Airsoft Gun

No matter what you are trying to buy, you always have a budget in your mind. A budget is a limit to which you can spend money while buying anything. Being tight on budget generally means you have a restricted amount of money to purchase something. What if you are trying to buy airsoft guns and are short on budget?

Airsoft guns are generally known to be expensive among beginners and those who have never purchased one. That’s true for strange reasons. A few people simply go to unknown stores for buying them and hence find the prices to be extremely high and out of budget. You have to find the right stores where you can buy the best airsoft rifles within your budget. 

Let’s say your budget is actually tight and you aim to buy some magnificent airsoft guns. What are the options? Well, there are many but we have brought some of the best for you. This is a detailed guide to buying airsoft guns on a tight budget. Let’s begin with a detailed introduction of these replica guns before we move to their cost, and a list of cheap guns to buy! 

What Exactly Are Airsoft Guns?

Well, before you buy an airsoft gun and get your hands on it, it is important to know what sort of gun it is. It is basically a replica gun that looks like a real firearm and operates like a real one too. It has all the features and parts you find in real guns.

For instance, an airsoft gun has a barrel, a magazine, a trigger and everything that is usually found in a real gun. There are airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, airsoft revolvers, airsoft shotguns, airsoft sniper rifles, and more. The common thing you can find in all these firearms is realism!

Though airsoft guns are the most realistic replica guns, they don’t shoot real bullets. Rather, they shoot small, round, plastic bullets. These types of bullets are known as the BBs. This makes these guns safer and usable. However, the firing mechanism is quite realistic and the user feels the realism of shooting with these guns. Here are some of its types:

Types of Airsoft Guns

  • Spring Airsoft Guns

One of the most frequently used types of airsoft guns are the spring airsoft guns. As the name suggests, these guns feature a spring mechanism. The spring plays a key role in the shooting. This is why they are sometimes called springers. 

Spring-powered guns use a spring to push the BBs down the barrel. However, it has to be cocked manually before every shot. These guns are the first-ever replica guns and are believed to be the most durable ones as well. Also, they are the easiest to handle. These are the cheapest types of airsoft guns as well and are often used by beginners.  

  • Electric Airsoft Guns

Electric Airsoft guns are sometimes called AEG guns or Automatic Electric guns. These guns feature rechargeable batteries to operate. These batteries can be recharged to make the gun usable again. These are the most powerful cheap guns and provide the best accuracy. 

There is no need to manually cock the gun since there is an electric motor connected to the rechargeable battery which pulls the spring back. To use these guns for playing airsoft games, you need to have extra batteries with you because they can run out of power anytime. 

  • Gas Airsoft Guns

Gas airsoft guns are sometimes known as CO2 guns since they use carbon dioxide gas to operate. The gas propels the BB out of the gun. This is usually compressed gas but not necessarily CO2, sometimes green gas or propane is used in these guns. 

There are two types of gas-powered guns, blowback guns and non-blowback guns. Intermediate to advanced level users can use these guns. There is no need for a battery, so they can be used for a longer time. However, the gas may run out of the cylinder installed in it but can be refilled. 

How Much Do Airsoft Guns Cost?

Now we come to the cost of airsoft guns. Well, there is no specific cost for these guns. Different factors are involved in the process of pricing these replica guns. To start with, different stores would charge different prices for similar types of replica guns. Also, the quality of the guns determines the price. 

Similarly, there are factors like tactical features, magazine capacity, and dimensions that make the price go higher. This is why you will find airsoft sniper rifles as the most expensive while airsoft revolvers and pistols are usually among cheap guns. 

Where to Find Cheap Airsoft Guns?

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Buying in Bulk VS Buying From Retail

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