Knives are not supposed to be used for playing tricks. But it seems as if people have found ways of doing so. Butterfly knife tricks have become pretty common among the users these days. 

We all know that the butterfly knife is dangerous, but still enthusiasts are keen to ignore the safety and perform different tricks to impress their fellows. But, why this particular knife, why not any other thing?

In this article, we will tell you why everyone is crazy for butterfly knife tricks. But mainly we will focus on what these tricks are and how to perform those tricks. But, before we begin discussing tricks, let us give you an idea about what this knife is and why you should learn playing tricks with it. 

What is a Butterfly Knife?

Butterfly knife, sometimes known as a balisong is a small sized knife that is often regarded as an advanced version of a folding knife. People relate it to a pocket knife because it is also supposed to be carried in the pocket. 

This knife has a unique shape and design. Most importantly, it has a different number of parts. There are two handles and one blade. The handles are foldable and when they are folded, the blade is concealed inside the two. 

butterfly knife

When the blade is concealed, it looks like a small stick, making it easy to be carried in the pocket. There is a locking mechanism that makes sure that the blade remains closed. However, you can open the blade when you want. 

Why Butterfly Knife for Performing Tricks?

Well, this is the most important question to ask. Why should one prefer butterfly knife for tricks? There are plenty of knives and tools that can be used for performing tricks, but no other thing matches the magnificence of a balisong knife. 

Balisong is something unique. Ask martial artists, and they would always prefer a weapon like this. It has two handles and one very sharp blade. One performing tricks with such a unique weapon would also appear as a unique trickster. 

After all, the aim is to impress your fellow, therefore, using something unique like a balisong will do the job. Also, it is an easier knife to play tricks compared to other knives, such as a karambit. 

Why Should You Learn Butterfly Knife Tricks?

Butterfly knife tricks are easier compared to karambit knife tricks. Many martial artists are using karambit for playing tricks, but it would soon be replaced by a balisong for many reasons. 

If you want to become a genuine trickster, you must be learning tricks with this knife. These tricks are not just easier, they look pretty realistic. You would easily impress your girl with those tricks. 

Balisong knife tricks can be learned quickly. When you are doing all those tricks, you will appear as a skillful user of the knife.  You won’t just learn tricks, you will also improve your methods of using this knife. 

We all know how difficult it is easy to use a butterfly knife for a beginner. So, if you learn tricks with this knife, you gain control and accuracy and become an expert user pretty quickly. We hope these reasons are enough to encourage you to learn and perform those tricks. 

What are the Easiest Butterfly Knife Tricks?

Generally, there are plenty of butterfly knife tricks that you can learn and perform with ease. But, most of you are beginners, hence, we shall focus on the easiest ones. 

Following are the four of them:

1. Flick Closing

Flick closing is the first butterfly knife trick that you should learn. This is the easiest to play trick which beginners can learn very quickly. If you follow the instructions, this trick is indeed very simple. 

The knife is in an opened position, i-e the blade is deployed and your aim is to flick and close it. Start by flicking the bite handle up into your palm. Make sure that your palm is open to enable this maneuver. 

As you flick the bite handle into your palm, it allows the handle as well as blade to line back at a gradual pace. Allow this to happen and it would end up in a closed position. The locking mechanism would secure a lock on the blade in the closed position. 

2. Flick Opening

The most fundamental trick to play with a butterfly knife is flick opening. Every beginner should start with this trick. This basic trick is often played by the enthusiasts. It is completely opposite of the flick closing trick. To perform this trick, you need to flick your wrist and send the bite handle away. This is where the blade is concealed. 

At the same time, spin the safe handle. The back of the blade and the bite handle at that point would be at the back of your hand. Now, flick your wrist back. This would make the bite handle go to the front again, and the knife goes in an open position, i-e the blade is deployed. This is the flick opening trick. 

3. Pinwheel

Pinwheel is not an easy trick like the above two. It is one of the tricks that are tough for beginners. A lot of practice is needed to do this trick perfectly. This is why you should first learn the flick opening and closing tricks before practicing this one. 

This is and advanced trick which is performed by the expert users. To perform this, make sure to hold the knife in a horizontal position in its starting position. Now, ensure that the tang pins are pointed in a similar direction as your thumb. 

Drop the bite handle while holding the safe handle. Now, flip the bite handle around. While doing so, shift your gip in a way that bite hande is pointed upwards. The bite handle is then snapped to its closed position. This is the pinwheel trick. 

4. Y2K Aerial

Butterfly knife tricks also include certain aerial tricks. But, these are not for beginners at all. They should first focus on learning and practicing the other three. Once they gain control over the knife, they are welcome to try these tricks. 

The most popular aerial trick is the Y2K. This trick requires a lot of practice. You need to be confident and experienced to do this trick. It is suggested not to try this trick unless you master the above three tricks. 

Should a Beginner Perform These Tricks?

Well, these tricks are actually for beginners. But, they must be careful while learning them. We can’t discourage a beginner, but we are curious to make you aware of the safety guidelines. Your safety is important while using a butterfly knife. 

Butterfly knife tricks are easy for beginners, especially flick closing and flick opening tricks. Because these tricks are basic, beginners must try learning them when they are at their early learning stage. 

The rest of the tricks can be extremely dangerous for the beginners. You may suffer an accidental injury while practicing. Pinwheel and aerial tricks are usually performed by the expert users. 

Balisong is a dangerous knife and a slight carelessness may land you in trouble. So, it is better to stay safe and try a safe alternative for learning those tricks. But, wait……..

Is There Any Safe Alternative?

Yes, the butterfly knife trainer is a safe alternative to real balisong. Since you are here to learn butterfly knife tricks, we let you know about the safe ways of learning them. Of course, safety is the biggest priority. 

Butterfly knife trainer is designed specifically for practice purposes. It looks exactly like a real knife, but it does not have a real blade. Rather, there is a blunt blade that looks realistic, but has  no sharpness to make it lethal. 

This is the best thing you can use as a beginner to learn butterfly knife tricks. It will ensure your safety and allow you to comfortably practice your tricks without getting worried about any accidental injuries. 

Since there is a blunt blade, accidental injuries is not a possibility. So, you have no fear in your mind, hence, you can concentrate on practicing your tricks. 

Some Essential Instructions for the Learners! 

Before you start practicing butterfly knife tricks, there are a few key instructions that we would like to give you. Your safety is important while you practice with this best folding knife

Controlling this unorthodox knife is difficult, so never think that you have become an expert and you ignore the safety rules. Accidental injuries are still a possibility. 

Always prefer using a trainer knife rather than a real knife when learning tricks. When you gain the expertise and skills, you can try playing those tricks on a real knife. But, as a beginner, trainer knife is the way to go. 

Butterfly knife tricks are not always easy. Spend a maximum time learning them and make sure to gain necessary skills before attempting to impress your fellows with those tricks.