Handmade Sword Death Fang Dark Ninja Katana

2H3-KA2012 - Handmade Sword Death Fang Dark Ninja Katana. Overall Length: 41 Inches . Includes: Wooden Scabbard, Back Strap .
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It features a beautiful High 1060 Carbon Steel Blade with Blood Grove. This blade comes razor sharp with a mirror polish finish. The guard is the most eye catching part with a one side looking like a curved fang, black color copper. The handle is wrapped with Black Nylon Cord which secures the Double Pegged Handle. The Hilt of the Katana carries a face of a Dark Skull. The scabbard is built on solid wood with the back strap on it for easy carrying.


  • Overall Length: 41 Inches 
  • Blade Length: 28 Inches 
  • Blade: Thick, Blood Groove, Sharp, 1060 High Carbon Steel 
  • Handle: 12 Inches, Full Tang 
  • Includes: Wooden Scabbard, Back Strap 
  • Features: Skull Emblem on Pommel

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