How to Choose a Perfect Knife Necklace
A knife necklace, also known as a necklace knife, is a fashion trend that involves wearing a knife around the neck. The trend started in Los Angeles and gradually expanded across the United States. The hipsters of America find this accessory fashionable and edgy. Many celebrities like Paris Hilton have worn this accessory to be seen at nightclubs and parties.

As for why people choose to use these cool knives as an accessory, it is mainly because the knife is conveniently small enough to wear on the body and not draw attention away from one's outfit or standard attire. The knife is also used to show that the individual wearing it is tough, ambitious, and attractive.

It is a garrote with a knotted cord attached to the end of the weapon. The cord can be used to choke or strangle an opponent, but more importantly, can also be used as an effective self-defense tool that doesn't require any training. In addition to being lethal to your adversary, wearing a knife necklace is a surefire way to feel confident and assertive when walking down the street.

4 Best Knife Necklaces to Own!

Neck knives come in many varieties. It can be made with a sharp blade, a wire, or even a set of keys. They are commonly worn as protection from being stabbed by an attacker wielding any of the aforementioned items. The versatility in usage for this type of accessory truly makes them the most sought-after accessory that money can buy. Here are a few types:

1. 9 Inch Fixed Blade Karambit Neck Knife with Blue Red Blade

One of the most important items a homeowner can have in the closet, and one of the best investments to make is a fixed blade knife. These knives come in all shapes and sizes. We carry different types of knives in our inventory that are sure to be a perfect addition to your household. 

Knife Necklace

The 9 Inch Fixed Blade Karambit Neck Knife with Blue Red Blade is one of our most popular items because it comes with very high-quality and durable materials that are sure to last through multiple uses. Geared up with a full tang profile and a metal handle, this knife is built to last. The handle is made of metal but it has been coated with a resin that serves to make the handle lightweight, as well as resistant to heat and water.

This knife also has a sharpened blade that is designed for cutting. This hidden blade is made of high-carbon steel and comes with teeth marks that aid in sawing through wood, bone, glass, and many other materials. Furthermore, this knife also comes with a sheath for safety purposes. 

2. Self-Defense Dagger Neck Knife with Hard ABS Sheath

A self-defense dagger neck knife with a hard ABS sheath is the ultimate discreet and handy weapon to stash on your person. You can wear it around your neck or stow it in a purse, backpack, or pocket. The blade is just under four inches long, easy to conceal, and surprisingly potent when you need it most.

Knife Necklace

In the modern world of cops, robbers, and lost tourists it is crucial to have a handy tool that you can grab and use if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. You never know when you'll need to use self defense weapons, this neck knife would make a fantastic last resort weapon, just remember to never pull it unless there is no other choice.

If there is one thing that stands out the most about this neck knife it's how small it is. It measures just over 6 1/2 inches from end to end, making it easy to conceal on your person.

3. Tactical Defense Neck Boot Knife Tanto Urban Camo With Sheath

This knife necklace is one of the perfect self defense knives for men and women. It’s easy to conceal and comes with a built-in sheath for easy portability. The hidden knife, made from stainless steel, is rust-resistant and durable. Plus, its tanto style gives it a powerful point when thrusting or stabbing an assailant. 

Knife Necklace

This knife is an ideal purchase for families or individuals who frequently engage in outdoor activities or who feel that they need to be prepared for any emergency. Inca black neck knife sheath for carrying the knife concealed on your person. A black neck boot sheath for storing the knife on your boot. 

Spring assisted knives, folding tanto blades that measure approx 4 inches long. A front-mounted belt clip to make carrying the knife easier and more comfortable. A lanyard hole to secure the neck boot sheath around your leg or ankle when you’re not wearing boots.

4. MTech 5" Digital Camo Full Tang Serrated Knife

It is a high-quality knife that you can use for hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities. The blade on this knife is made from stainless steel and it has serrations to make cutting tasks easier. This knife also has a full tang construction so it will be durable even if needed to be used for heavy-duty applications such as chopping wood. 

Knife necklace

The handle on this knife is ABS plastic with double guard rings and includes finger grooves for an increased grip. There are full-length finger grooves that run down the entire length of the handle. This knife is a very popular knife because it is compact, lightweight, and extremely durable even with heavy use. 

It is also very affordable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for exceptional customer service. This knife features serrations that make it easier to cut through smaller objects. The blade on this knife is made from high-quality stainless steel with a black finish that also includes milled grooves for unique styling.

Primary Considerations Before Buying a Knife Necklace

There are many different styles of necklace knives to choose from, from the traditional wood handle to the sleek and classy steel blade. The considerations when buying your own knife necklace are endless, but here are six of the most important.

  • Personal Preference 

You might find that you like classic wood handles or that you prefer a more elegant blade design.

  • Function 

You will find it easier to wear a necklace knife if your design has a specific function. For instance, if you are looking for something durable you might choose a simple iron blade or maybe a bottle opener. If you need something more versatile, it would be good to have an easily accessible hidden knife like the gravity cutters.

  • Material 

All knives need to be made out of metal or in some way suitable for wearing on your skin, so your choice should also reflect on what type of material is most comfortable and durable to wear. For example, if you prefer something that is a little slimmer, you would most likely choose a lighter metal than a thick heavy one.

  • Type of Knife 

Again, this will depend on your personal taste but you should be careful to avoid using knives that are too dangerous to wear. For instance, if you have small children around, it's best not to wear a large knife.

  • Price Range 

This is another factor that is highly personal and no two people are the same when it comes to how much they can afford. However, prices tend to run from less than $10 in the case of the simple ones up to thousands of dollars for some of the more intricate and expensive designs.

  • Title 

This name is usually situated on the handle, although you can also find it in specific places on the blade. When choosing a knife you should probably go for the one with a special name that matches your style and personality.

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How to Create Your Necklace Knife?

There are many ways to create a knife necklace. Most of the time they are created using a variety of materials that include string, metal, and wire. The typical process is to wrap one or more of these materials around an object and then tie them off with the use of thread or wire in order to form the shape of a knife. 

This process is often repeated multiple times for the final product to be sturdy enough for daily wear. Some people like creating handmade jewelry and others choose to purchase items already on the market in hopes that it will make their life as easy as possible by not having to start from scratch each time they want to create one for themselves.