We all know that there are many different types of guns. But do we really know what the difference is between each type of gun? No, probably not. So that's why we're in need of a guide to help you understand the difference between blank guns and real guns.

Blanks Versus Real Guns: What’s The Difference?

Blank firearms are usually just replicas of real guns and only shoot blanks as ammo. Real guns on the other hand can be either replicas or they can be models designed for legitimate shooting purposes such as hunting or target practice, but these too can sometimes shoot blanks instead for the sake of shooting scenes in movies. In the entertainment industry, these guns are mainly used to take out a person on screen. 

The act of firing blanks and shooting blanks is a way for filmmakers and actors to create the illusion that a person has been hit by a bullet without actually causing any harm or inflicting any pain. This is done by using blanks, which produce powder cases without actual projectiles. They are designed for specific use in movies but can sometimes be used during theatrical productions as well. These guns are models of real guns that have little to no functionality compared to real guns because they're usually meant for display only and don't shoot ammunition at all.

What Exactly are the Blank Guns?

Gun enthusiasts call these replicas, but they're not toys. They are real firearms, albeit non-functional versions. Replica guns come in a variety of styles and colors and are sold to serve as hobby models for movie props, collector’s items, or even decorative pieces to hang on a wall. These fake firearms are often indistinguishable from the real thing unless you pay close attention. 

Most models feature a working hammer, trigger, safety, and grip. They also usually include authentic markings like "CALIBER .50." These markings help distinguish replicas from the real thing. Regardless of their origin, these replica guns are legal to own in all 50 states and are often sold through online websites or specialty stores. Replica firearms can be purchased at gun shows with valid photo identification proving that the purchaser is at least 18 years old. When it comes to self-defense there are many options. 

One of the most profitable, responsible, and popular choices is a blank gun. These guns can be purchased at low cost, which is a reasonable price if you compare it to the expensive firearms that are on the market. This makes it possible for people who cannot afford firearms to still have some form of protection, but at an affordable cost. These guns represent a safer alternative for those who do not plan on using their firearms against other humans because they are shooting blanks and not real rounds like in real firearms.

Unorthodox Ways of Using Blank Guns

We can't tell you everything about guns here, but we'll try to outline some of the most common reasons people decide to buy blank guns:

1. Animal Training

If you want to train your dog's hearing or see how good their reaction time is, a blank-firing pistol can be used to simulate the sound of a gunshot. This is also called "training-fire" and it's not just for dogs! 

We have many customers who use training fire as part of their classes with individuals with autism or developmental disabilities and others who use it in security training courses. If you're just looking for an inexpensive way to get rid of pests like mice, rats, squirrels, pigeons, and more…

2. Security Training

Security guards, law enforcement, and members of the armed forces are all familiar with firearms. Even though they've been trained with guns for their profession, many people have not had the pleasure of firing a gun before. Many security training courses include blank guns as part of their curriculum so that students can have some hands-on experience to learn how to safely handle and manipulate firearms.

3. Movie Sets 

These guns are used on movie sets to simulate real-life gunfire and help bring realism to the scene being filmed. Some of your favorite films and TV shows have used blank guns to recreate the sound of gunfire, sometimes in conjunction with real guns! When you hear explosions or gunshots on film and on television, it's a safe bet that a blank gun was used in the process.

4. A Fun Hobby

If you're looking for a fun hobby that can be creative and innovative, one where you can use your imagination to get away from stress and connect with like-minded individuals, blank guns can be the perfect solution. You don't have to be an expert marksman to buy blank-firing pistols or rifles; all you need is some creativity and common sense.

5. A Money-Saver 

If you're on a tight budget, a blank pistol can be a useful tool for saving money. You can buy cheap starter kits or "bargain" guns from supply stores that are made of PVC pipe and other non-lethal substitutes, or you can get similar guns from online sites that specialize in selling blanks.

6. Decorative  

We've seen many customers use blank-firing pistols to create unique decorations for their homes. Some people may want to create a model replica of a gun for display in their home or use a plastic gun to make an interesting accessory. These pistols can be used to make decorations out of wood, metal, and other materials. These guns can also be used in DIY crafts!

7. Entertainment 

They're fun! Blank guns are useful when you want to have some fun with your friends and family, too! Whether you use blanks to tell jokes or just put on a show...these guns are great for entertainment purposes.

8. Sporting/Hunting 

The same guns that are used for fun can be used by sports enthusiasts and hunters to simulate actual gunfire, whether it's to practice shooting or to hunt for a game. A blank-fire rifle can be used for deer hunting while a blank-fire pistol is usually adequate for small games like squirrels or birds. You'll hear stories of many hunters who were successful with their first shots when using this gun, so get creative!

9. Tactical Training

Blank guns and pistols are not just for the target range; tactical training courses often use tons of BBs as part of their curriculum, particularly in security training programs. These training courses can involve a wide range of scenarios that use blank-fire pistols, from hostage-taking to home defense.

Use Blank Guns with Proper Safety

These guns aren't toys and they shouldn't be treated as such! In fact, most blank-firing rifles and handguns have a range of several hundred feet! You should never play "cops and robbers" with these guns. If you want to buy blank firing guns for fun as we do, you should always use proper safety precautions, including ear protection and eye protection (like sunglasses). 

Also, avoid shooting into the air; any bystanders or people who could be in the line of sight should wear protective equipment while using or watching someone else use blank firearms. These guns are often used as props in movies, TV shows, and theater productions. They allow actors to create the illusion of a firearm without actually firing any shots. One of the biggest safety concerns associated with blanks is that they don't have any safety mechanisms or ejection systems which make them dangerous if they're not handled correctly by the user.

  • Blank guns are often not used to fire bullets, but rather specially designed blank cartridges. This means they're different from firearms in both appearance and function. While a gun's barrel is designed to contain the bullet as it is propelled out of the gun, a blank's barrel is too short to contain the explosion that occurs when standard ammunition is fired from it. Instead, the propellant gas escapes through holes in the barrel that have been drilled into strategically placed locations near the end of the barrel.
  • These guns are generally intended to be fired from a short distance of approximately 6 feet or less. As long as the user keeps a safe distance from the person in front of them, they won't be in danger. These guns are very loud, and can cause permanent damage to hearing in just one shot. The sound is so loud that it can leave an exposed shooter with hearing loss. 
  • The sound can travel for miles over both flat land and water, making them dangerous to fire from a boat or even just close to one. They could potentially damage the hearing of everyone on board or anyone standing near the water's edge. All people within a ten-mile radius should wear ear protection when using blanks, and all bystanders should make sure they're far enough away that they don't feel any of the effects of the blast.
  • Blank guns are also known to set things on fire. Even if the blank has a safety mechanism, it can still misfire. If the user had not read the instructions or conducted a sufficient amount of research beforehand, they may have ended up using a blank gun to start a fire in their home or car. Even fires that are small and contained could still prove disastrous, with serious damage to property and property values.