This world is going crazy, don’t leave home without some protection. The crime rate is enhancing with the number of unexpected attacks. You know who are more victimized? The women! 

Self defense has become a need of almost every human, let alone the women. No one is safe from these attacks, so you need to have a solid weapon for your defense. Your self defense weapon has to be an effective thing that can save your life. 

So, what are the options? Well, there are many, but as we are talking about the most effective one, stun gun tops the list. 

A stun gun can save your life, no matter the situation. Stun guns are widely carried as an alternative to firearms for self-defense. Just the sound of a stun gun zapping is a deterrent to any would be assailant. If they do get to close the shock will make the largest person back off and think twice to attack again.

What Exactly is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is small sized, lightweight device that can administer an electroshock weapon to immobilize the attackers. Due to its non lethal nature, it does not cause a permanent or a severe injury. 

It uses high voltage for preventing you from the attack. So, it is an electrical self defense weapon, and uniquely featured compared to other self defense options available in the market nowadays. 

There are prongs incorporated on the device, and touching the attacker with the prongs does the damage. It can deliver a serious electrical shock that immobilizes the attacker straight away and gives you the much needed time to escape.

How Can a Stun Gun Save Your Life?

We have come to our main concern here, how can stun guns save one’s life. Well, there are plenty of ways. However, following are the most significant ways in which stun guns allow you to prevent the attacks and save your life:

i) An Everyday Carry Weapon

Your defense weapon needs to have certain features that in fact make it possible for you to survive the attacks. Among those features, the most crucial is the ease to carry it. When I compare the stun guns with other self defense weapons, I find them easiest to carry. Let’s redo some comparison. For instance, if you are carrying a small knife, at times, you won’t feel comfortable. 

Even with the protective sheath on, there is a fear of accidental injury with a blade in your pocket. There are similar concerns with other weapons too, so it is difficult to consider any of them as an everyday carry weapon. However, a stun gun comes up as a perfect everyday carry weapon.

Stun gun is small, lightweight and non-lethal. It is just a device that can easily fit into your pocket. You can carry it easily and comfortably. It does not feature any blade to pose any discomfort. There is no other dangerous thing attached to it, So, you have no fear in your mind about carrying this weapon. Hence, a perfect everyday carry weapon that is with you when required to survive in emergency situations.

ii) No Training Required to Use it

If your self defense weapon is difficult to use, you are likely to be victimized by the attacker. A smart person would always prefer a weapon that can be used with ease. Stun Gun is perhaps the easiest to use weapon ever constructed. 

Many other weapons require hours of training before you master the skill of using them. For example, if you own a knife, you need to be skilled with how to deploy the blade and where to stab the attackers. If you don’t master the art of using the blade, you will land in huge trouble. 

The attacker would get his job done before you deploy the blade. This is where stun guns surpass the other weapons.

The mechanism of stun guns is simple. As you first get your hands on the weapon, you can quickly learn how to use it. All you need to do is touch the attacker with the prongs on the device, and the device would do the rest. In addition, there is no restriction regarding the part of body. You can touch any part of the attacker’s body to do the damage. 

So, was there any rocket science? You can avoid hours of training because there is simple working mechanism. There is no need to practice aiming your target, like you do when using the guns. Hence, it has to be your go through weapon during emergency situations for saving your life.

iii) A Weapon for Everyone

Hey ladies! Are you comfortable with knives, guns or any other lethal weapons? 90% of the women hate such weapons because they are lethal in nature. So, you would never like to carry a weapon that you hate. 

However, you do need something to save your life when an attacker approaches you. Why not get a stun gun? This incredible weapon is designed to be ideal for both men and women. There is no other weapon that has such a cool feature associated with it. A non lethal, but extremely effective weapon.

As a woman, you can easily carry a stun gun because you don’t need to be afraid of blade or bullet. Plus, there is no permanent injury that this device can cause. 

All it does is immobilize the attacker, and that too for a shorter period of time, allowing you to escape and save your life. Same goes for the men. Not all the men are comfortable with the blades, so they can give themselves a great opportunity to survive with the small, non lethal device.

iv) The Modern Smart Designs

Stun Guns come in variety of designs and styles. The modern ones are even smarter. If you scroll the market, you can find numerous smartly designed devices, such as a lipstick stun gun, stun gun flashlight, cell phone stun gun and mini stun gun. These are all ideal devices to carry for protecting against the unexpected attacks. 

The best thing about them is that they can work as a surprise weapon because the attacker does not get the idea that you are carrying a weapon. He may think that you are carrying a flashlight, cell phone or a lipstick. So, you can lead a surprise counter attack and save your life.

Go, Pick Your Stun Gun

As your preferred self defense weapon stun gun, make sure to pick the best one for you. One great option is our concealed line of stun guns. Check out them all and pick what works best for you. There is an immense selection to choose from. Be smart though, and choose the smartest option. Good luck however!