How to choose and use brass knuckles
The term “brass knuckles” is used to describe a weapon that is worn on the fist and held over the knuckles. They can be made of metal, rigid plastics, leather, or even wood that has been covered in metal. They were originally developed as self-defense weapons in order to aid individuals who are unable to use their hands due to injury or disability. 

It was originally designed in 18th-century Italy, but it reached its peak during the 20th century when it became popularized through martial arts movies and television shows. Knuckles have also been known to be worn by gang members since they serve as quick weapons at close range.

Brass knuckles are not only used as a self-defense weapon but also as a collector’s item. Many people like to collect these weapons and use them as an accessory. It is not uncommon to see celebrities such as Nelly, Diddy, and 50 Cent showing off their collection of knuckle dusters or using them in their music videos or movies.

History of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles have been used by humans for centuries as a weapon. Some examples include using a knuckle duster to defend against sharks. This dates back to the early 16th century in England and France. The use of these weapons has also been recorded in China from the year 1000 AD and onwards, in Japan from the 12th Century, in the Arab World from the 24th Century, and then in Europe from 1500 AD onwards. 

They were popularly used by boxers during the 19th Century, who used them on their fists for punching contests during boxing competitions like bare-knuckle boxing matches. These knuckle dusters are a type of weapon that are primarily used as self defense weapons. The shape and design of the weapons can vary, with different purposes and styles. 

Some examples include knuckles for military use, law enforcement officers, firearms officers, or prisoners. They were also used during World War I by the trench-coated British soldiers who fought the German forces during that war. However, these days it is mainly seen as an implement for crime or violence among law-abiding people - and illegal under international law.

Brass knuckles

How are Knuckles Made?

Brass Knuckles can be made from many different materials including metal, plastic, and wood though most tend to be made of metal due to its ability to easily withstand heavy punches. They have a hard exterior shell with finger holes that allow for a comfortable fit and usage of these weapons. 

They also have a soft interior lining that is filled with foam or rubber to provide a comfortable grip and prevent injuries. There are only certain types of knuckles that are considered legal to use and carry in the United States. They include the S&W, Rival, Classic series, Street Series, and now Thunder knuckle. 

The Thunder Knuckle is the latest version of the Knuckles and is known for having a different design from all of the other models that are currently on the market. It has been said to be more durable than other models and has inspired some manufacturers to create their own versions of this weapon. The Thunder Knuckle is known for its high strength and comfortable design.

How to Choose the Right Brass Knuckles?

A knuckle duster is an object that is typically worn on the hand to serve as protection and offense in an altercation. There are many different materials out there to choose from, including leather, rubber, and plastic. 

Whether you're going to be fighting in self-defense or just for fun, it's important that you choose the right type of knuckles for you depending on your needs. Read more here about how to choose and how to use brass knuckles!

  • The Weight

If you're going to be fighting with the knuckles in self-defense, it's best that you choose a weight that is moderate, so that it will be easy to handle. Some knuckles come in weights as light as 90g and as heavy as 200g. While a heavier weight may not seem like a big deal, having a heavy object in your hand will make it really difficult to fight with it. 

Likewise, if these knuckles are too light for you, it will just be hard for you to execute powerful attacks with them. Ultimately, the weight of the knuckle dusters is only going to affect how easy or difficult it's going to be for you to use them against your opponent.

  • The Materials

The materials to choose from for these knuckles can be made of different materials, including steel and rubber. The choice of material will depend on how tough you want the knuckles to be. 

If you're going to be fighting in a self-defense scenario and you have to wrestle with your opponent, steel knuckles will prove to be more effective than rubber ones due to their hardness and sharpness. The material used to construct knuckles is going to depend on your budget as well as how much durability you're willing to sacrifice for this product. 

These knuckles are constructed from high-quality materials, such as steel and solid rubber, so investing more money in these products will mean that they will last longer than ones made of cheap materials. Some materials that are great for brass knuckle manufacturing are CNC-machined polymer and solid steel.

Brass knuckles

  • Grip Scales

Some brass knuckles will come with a grip scale on them, which is like an extra layer of pad that is attached on top of the weight. Having a grip scale on these knuckles can help you in the event that you have to use your fist. This will make it easier for you to wield the brass knuckles with a firm grip, thereby increasing their overall effectiveness against your opponent.

  • The Design

The design of these knuckles is going to depend on what you want them for. You can choose from different themed knuckles, such as ninja ones, crocodile ones, dragon ones, and many more. The design of your knuckle dusters may also be those that you want to be based on a certain movie or TV show.

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  • The Size

If you're going to be fighting with your brass knuckles, having smaller ones is going to give you more maneuverability and at the same time more power behind your attacks. Having small knuckle dusters allows you to have greater control over them while still being able to deliver powerful punches when needed. This is especially true if you're going to be fighting in self-defense.

  • Price

The price of knuckles is always dependent on what materials it is made of, how much you want to spend, the design, and the size. There are some knuckles that are priced around $1 while others can go up to $900 depending on the features that come with them. If you're going to be fighting in self-defense and you don't want to spend too much money on your weapon, it's best for you to get a cheap knuckle duster for around $20 or less.

Self-Defense Uses and Benefits

The best way to protect yourself and be prepared for an attack is self-defense training. The most basic type of self-defense is learning how to yell and scream or attract attention if you need to, with the intention of scaring off your attacker. If that doesn't work, you'll want to learn some simple techniques like punching, kicking, or jabbing with your elbows. But what about our third option--weapons? 

Knuckles are one of the most popular weapons in street fighting because they're easy to carry and conceal on a person's body. Brass knuckles have been around for centuries as a way for men and women to defend themselves against villains who try to attack them in dark alleyways or on deserted streets at night. So, what are knuckles? 

These are a type of weapon that wraps around your fist and typically contains small pieces of metal or other hard material to increase the force of a punch. The idea behind knuckles is simple--hit your attacker with all the power you can in one blow. Despite its many uses in self-defense, however, there are some drawbacks to using knuckles that you should know about.

How to Clean and Maintain Brass Knuckles?

It’s not a secret you are going to want to maintain your brass knuckles for the longest possible time. Doing so will ensure that you can use them efficiently and often, instead of finding yourself in a situation where your weapon isn’t performing at its best. Cleaning and maintaining knuckles requires only the simplest of materials, including dish soap, a scrub brush, and water. Here are the quick steps.

First and foremost, scrub these knuckles with dish soap. The soap will break down any dirt or grime that is on the brass surface and loosen it up. A wash rag will also work well to get in between the knuckle pieces and get out all of the gunk that’s in there. After this step, you’ll want to rinse the pieces clean so they can dry off completely. 

You can do this by pouring some water over them from a jug or a bowl and letting them sit until they’re completely dry. To make sure you are 100% clean, give your brass knuckles about two minutes of sunlight each before using it again.