InstaFire Extreme Self Defense Pepper Spray With Knuckle Defense Pink

Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme Self-Defense Pepper Spray for Running and Jogging with Knuckle Defense, Fits in Hand, Sweatproof, Pink
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Enhanced defensive capabilities to the Hot & Handy Insta-Fire makes the “Extreme” an even more powerful accessory while staying active. Equipped with red hot pepper spray, the Hot & Handy Insta-Fire Extreme adds knuckle reinforcement for close range impact to increase protection and power with no self defense training required. Ideal for runners, joggers, walkers and anyone with an active lifestyle, the Hot & Handy Insta-Fire Extreme positions the pepper spray in the quickest, and most convenient placement, while remaining non-abrasive and non-disruptive for the user, by placing the pepper spray in a natural hand position.  In an instant, you’re ready for use. The pepper spray delivers a fiery stream up to 16 feet, with reduced wind blow back.  The sleeve is a lightweight sweat resistance, allowing you to easily slide the sleeve on and off by stretching to comfortable place on to your palm. Stay protected, stay active with the dual defense Hot & Handy Insta-Fire Extreme pepper spray and knuckle defense active wear sleeve.

Peace Of Mind
Feel confident knowing you have the hottest, most effective pepper spray on the market, right in the palm of your hand. The Instafire Xtreme Self-Defense Pepper Spray should be an integral part of your activewear and a must-have accessory when exploring outdoors.

The Hottest Spray Solution Available - Maximum “Burn”
With the push of a button, the Instafire Xtreme Pepper Spray fires a powerful, potent dose of Oleoresin Capsicum, or red pepper to instantly disarm an attacker. A quick release twist top allows you to unlock and fire with just your thumb, saving you valuable time. Avoid any accidental discharges with a built-in safety lock.

Keep Your Distance
The Instafire Xtreme Pepper Spray will keep you out of harm's way with a contact range of 16 feet. Fire the pepper spray with unbeatable accuracy and give yourself plenty of room to maneuver and escape. Reinforced rubberized knuckles give you a second layer of defense should an attacker come into close contact.

UV Identifier
Guard Dog’s unique red pepper spray solution contains invisible ultraviolet dye that will not wash off and will help law enforcement identify an attacker after use.

Convenient, Comfortable and Secure
A collar clip keeps the hidden pepper spray canister in place while you run, hike, jog or walk. The comfortable nylon-spandex hand sleeve slides on and off with ease and is durable yet soft against your skin. Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the hand sleeve is form-fitting yet flexible, giving you the full range of movement you need. The lightweight and sweat-resistant fabric keeps you cool and dry.

Guard Dog Instafire Xtreme Pepper Spray Features
  • Twist top for quick fire
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (red pepper) spray
  • Safety lock
  • One size fits all hand sleeve
  • Invisible UV dye
  • 82% nylon + 18% spandex
  • Reinforced rubber knuckles

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