airsoft guns

There are different types of replica guns available these days, including pellet guns, airsoft guns and blank guns. These guns are safe to use and provide a realistic shooting experience. 

Among all these replica guns, airsoft guns gained highest popularity. These guns don't just provide a real shooting experience, they let you engage in different outdoor activities. 

Airsoft is one of the most interesting and most entertaining games. With the passage of time, it is increasing in popularity which makes sense because who wouldn’t love shooting with guns that look and feel real but aren’t lethal?

Yes, you read that right! Airsoft guns aren’t lethal and this is the reason why people are interested in this sport. These weapons are strictly used for recreational purposes. Consequently when it comes to being dangerous, well, there is nothing much to worry about.

Now that you are here, it looks like this is the first time that you are about to buy airsoft weapons and you are just curious about the impact of these airsoft weapons on different things or the human body itself.

We know that the first question that triggers in most people’s minds is “if the bullet hits any part of the body, will it be dangerous?”. If you also have such questions popping up in your mind, there is nothing to worry about as we will answer them all in detail.

How Does An Airsoft Gun Work?

Before moving towards discussing the impact, let’s just first tell you about how airsoft rifles or guns work.

The first thing to know about these guns is that they are air-powered which is why they are known as “airsoft guns”. Secondly, what happens is that these guns are used to fire round projectiles that come with a diameter of 6mm. The size of the projectile can be changed and you can opt for other sizes just as per your needs.

Two main reasons why people love this sport is that they get to use weapons that resemble and feel just the same as real ammunition. There are companies and brands that offer a variety of styles and designs even in these weapons which are a major selling point.

For example, if you are someone who wants a weapon similar to an AK47, you can get it in the form of an airsoft gun and then use it for recreational purposes.

The second reason is that using these guns, people can shoot from a distance with accuracy. This sport is all about experiencing what a real battlefield looks like. It is just that there are no lethal weapons used in this battlefield. But the rest is just the same.

Propulsion Methods:

The common airsoft guns use the compression method to launch projectiles but that is not it. There are three more propulsion methods which mean there are three types of these guns. There are guns powered by gas, spring and then there are guns that provide you an electric option too. Each gun and each propulsion method comes with different pros and cons.

Therefore, it is always better to take your time, do some research and then choose the right gun.

Impact Of Airsoft Guns On Human Body:

The real question that we are here to answer is “Are these guns dangerous for the human body?”. Well, the simple answer is “no”.

The reason why these guns aren’t fatal is that the factories manufacturing such guns follow the standard that states “1 joule of energy with a .2 g airsoft pellet.” It is true that you can get the rig customized and make it as powerful as you want, but as long as you are under 1.5 J, there is nothing to be worried about.

If you aren’t aware of how a joule works, we will make it even simpler for you. 1 joule is equal to dropping a small apple, probably a 100 grams apple on your feet, from a distance of 3ft. Would it hurt a lot? Of course, not. You might feel like something hit you on the feet but it is not going to cause throbbing pain or any fatality.

In case of airsoft sniper rifles, there are chances that you will get bruised or your skin breaks a little but there is no chance that you will bleed or that the weapon will be fatal for you. The truth is that these weapons are more like toys that are to be used to play the airsoft sport.

So even, if you are planning to take your children to this game, you won’t have to worry about them getting injured. The only thing that everyone has to be careful about is hitting in the eye. Undoubtedly, your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body and they can easily get injured.

Mainly with an airsoft gun, you shouldn’t take any risk by aiming towards the eye. Keep it as far as you can because if you do hit someone’s eye, there can be consequences.

Impact Of Airsoft Guns On Birds And Other Animals:

If you are concerned about the impact of these guns on humans, you sure will be concerned about their impact on birds and animals in case you accidentally hit them with a projectile.

Well, for animals, the rule is just the same as it is for human beings. But you should still avoid playing airsoft where you know that there are a lot of animals in the surrounding. After all, prevention is better than cure so a little care can help you make the best out of this game.

But when it comes to the question “Can airsoft guns kill birds?”, you sure can’t do anything about it. In case you accidentally hit a bird with these guns, there is not much damage that will occur. It is not a fatal weapon for any living being, thus you can stay carefree regarding that.

As far as the injury is concerned, it depends on how far the bird was from you when you fired. The more the distance, the more the chances will be that you didn’t injure the bird.

Safety Tips For Playing Airsoft Games:

By now, one thing is established that these airsoft guns aren’t fatal at all. But if you are worried about getting bruised or if you are buying an airsoft gun for your 13 years old, there are some safety tips you can use.

One of the most important things to do (especially in the case of kids) is that you can make them wear the right airsoft gear. With the appropriate gear, there won’t be anything to worry about. Your eyes should be covered with shatterproof goggles. But, it would be better if you are wearing full hard face masks.

These two things will be more than enough to keep you protected from any severe injury, chiefly the one involving your eyes.

Other than this, to make the best out of your game with these airsoft guns, you can opt for elbow and knee pads and a helmet or something that can cover your head. When you have all of this gear, you can then stay carefree and play your heart out with your favorite replica airsoft guns.

If it is an adult game, you can opt for speedy guns of airsoft. But if it is for children, 400fps will be more than enough as they should always start with slower guns.

Choosing The Right Weapon:

Now that you know everything about airsoft guns, it is high time for you to start looking for the best one to buy this year. As said earlier, playing with these guns can be fun. Especially if you’ve always been obsessed with the idea of fighting on a battlefield and firing with guns here and there, you should think about investing in such a great sport.

The Final Thoughts:

So, airsoft guns are actually quite safe for humans.  Also, you can't use them for hunting, rather you can use them for target practice on different objects. 

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When it comes to the safety of airsoft rifles or guns, if you are playing with children, buy the appropriate gear that we mentioned earlier. With that gear, the one risk, the risk of an eye injury also gets eliminated.

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