The Ninjas used to live on the largest Island of feudal Japan, in between the mountains of Iga and Koga. They were poor peasants yet their cleverness, wittiness, and intelligence were very hard to outmatch. And same was the case with their weapons known as the Ninja weapons which were so smartly designed that they still have a huge fan base even after all these years. The Ninjas excelled in martial arts and they were also known as shadow warriors because of their hidden tactics. The Ninja warriors mastered in concealment and possessed stealthy nature. This is why they were often hired as spies to steal the secrets of enemies or to perform assassinations which they used to do quite so well with Ninja weapons.

The Ninjas did not only designed and manufacture these fascinating weapons, rather they used to train themselves on using them properly and started the training of a child as soon as he or she could walk. There are many Ninja weapons and some of them are still available today in stores worldwide so that people can practice the art of Ninjato and other weapons. People scarcely use ancient weapon nowadays for combat and mostly prefer knives and firearms but the martial artists and people living in tribes still prefer these weapons for fighting and train themselves to use these weapons properly. Each one of the Ninja weapons has its own design and functionality. Therefore, you must know which weapon should be used when, if you want to be a Ninja warrior and learn their art.

1- The Use of Throwing Weapons

Do you know about throwing weapons? They are weapons designed in various shapes that are thrown into the air to target enemy who is far away from you. A few Ninja weapons also served this purpose among which the most common ones are Shurikens, also known as throwing stars and Kunai Knives, also known as throwing knives. Both of them were used by the Ninjas to evade their enemies and pick them off even if they were away from them. In the modern era, people using Ninja weapons in fights and combats use these throwing weapons to inflict small injuries to their opponent.

The throwing stars come in many different designs and shapes and mostly they just flat disc-shaped tools made up of metal whose sides is honed to perfect sharpness. This, when thrown at someone, is bound to cause some injury, sometimes minor and sometimes major. They do not usually kill and this was not the purpose of their invention as well. They were designed to trick and slow down the enemies but that does not change the fact that they are dangerous as well. The Ninjas used to apply poison on the tips and sides of these stars to turn them into lethal Ninja weapons.

The second throwing weapon which the Ninjas used were throwing knives also known as Kunai knives. These knives were short in length and had the head of an arrow which was pointed and very sharp. At the rear side of each knife, was a ring-like structure as well which further added to the usability of these knives. The Ninjas used to carry these knives with them as they were small and very easy to carry and conceal as well. The use of Kunai knives is not just limited to target enemies; they can also be used to climb high places, dig the ground and take down a wall or make a hole in it for sneaking into someone else’s place. This is all possible due to the sharp and pointed tip of these knives and as they are quite small, so they can be carried around easily as well.

2- The Use of Blowguns

Do you know what a blowgun is? It was and still is used by tribal people to perform small scale hunting. It is actually a trumpet looking instrument which is blown by a person from one side and darts fly out of the other side. The more pressure you will apply from one end, the more far away the dart will go. The blowgun which the Ninjas used was known as “Fukiya”. These Ninja weapons were used to take down enemies who were at a long distance by shooting darts at them.

The Fukiya was easier to carry as well and therefore the Ninjas used it to evade enemies and sneak away from them. They may sound too old and ancient but if manufactured properly, they were quite accurate and precise and worked silently as well which gives you one more advantage over your opponent. Moreover, sometimes the Ninjas would apply poison on the tips of darts which then turned deadly and kill the person to whom they were shot at. And if they were not poisoned, they still proved to be quite dangerous and sometimes resulted in the damage of bones as well.

3- The Use of Metal Rings

Have you ever heard of self-defense rings? They are rings that are worn on the fingers of the hand and are used to deliver punches by inflicting some sort of wound or injury to the opponent which only a regular punch could not inflict. The self-defense ring which the Ninjas used was known as the Kakute. It was made up of metal and was usually worn on the middle finger of the hand.

It had sharp spikes on one side of it which could be jabbed on the neck and wrist of the opponent to cause severe injuries and if jabbed on other less sensitive areas of the body, then it would cause some minor injuries. These rings were quite easy to conceal and use as well. Sometimes, the sharp spikes of the ring were dipped in poison to turn them into deadly Ninja weapons. The Kakute facilitated an easy and neat kill and this is why the Ninjas used to prefer them whenever they could, to kill the enemy. Also, the use of Kakute did not leave much evidence behind which made it hard to guess the cause of death.

4- The Use of Weapons for Hand-to-Hand Combats

Apart from throwing or easily concealed weapons, there are other weapons which can be used for hand-to-hand combat. A real Ninja sword is the least practical choice of weapon for such a fight but martial artists nowadays practice the art of fighting with other Ninja weapons i.e. wooden sword. The wooden sword is known as “Bokken” and is also known as a training sword.

It is used in training mostly because it is not lethal and saves you from cutting off your swordplay partner’s neck by accident. It results in comparatively safe sword practice but that does not mean that you cannot actually fight from it. After all, it is made up of hard and durable wood and can easily take down your opponent if you are skilled enough to fight with it. The Ninjas used to prefer these wooden swords over the real ones most of the times, against their enemies. Why? Mostly because these swords were light in weight and were easy to wield as compared to a real sword. The Bokkens were light in weight but they were strong as well and very durable too. This is why they were quite effective for fighting.

There is another one of Ninja weapons which is quite famous among the Ninjas and is still famous. Can you guess what is it? These weapons are known as Nunchucks and they were mostly made of metal but sometimes they were also made up of wood and plastic. The Nunchucks are actually two sticks that are connected with the help of chain made up of metal. They are also known as Nunchaku and Chuka sticks.

Many martial artists also call them Karate sticks as they are quite popular in Karate. The Ninjas used the Nunchaku in almost any type of combat or fighting and used them to block the attacks and initiate the attacks as well. These Ninja weapons were also used to strangle the enemies. However, if you wish to use Nunchucks, then you must learn the art of using them properly, otherwise, you will just hurt yourself instead of your opponent.

So, now that you know how should Ninja weapons must be used in a fight. Which one of them do you think you would use if you ever had the chance?