We get calls daily about blank guns that are not cycling properly and 99.9% of the time the gun needs to be cleaned and oiled.

If you fire your gun and it jams or does not load the next round it’s a good chance that it just needs some attention. Instead of writing a long “how to” I am including a nice YouTube Video how to do it. Showing you how to field strip clean and oil the blank firing gun.

Keep in mind that not every gun is the same, but most operate like the one in the video.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Blank Gun?

Not only should your gun be cleaned and oiled regularly we recommend doing it every time you are done shooting it for the day. Blank ammo is known to be dirty and corrosive allowing build up on your gun will start to eat away at the finish and rust away the metal. This is something that can be slowed or stopped completely if the blank gun is taken care of.

Instructions To Follow for Cleaning Your Blank Guns

The above video clearly explains how to clean your blank guns with ease. If you follow the steps as described in the video, you can do your job perfectly. However, let us guide you through these steps:

Before you start cleaning it, remove the magazine and make sure there’s nothing in it. Remove the slide from the frame carefully. Pull the spring out with care. Don’t mess things by placing parts all over the place. 


When all the parts are removed, you get access to everything you want to clean or wipe. Make sure the cloth you use is absolutely clean. 

For long term storage of a gun we recommend heavy oil on all parts including the outside and wrapping it in plastic in a plastic bag. This will prevent the blank gun from contact with moisture in the air and stops the ability for it to rust.

Remember blank guns are made almost like a real firearm and the handling and care for the blank guns should be the same as if it is a real firearm.