Hyrule Warrior Master Sword Necklace

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Get a badass necklace around your neck. This Hyrule Warrior Master Sword Necklace is the perfect collectible for enthusiasts and collectors like you! It replicates the anime sword we know as the master sword from a popular anime series. And it is not a huge sword but a very small one. It serves as the pendant for the necklace. There is a small cord that is attached to the sword and makes it able to be worn around the neck. It is equally a gorgeous necklace for both men and women. Are you a fan of Hyrule? Get this beautiful anime sword necklace in your collection and wear it to pay tribute! 

This Hyrule Warrior Master Sword Necklace is pretty comfortable to wear. It is quite safe as the blade is not sharpened to cause any injury. Apart from comfort and safety, the necklace is durable. It promises lasting longer than your expectation. Also, it is quite attractive and provides a badass appearance. It can be your costume on Halloween! 

This Hyrule Warrior Master Sword Necklace has an overall length of 5.5 inches (just the sword). This is the size when it is covered in a sheath. The overall length of the necklace can be up to 22 inches. The blade is just 3.25 inches and is pretty dull and hence quite safe and comfortable to wear. The blade is made of cast zinc aluminium and the handle is of cast zinc aluminium as well, and is hand painted. A sheath of rubber is included in the package! 


  • Overall Length Sword:  5.50 Inches (In Sheath)
  • Overall Necklace Length: Adjusts from 22 Inches to 20 Inches
  • Blade Length:  3.25 Inches, Rounded and Dull
  • Blade Material: Cast Zinc Aluminum
  • Handle Length: 2 Inches
  • Handle Material: Cast Zinc Aluminum, Hand Painted
  • Sheath Material: Rubber

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