Interesting facts about anime swords

Anime is a term for animation in the Japanese language.  An anime is typically characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters with large eye spheres and distinctive "horns", and elaborate plot lines that may be epic or romantic. Anime has been associated with many themes including romance, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and suspense. 

It can be distinguished from other animated media such as cartoon-style humor strips ("comic strips") or animated feature films (both called "animations"). The term "anime" first used in Japan in the 1890s to refer to painting handed down through generations; it is a shortened form of the colloquial expression anmitsu — which means "drinking water". 

Anime Swords: A Brief Overview

Anime swords are weapons that originate in Japanese culture. They have vibrant colors, romantic designs and are not just carried by knights but used by warriors of all sorts. They can range from being primarily straight, single-edged and made of metal to curved, multi-edged blades which vary in color. They can have a variety of designs or have a single motif.

Also known as "katanas" in Japan, these swords are used by ninjas and samurai. They are usually worn with a sheath and wielded with one hand, unlike western swords which are usually worn on the belt. These real swords can be made from metal, wood or even paper mache! 

There are many different ways to create a sword in the anime world. The most common types of anime swords are Katanas and Wakizashis.

Anime swords

Types of Swords

Anime swords are divided into two categories: katana and ninja swords. Katana samurai swords are traditionally used by samurai in feudal Japan and are a curved, single-edged blade that is made of either steel or iron. Ninja swords were primarily used to assassinate enemies with stealthy attacks, so they're often straight blades with a cutting edge on both sides that can be hidden inside odachi. 

Many modern day anime involve katana swords because the characters in these shows often have Japanese heritage, but the ninja sword is still a popular weapon in anime series as well. Alloy swords have also appeared in various anime series, when alloy has been used for these swords it's often fictional metals like: silver, blacksteel, or adamantine steel. 

Some of these fictional metals are harder than regular steel and can cut through any other material making them suitable for sword blades. However, it has been shown that most fictional metals aren't actually stronger than real world steel. In many anime series you'll often see characters using composite blades, they're made of two or more materials such as steel, wood, or even plastic.

The following is a list of the various types of swords in anime that have appeared in anime series: katana swords, ninja swords, alloy swords, and composite blades.

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  • Samurai Katana Swords

Katana are traditionally used by samurai in feudal Japan. They're curved and single-edged blades that can either be made of steel or iron. Most famous anime series involving katana swords include Naruto , Bleach , One Piece , and Kuroko's basketball . These are primarily used by characters with Japanese heritage.

Samurai katana sword

  • Ninja Swords

Ninja swords are straight, double-edged blades that usually have a concealed handle that can be extended when needed. These were primarily used to assassinate enemies because they allowed the user to strike quickly and quietly like a ninja would during an attack. 

The most popular anime series that use ninja swords include Naruto , Bleach , One Piece , and Toriko. Despite having nothing to do with ninjas, the character of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist also uses a dual blade sword made of steel and automail (a fictional metal alloy).

Ninja sword

  • Alloy Swords

Alloy swords are often fictional metals like silver, blacksteel, or adamantine steel. These can cut through any other material. One of the most popular anime series with alloy swords was Naruto. In the show, Naruto 's rival Sasuke uses a sword made of blacksteel which is a fictional metal that, when melted, can be forged into alloys.

  • Composite Blades 

Composite blades are composed of two or more materials (steel, wood, plastic, etc.) that can be assembled to form a sword. In many anime series you'll see characters using composite blades like Light from Death Note uses a wooden blade and Type-Moon's Fate/stay night has numerous swords that use different material combinations like fiberglass and wood.

Material Used in Sword Making

Anime swords are some of the most popular weapons in Japan. They are often high-tech, but simple to use and typically only involve a few parts. The most common material used for making the swords is stainless steel, though there have been reported cases of swords made from very expensive materials like gold or platinum. Historically, Japanese samurai had used iron as their weapon choice.

The sword is likely derived from a family guard called the nodachi which was introduced into Japan from China in the mid-14th century. At that time, Japan was still using spears and halberds to fight against mounted archers during battles with neighboring countries such as Cambodia or Vietnam. 

The slingshot-like sling and lead yumi were the main armament of the Japanese warriors. The nodachi was used mostly by regional samurai to counter larger enemy armies in order to control the region. However, the sword would later be mass-produced for fighting against inferior forces, and this was when it gained its reputation as the "divine sword." 

More often than not, the well-trained samurai would use it only for ceremonial purposes. Eventually, when Japan's economy had flourished enough to produce its own steel factory back in 1740, production of anime swords began to flourish once more from blades produced as personal weapons by samurai and other nobles.

Women Love Anime Swords: Reasons

Anime swords in cosplay are just what they sound like. Generally speaking, an anime saber is a real world weapon that is modified to have the appearance of anything from a broadsword to a naginata. In other words, it's designed to look like the one your favorite anime character might swing on screen.

It's no surprise that this phenomenon is most popular with female cosplayers - and not only because some of the most popular anime franchises have female leads (like Sailor Moon and One-Piece). These swords provide opportunities for women who might feel underrepresented as warriors or knights in their own lives to get dressed up in ways that allow them to experience those roles for themselves.

There are all sorts of reasons why women might be drawn to anime swords, and there are even more reasons why they might find them useful in the cosplay community. Here, we'll go over some of the most common themes that have drawn female cosplayers to the use of these swords.

  • Fantasy

Some women might have been fascinated by fantasy stories since they were kids. The kind with dragons, magic and epic battles against evil forces. These fantasy swords can add an element of realism to those kinds of stories (which is what makes them so popular). They give these fantasies a context that isn't so far removed from reality that it can't be understood or appreciated.

Cosplay fantasy swords

  • Cosplay

Although these cosplay swords are usually less popular than other types of cosplay props, they hold a special place in the hearts of some cosplayers. For some women, it's the opportunity to wear something they're proud to call their own while also fostering a sense of realism and connection to an aspect of their cosplay experience.

  • Aesthetic 

Many people will admit to having an aesthetic preference for certain types of prop designs that make particular looks more appealing. Whether it be conventions where you might want your costume to stand out or just your own personal preference, anime swords sometimes fit that mold well - especially if you're looking for something that looks 'real'.

Fill Your Anime Collection With Anime Swords

Anime swords are a popular subject among anime fans, manga readers, and non-otakus alike. They're often used in cosplays and at anime conventions around the world. What's not to love? These swords often have intricate designs with extra detail that make them stand out from regular movie props. 

This includes their signature tsuba (the hand guard thingy), which is typically circular with a central hole cut out of it so that we can admire the blade within. There are a wide variety of different sword styles that are represented in the various anime series, ranging from simple katanas to longswords that would make Vikings proud. 

Some sword styles have even been inspired by real life swords, allowing fans to place their favorite swords and anime characters on a real life battlefield like the one seen in Fullmetal Alchemist.