How to survive using pepper spray

One of the things everyone is worried about nowadays is an attack, either by an attacker or a wild dog. People love dogs but are often afraid of the wild ones. There are more people who are afraid of dogs compared to the ones who love dogs. There’s every reason to be afraid of wild dogs because an attack by such a dog can be deadly. 

On the other hand, an attack by an attacker can be even more deadly. He can victimize and brutalize you. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to avoid attackers and wild dogs. One thing you can do is carry some self defense weapons. There are several weapons you can carry to safeguard yourself from attackers and wild animals. One of the best these days is pepper spray. 

Also called a dog repellant, a pepper spray is a small bottle containing chili spray and is already being used against dogs. You can carry this small spray and protect yourself from wild dogs and attackers. It can be extremely effective though it is a non lethal weapon that does not cause a long term effect. How can you survive using this spray? Here is a detailed guide to using pepper spray for survival against the wild dogs and attackers! 

How Does Pepper Spray Work?

As mentioned above, it is a chili spray that causes severe effects. It is a small bottle filled with a solution having capsicum as the active ingredient in it. There is a push button on the bottle. On pushing the button, it is sprayed and the effects are significant. 

When sprayed on the face of an attacker or a wild animal, it can cause serious damage to the eyes. First of all, it brings that burning sensation or that burning effect on the eyes. It causes serious irritation to the eyes and forces the closure of the eyes. Sometimes, it can lead to temporary blindness. After spraying it on the face, you can run away or escape to survive the attack by a random attacker or a wild dog. It will take time for the attacker to stop feeling the effects of the spray. 

Pepper spray

Pepper Spray as a Survival Weapon - Pros & Cons

Though pepper spray is a fantastic survival weapon, it can have both the advantages and the drawbacks. It is extremely effective but may lose its effectiveness after some time. Here we are weighing the advantages and disadvantage of this chili spray:

  • Small Size Makes it Easy to Carry

The small size of this spray makes it a perfect weapon to carry for self defense. It is so small that it can be carried in the pocket, purse or small hand bag. It is often shaped like a small bottle and sometimes it is just a keychain. Hence, it is comfortable and easy to carry in your pocket. There is a safety switch or a disable button to disable it while carrying for your own safety.  

  • Easy to Operate

Other than being too easy to carry, it is quite simple to operate. It works effectively and pretty simply. Having said that there is a push button on it, you have to push it to spray it on the face or eyes of the attacker or wild dog. Make sure to aim at the right spot while spraying it. 

  • Effects are Felt Quickly

It is one of the quickest weapons as well. Yes, it is small and easy to use, it is very quick to work as well, and this is what you want from your self defense equipment. As you spray it on the face of the wild dog or an attacker, he immediately starts feeling the effects of the chili spray. 

  • Strong Effects

The strong effects of this spray make it ideal to be used for self defense. When sprayed on the face or eyes, the attacker or wild animal can face some severe effects. For instance, it can cause temporary blindness, forcing his eyes to close. Most importantly, it can cause a strong burning effect or burning sensation on the eyes. It can make him blind for some time and allow you to escape and save your life. 

  • Unsafe to Use in Strong Wind

The drawback of pepper spray is that it can be quite unsafe for the user when strong wind is blowing. In such a case, when you spray it on the attacker, the spray may come back on your eyes. If wind is in your direction, it is likely that you damage your own eyes and make the situation worse for yourself. Strong wind can direct it back to your face. 

  • Loses Its Effectiveness With Time

Another problem with this spray is that it loses its effectiveness after some time. It may work well for you, but it can disappoint you after some time. Therefore, you may need to replace it with a new one, or start thinking about carrying any other self defense equipment. Also, remember that it is a non lethal weapon. The victim of this spray does not feel any permanent effects. He can get back to his original position after some time when the effect of the spray reduces. 

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How to Use Pepper Spray Against the Attackers?

Encountering an attacker is quite likely these days in the US. Whenever you leave your house, there is a fear of getting attacked by a random attacker. As of late, the number of attacks have enhanced dramatically, specifically against women. Ladies are more vulnerable to such attacks. Carrying pepper spray is the right way to go, however, you should know how to use it in the perfect manner, for it to be effective. 

When dealing with an attacker, you have to be quick and active. When an attacker comes, simply pull the spray out and aim at the attacker. Specifically, aim at the face or eyes of the attacker and get as close as you can. Spray it on the face of the attacker and step away. If you feel he is not feeling that severe burning effect, spray it a little more and gradually step back to avoid the effect on your own eyes. As he starts feeling the burning sensation more, escape to save your life. 

Pepper spray

How to Use Pepper Spray Against Wild Animals?

Pepper spray works equally well against wild animals and dogs. Since it was initially called a dog repellant, it was made to be used against wild dogs. Getting attacked by a dog or any other wild animal can be deadly. Campers and hunters often feel the wrath of such wild animals. Whenever you are in the wilderness, stay aware of the fact that you can be attacked by a wild animal. So, be ready with your spray. 

When an animal tries to attack you or attacks you, spray your chili spray on his eyes. Don’t worry if he gets too close. Be smart and spray it on his face. Spray it a little more in case of animals. As the animal, specifically the dog starts feeling the burning effect, retreat. Run for your life when he feels temporary blindness due to the effect of spray. 

Carry Pepper Spray and Ensure Your Survival

One thing you must have learned today is the effectiveness of pepper spray against attackers and wild animals. Therefore, to ensure your survival, make sure to carry pepper spray in your pocket. It is small enough to fit perfectly into your pocket, and hence, there is no problem carrying it. There is a disable button on it which disables it to make it safe to be carried in the pocket. Grab a few in your arsenal, explore wholesale pepper spray collection and find the best from the finest selection of sprays. Get 6 or more in bulk at Wholesale Blades and grab a flat 20% discount. 

Make sure you are not deprived of the most effective self defense weapon. Carry this effective chili spray in your purse or handbag if you are a woman. There are sprays designed like keychains, and you can literally carry these keychains as your protectors against the wild animals, dogs and the attackers! 

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