best edc knives

EDC Knives truly have an indispensable place in our lives. These knives are more like our buddies that support us in times of need and celebrate with us when we are happy.

Whether it is about cutting your birthday cake or about breaking a window to escape a kidnapper’s trap, everyday carry knives are a great help. These knives are exclusively crafted to serve as a multi-purpose tool.

However, not most of the people are aware of the numerous uses of these remarkable knives.

This article is truly intended to introduce you to the most important uses of these utility knives. As well, don’t miss out on the best deals for EDC Knives under $10 only.

Significant Uses of Cool EDC Knives:

Let us have a look at the 15 most important uses of these wholesale knives.

1. Cutting and Slicing:

These knives are surely the best option when it comes to finding a tool to cut and slice. There is no substitute for the sharpness of their stainless-steel blades.

The durability of everyday carry knives further makes them the buyer’s first choice as a kitchen knife.

2. Bottle Opener:

If you are someone who can’t spend a day without having his favorite drink, you must consider buying these knives.

They are also equally able to act as a bottle opener. You are surely going to love them for this feature.

3. Barber’s Razor:

Have you ever heard of a knife that can also serve as a barber’s razor for cutting and shaving? Even if you have not, you can buy it and try it yourself.

You will surely be amazed to find such a multi-purpose tool. Believe it or not, but no one has ever had a bad experience with EDC Knives.

4. Self Defense Weapon:

Are you threatened by someone? Are you living all alone in an alien land? Do you need protection?

Simply invest in an everyday carry knife and relieve yourself of the threat of losing your life. These self defense knives will surely protect you in case of an emergency attack.

5. Screwdriver:

These knives can even act as a screwdriver. This means that if you have invested in any of these knives, you will not have to bear the cost of buying a screwdriver.

Isn’t it amazing? Who does not want to spend on such a useful tool?

6. Personal Hygiene:

The modern-day knife market offers a number of variants of these highly popular knives. Among them, a nail cutter knife is the only one of its kind.

Are you getting annoyed by your long nails but don’t have any time to cut them? Carry this knife with you and cut your nails whenever you find some time.

7. Cutting Wires:

Sometimes, especially in an emergency situation, you have to cut wires in order to save yours or someone else’s life.

In such a situation, this knife will surely assist you in the best possible way. Therefore, keeping this sharp blade with you is definitely a must.

8. Carving:

Are you fond of carving designs on wood? The sharpness of this knife can even assist you in this intricate task.

Simply, use it to carve the most detailed designs on a piece of wood. You will be amazed by the finesse and clarity of the design.

9. Fishing:

This knife is also capable of serving as a valuable fishing tool. If you ever come across a fisherman, just ask him about the utility of EDC knives in his life.

He will let you have a clearer idea of how dear these knives are to him.

10. Gardening:

Whether it is about cutting the old shrubs or about removing the annoyingly stretches of grass, these knives will surely be a great help. Some framers even use these for harvesting crops.

Have you ever heard of this utility of EDC knives before? I am sure you have not.

11. Repairing:

Electricians also keep these knives with them in their toolbox. It is because these knives sometimes serve as a great tool in assisting general repair tasks.

For instance, you may use it to fix some battery-related issues.

12. Camping:

If you are planning to go camping with your friends or family, you must keep one of these best knives with you. They are going to help you protect yourself against the enemy's attack.

At the same time, these are also going to be of great help when cutting grass to clear the camp side.

13. Prop in Plays and Skits:

These knives are often used as props in plays and skits. These are also equally important when it comes to entertainment media.

14. Pencil Sharpener:

The sharpness of this knife can also make it easier for you to sharpen a pencil if in case you are not having any sharpener around.

15. Home Décor Object:

Antique and vintage-looking variants of these knives are too good to be true.

Thus, people often use these to decorate their personal or professional space. It truly adds class and a touch of royalty.

Grab These Best Deals for EDC Knives Under $10 Only:

Before buying such knives, you must be intrigued to spend on buying these valuable knives. However, I am sure that you don’t want to go out of your budget constraints.

To your surprise, these knives are not beyond your reach, these are available at You can easily grab one and that too in under 10 dollars.

Yes, you have read it right. If you don’t believe it, let us share with you some of the most amazing everyday carry knives that cost under $10.

1. Straight Blade Barber Razor:

This is a compact size foldable pocket knife that can serve really well as a barber’s razor. People fall for this knife because of its attractive colors.

Straight blade barber razor

It is available in shiny golden, silver and blue colors. You can grab one, it will surely help you in shaving your beard off.

2. Bottle Opener Pocket Knife:

This knife comes in varying designs. The most popular among them is the one that features an American Flag.

Bottle opener Pocket knife

It is considered as a symbol of patriotism and people keep it because they can easily use it as a bottle opener as well.

3. Bottle Opener Rifle Bullet Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Green:

This kind of EDC knife is unique in terms of their appearance and usage. They look like a rifle’s bullet but are capable of serving as a knife and a bottle opener.

spring assisted knives green

It is one of the most popular types of spring assisted knives and is thus, quite easy to open in case of an emergency.

4. Spider Web Assisted Opening Folding Cleaver Blade Pocket Knife Red:

This knife is splendid as it features a really attractive spider web print. The shape of its blade further intrigues the buyer to grab this knife without giving any second thought.

spider web assisted opening folding Cleaver blade pocket knife red

It features a compact size and is among the most popular options available in the market.

5. Blue Monarch Butterfly Wing Tactical EDC Spring Assisted Knife:

This MTech USA knife is everyone’s favorite. It is especially more popular among females who admire it for its butterfly print. It looks very refreshing and is most purchased to satisfy the buyer’s cutting and slicing needs.

Blue Monarch Butterfly Wing Tactical EDC Spring Assisted Knife

Its mirror polishes together with its stainless steel blade gives this knife a competitive edge over all others.

6. Black 440 Stainless Karambit Tactical Combat Spring Assist Knife:

This tactical knife is quite easy to open. It comes in a lethal combination of red and black colors. It has a black stainless-steel blade that rightly complements its ergonomic handle.

Blank 440 Stainless Karambit Tactical Combat Spring assist Knife

It has a sharp blade and compact size and is thus quite popular among all EDC knives.

7. White Pearl Handle Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife - Rainbow Blade:

The aesthetic appeal of this knife makes it impossible for the buyer to resist the temptation of buying it. It is among the most beautiful knives currently available in the market.

White Pearl Handle Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife

It features an attractive rainbow blade together with a pearl-like marble handle. Who can resist buying such a splendid weapon?

8. Karambit Reverse Sawblade Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife:

Saw blade knives have a huge fan following. These are highly admired by almost all weapon lovers. People also love these knives for their affordable price and sharp blade.

Karambit Reverse Sawblade Spring Assisted Folding Pocket knife

These are also quite easy to open and comes in a compact size that easily fits in your pocket.


These are currently the best EDC knives that you must consider when planning to buy one for your day-to-day needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab one before these get out of stock.