We use knives in our everyday lives to perform a lot of tasks which include our basic utility tasks i.e. cutting vegetables, slicing fruits, cutting ropes, opening packages and our outdoor tasks including filleting a fish, butchering an animal, building shelters or cutting woods. Also, knives are being used nowadays as a weapon of self-defense. But do you know that knives can also be used in the sport of throwing weapons? Yes, people have been learning and gaining experience and skills on how to throw a knife properly for so many years actually centuries. 

Throwing knives has become the hobby of so many people and people spend lots of their time in getting themselves experienced enough on how to throw a knife to enter those world championships and compete against other champions in them. So, if you are a knife enthusiast or are just into throwing weapons, then we have a few simple yet useful tips on how to throw a knife which you will find very useful and informative.

Tips on How to Throw a Knife

Here are a few simple steps that will help you on how to throw a knife properly and efficiently. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Choose the Throwing Knife

The first and foremost step is to choose a throwing knife. Throwing knives look like regular knives but they are not like regular knives. Throwing knives are more durable and strong than regular knives. They are designed to be used specifically for throwing purposes. So, despite being strong and sturdy, they are light in weight as well. 

Throwing knives are designed specifically to be used for throwing purposes and that is why they are more balanced than ordinary knives. Let us now have a look at what features you should be looking at when you are out there buying a throwing knife for yourself. It should be sharp at first, especially it should have a sharp pointed end. It should be light in weight so that it can move through the air easily and efficiently. The handle of the knife should be ergonomic so that it can be gripped easily and securely.

Features to Look for in a Good Throwing Knife

A good throwing knife has the following features:

    • It is light in weight
    • It does not have a fully sharpened blade, rather only its point is sharp.
    • It is strong and durable so that it does not split in half when put to harsh use.
    • It is sturdy so that it does not bend easily.
    • Does not require much extensive maintenance.
    • Should be made up of good quality steel.

The throwing knife you choose for yourself should not have perforations in its blade as they just make the knife more breakable and affect its strength. Should have a maximum weight of two hundred grams, otherwise, the excess weight will just affect the accuracy and precision of the knife.

Hold the Knife

The most basic techniques to hold a throwing knife is to align the thumb of the hand holding the knife on one side of the knife and then throw the knife with a force so that it hits the target squarely. It is a fine and widely practiced technique of throwing a knife. However, it is not the best. The reason for it may be that it positions the hand in a very inconvenient position and does not allow you to balance the knife properly in your hand. 

Secondly, your thumb which is positioned on the side of the knife disturbs the balance of the knife when you are about to throw it. This is another drawback of this technique. So, which technique should you choose and how should you determine how to throw a knife.

Proper Technique

Throw the knife in a way as if you are throwing a dart which means that you should hold the knife by placing your forefinger, middle finger and ring finger on one side of the handle of the knife and the thumb should be placed right on the center of the blade but on the other side. This will facilitate a good grip of the knife and will overcome the drawbacks of the previous technique as well.

The Throwing Part

Now to actually throw the knife, what you have to do is, align yourself properly so that you can have a clean and precise hit at the target. Also, you should always stand at a considerable distance from the target, let us say about five steps away from it is fine. If you are for the first time, then it is better to mark a line with something so that you can aim properly. We chose five steps so that proper space is there for throwing the knife as you need proper rotation as well for throwing the knife.


Now for rotation, what you have to do is, take a step up at an angle of about forty-five degrees and it should be on the left side and not on the right side. Remember this. This is for those who hold the knife with their right hand like most of us do. But those people who hold the knife with their left hands, they have to take a step back at an angle of forty-five degrees too but on their right side. Then you have to stand straight with your torso facing the target. 

If you are holding the knife in your right hand, then your left shoulder should face the target and if you are holding your knife with your left hand, then your right shoulder should face the target. The last step is to look at the target straight in the eye, hold your knife very straightly but in a horizontal manner and throw the knife as hard as you can so that it hits the target with magnificent force precisely and accurately.

So, now you know how to throw a knife. And if you are a beginner, then you need to be extra careful as throwing knives can hurt you and those around you as well very severely. So, just be extra careful and practice in an outdoor area where there are no people around you. So, tell me, when are you going to have your first practice session on throwing knives?