How to throw a shuriken

A shuriken is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally utilized for the purposes of ninjutsu in order to distract, at which point an individual could then stealthily attack. The name "shuriken" translates specifically to "sword hidden in one's hand". 

This was originally called "riza" which roughly translated means "to pierce". This title was eventually changed to ninja star which means "sword hidden in the hand." Later on, the title would change into what we modernly use: throwing star.

Another popular use for these weapons is as a toy when they were first mass produced. People bought them as souvenirs of their travels to Japan , and as I mentioned before it's still used today in martial arts and as a tool.

Common Types of Throwing Stars

The following are common types of these stars:

  • Iriki kunai: a type of metal blade traditionally used by ninja, which typically had a sharpened double-edged blade. 
  • Shaken: another form of metal blade with four blades joined by a central ridge so that it looks like two overlapping right triangles. 
  • Kakku senban: a kunai throwing knife with small bells attached to the bottom of the handle. The sound of these bells allowed an attacker to track the opponent's location. 
  • Hira: a flat metal plate with sharpened edges, designed for throwing. 
  • Choku: mainly used by samurai, these are similar hira shuriken but are typically longer with a thicker blade. 
  • Shirosaki: a large, heavy spiked throwing weapon with two or three points; this weapon was very effective at disabling horses.


History of Shuriken

A throwing star is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was designed mostly as a throwing weapon. The word comes from the verb suru, which means "to throw", and ki, "sword".

People have been throwing things at one another for as long as there has been violence. In China and Japan, people threw knives called "shuriken". It was a pretty common way they fought during the Samurai period.

Smiths eventually began to mass manufacture the weapon because it was so popular with these two cultures, and thus created the modern ninja weapons we know today. What sets this weapon apart from others though is that it can be thrown with great force or precision depending on how sharp and balanced it is.

Characteristics of Ninja Stars

The origins of this type of blade are unknown, but what makes them special is the shape. They are made so that they can be used as a throwing star. The blade can be found on two types of throwing blades, with curved and straight blades. 

The first type is the most popular, with the curved one being more commonly used. They were also used by Japanese warriors to throw at enemies and to defend themselves from attacks Each weapon varies in size and material which varies based on the culture and time period it was created in. It is believed that these weapons have been around for about 6000 years now.

The Perfect Ninja Throwing Star

It is a type of thrown edged weapon that has a long, slender metal blade with sharp points or edges on one or both sides and a short handle that often is wrapped with cloth. It was traditionally used by ninjas in battle. 

In modern times these weapons are sold as souvenirs and toys. The name "ninja star" did not appear until the 19th century, although it is unclear who named them and when they came into wide use. They were originally known as yawara sticks—a reference to the Japanese city of Yawara where they were likely developed.

Some throwing weapons are available with two slender sharpened edges. The longer edge is called the ha. The short edge is called the shu. Traditionally, these weapons are made of metal but some are break-proof plastic, and in modern times genuine metal versions have been produced for collectors as well.

"Shuriken, '' also called "throwing stars" are a traditional Japanese concealed weapon and fighting tool. They are sharpened hand-held blades which can be thrown at opponents or inanimate objects. The art of using shuriken is called shurikenjutsu."

The craft consists of practicing with three types of weapons; bo, kunai and sohi dori. These three types of weapons are the ones that all ninjas carried on them for use in both offense and defense. Here we will go over what each one does as well as how many points they're worth in competition to help you score higher in tournaments.

Skilled at throwing shuriken, but never able to land any of them on your target? Don't fret, I've got your back. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you land those sharp projectiles with finesse:

How to Throw a Ninja Star? 

  • The first step is to grip the hilt of the blade in your hand. This allows you to comfortably throw without strain. 
  • Next, make sure that the direction of these blades is facing away from you so it doesn't hit yourself or other people.   
  • Twist and pull back just as if you're about to throw a standard knife overhand. 
  • Throw at the target in a controlled manner but make sure that the point of the blade goes in an upward motion, like a knife would. The shuriken is made of metal so it can harm you if you throw it directly above your head or chest. 
  • To get maximum distance, loosen your grip on the handle and release your fingers.
  • If done correctly, this will allow the blade to spin faster and increase its range. If the ninja star was made of plastic, then you can land a hit on your target.

Above all, practice makes perfect. If you're still not getting it, make sure to clear your mind before the throw because if you're distracted by something else, it will probably go sideways and miss.

Ninja throwing star

Shuriken Throwing Techniques

This Japanese weapon consists of a small plate with three or five sharp edges. It is commonly seen in anime and manga. They are used to deflect incoming projectiles, like arrows and flying stars, as well as for self-defense against multiple enemies. 

  • It can also be thrown at other people's faces without causing injuries (most likely by the time they create their own star). In real life, these weapons are illegal because they're considered too easily concealed and/or hazardous.
  • A common technique with a shuriken is to throw it at something in order to distract an opponent while attacking them from behind or from the side. Another technique is to use it as a throwing star.
  • Although the InuYasha manga and anime often show them avoiding an attack by deflecting it away, there's no mention of what kind of force is needed to do this in real life. 
  • Also, ninja stars are very difficult to control and thus must be thrown with great care. Therefore, the technique of hurling them at an opponent's face without causing injury is impractical in real life.
  • Shuriken deflects an incoming projectile by using its weight as a weapon and making it harder for the projectile to maintain a constant velocity. The force of the swing is usually enough to deflect it without harm. A stronger swing would be needed to deflect one with a more massive and/or aerodynamic object.

Throwing Stars Can be Lethal

Ninja stars are an incredibly lethal weapon, so it's essential to practice safety with these weapons. Follow the tips below and you'll stay safe while you wield one of these deadly tools:

  1. Never throw a ninja star at someone’s face.
  2. Always keep your fingers away from the blade edge of the ninja star when practicing to avoid cutting yourself.
  3. These weapons have very sharp blades, and should be handled with extreme caution. 
  4. Never use a shuriken on a person or animal head.
  5. Test your weapon out to ensure that it's safe before using it.
  6. Avoid throwing ninja stars in the direction of people and animals to avoid injuring them.
  7. Make sure that you can see the target when you throw your ninja star.
  8. Never use another person as a test dummy during practice sessions.
  9. Make sure that you've mastered basic throwing techniques with a standard shuriken before attempting advanced throws.
  10. Never attempt any dangerous throws, even for training purposes.

Be Careful With the Throwing Star!

The blade of a ninja star is designed to be versatile and effective. This tool can be thrown in such a way so that it makes an explosive noise upon impact, while also hiding itself and its form from enemy eyes. 

This gives it several advantages; one being that you will not get caught off guard by countermeasures or weapons that protect against projectiles in this time period. Another being that if one does get spotted, throwing a projectile like this increases your odds of escape.