knife makes the usage easy for the users with the extra space for the thumb. 

It makes cutting easy. More or less harpoon blade gives the look just like the drop point blade but with a sharpened tip.

  • Knife With Leaf Blade:

In all the blades and knives options leaf blade looks more stylish by its looks and design. It has a thumb hole on the unsharpened side of the blade. 

Additionally, it does not have much slop and offers a straighter outlook with the shape points. Concerning the design, blade shape, and cutting facilitation, it is the best option to have as a hidden blade knife.

  • Knife With Straight Blade:

A straight blade in a folding knife is a traditional type that is usually used by people from years. It is an all-purpose knife with a straight shape blade having the unsharpened straight back. 

At the front, it has a slightly sloped tip. For the cutting and slicing, it is perfect and easy to use and maintain as well.


Whether it is for daily use or a person having one to make sure safety or protection, it is important to look for the right choice and right clip as well to hold the knife appropriately concealed.

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