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Who said that blank firing guns don’t require any maintenance? If you are a believer in this falsified thought, you must instantly get out of this bubble. Yes, it is right to declare that blank firing guns are much less harmful in comparison to the real firing guns.

However, this does not justify the wrong perception of paying any attention to the maintenance of this weapon. Most of the individuals are not even aware of how and when they must clean their blank pistols.

This article is thereby compiled to help you as much as we can. Before informing you about how to clean a blank gun, we must introduce you to blank firing guns, and some important facts about them!

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Important Things to Know About Blank Firing Guns:

There are a number of misconceptions about blank firing guns. In most parts of the world, people are not even aware of the mechanism behind these strange weapons. This is certainly a surprising idea to grasp.

Some of the most important facts about these guns are discussed below.

  1. Blank firing guns are mostly purchased for their ability to create a realistic sound effect. Even if these guns are much less powerful than the real firearms, you must not take the risk of treating these as toys.
  2. These guns operate on the same firing mechanism as that of the real guns. Hence, unlike those, these are not capable of firing bullets. Instead, these guns make use of gunpowder enclosed in a paper or plastic wading. But this does not mean that these are absolutely harmless weapons. This gunpowder can also cause great harm if used insanely.
  3. Blank revolver and blank pistol both are Blank firing Guns. So, a revolver and a pistol considerably differ from each other. A revolver has a cylindrical container in which bullets are loaded. It is capable of holding six bullets at a time. Conversely, pistols are equipped with a bullet cylinder. Their bullets are loaded in a detachable magazine which is then inserted into the hollow part of the gun. This must have been an interesting fact for those who have never used any such weapon.
  4. There are two distinct types of blank firing guns currently available in the worldwide weapon market. These are listed below.
  • front-firing blank guns
  • Top firing blank guns

These are further sub-categorized based on their mode of operation. If you wander around the market, you will find a huge variety of different types of blank firing guns.

As far as front firing guns are concerned, these are the guns, when fired, discharge fumes from the front of the barrel. 

On the other hand, top firing guns are the blank firing funs, when fired, discharge fumes from the top of the barrel. In any case, fumes are necessarily discharges and a realistic firing sound is produced to make the action seem absolutely real. 

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There you will also find the following sub-categories.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Dual Action
  • Single Action
  • Manual

Once you have carefully read this information, now is the time to proceed towards the actual topic of this article. Let's begin.

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Steps, Techniques, and Precautions for Cleaning Blank firing Guns:

Now, you already know how these guns operate. But have you ever thought of cleaning these guns? Do you want to know why do you need to clean them? Well, we have got a logical answer to this tricky question.

Let us first get you out of this confusion.

Why Do We Need to Clean Blank Guns?

It is true that these guns operate by making use of gunpowder but what if the residue starts rusting? What if your gun loses its functionality? What if this gun becomes a useless decorative object? Or what if your blank pistol undergoes some sort of functional wear and tear? Would you be able to afford this loss?

I am sure you do not want to experience such a pathetic nightmare. The only solution to get rid of all such risks is to clean your gun regularly and properly.

Here again, you will feel confused about how and when to clean your blank firing guns. Keep reading, this article will cater to all such worthy queries.

When to Clean Blank Pistols?

Have you ever asked yourself when should you wash your kitchen utensils? Have you ever thought about when should you wash your clothes? Or have you ever wondered what the right time to clean your cupboard is?

No, I am not randomly bragging, all of this makes sense to you. The logical answer to these questions is called the need. You do all these things when you feel like there is a need to do so.

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Just as you wash your kitchen utensils every time you use them, you must also clean this gun whenever you use it.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Blank Rifles?

Are you addicted to the smooth functioning of a brand new blank gun? Do you want your gun to stay the same forever? Do you want to value your hard-earned money? Are you interested in preserving the charm and attractiveness of this useful weapon?

If your answer to all these questions is a Yes, you must not forget to clean your blank gun after every use. By now, you must have gotten a convincing answer to your query. So, let's proceed further.

How to Clean Blank Firing Guns?

If you are someone who has already used real firearms then you must already be familiar with the entire procedure. Nevertheless, you must have administered that cleaning these guns is somewhat trickier than cleaning real guns.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner who needs to know about it from scratch then this article is a blessing for you. We will share the entire cleaning procedure with you in a few easy-to-follow steps.

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Simply read through these steps and follow the given instructions without making any compromise over your own security and well-being.
  • Choose an area of your house that is airy and ventilated. It is because most of the gun cleaners are toxic and you cannot take the risk of breathing them. The other option is to look for non-toxic or biodegradable gun cleaners around you. Here again, your safety and convenience come first.
  • Invest in a good quality gun cleaning kit. Your kit must contain the following tools.
  • Gun oil
  • Bore brush
  • Solvent
  • Patch holder and its patches
  • Cleaning rod

If any of these tools are missing then you must not waste your money on buying such a useless product.

  • You must also have Q-tips and rags. You do not essentially find these in gun cleaning kits. However, you will have to purchase them separately.
  • Take a garbage bag and spread it around the area where you have decided to clean your gun. Line the garbage bag with newspaper and then cover the newspaper with paper towels. It is to ensure that the residue of the harmful gunpowder falls inside the garbage bag. Once you start cleaning you may find that the paper towel has already become unbearably dirty. In that case, you may change it. Please make sure that whatever comes out of the pistol goes inside the garbage bag.
  • Do not dare to forget protecting your eyes with some sort of eye protection. You cannot even think about the hazards of gunpowder coming in contact with your eyes.
  • Safely hold the blank gun in a pointed position while cleaning. You must not forget to sensibly handle this weapon even when you are cleaning it.
  • Please make sure that your gun is not loaded, especially if you are using semi-automatic or automatic blank guns. In the case of pistols, make sure that their cylinders are empty.
  • Field strip the blank rifles by following the procedure illustrated in their user manuals.
  • After that, attach the bore brush to the cleaning rod and add some Solvent. Let the brush move back and forth in the barrel. This is an ideal way of cleaning a front-firing blank gun that features an open barrel.

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  • Once you have thoroughly cleaned the barrel you must wipe off the excess solvent with the patch.
  • When the patch comes clean and dry, put a few drops of gun oil onto the patch and swab it inside the barrel.
  • Use Q-tips to reach and clean every nook of your weapon. Use these around all movable and immovable parts of the gun.
  • Put some oil on the cleaning rag to clean the exterior of your gun.
  • Now you have successfully cleaned your weapon.
  • Carefully turn the garbage bag inside out and empty its contents in a dustbin.

The Final Word:

So, maintaining your blank firing guns is not as difficult as you expected before reading our detailed guide above! However, it is important to clean them on a regular basis in order to make them last longer. 

Your blank guns require consistent maintenance to operate smoothly. Always give detailed cleaning to prevent potential damage to your guns. 

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