These knives are weapons that are designed to resemble lipstick tubes. The knife's blade is concealed in the bottom of the tube before it is extended, so the user might not know they're carrying a weapon. Penknives, screwdrivers, and cosmetics brushes have been adapted to conceal blades as well. 

A lipstick knife can be used for close-range attacks or to threaten someone from a distance. They may also be used by law enforcement to help inmates or suspects comply with an order. These knives are designed for concealment and can be easily concealed inside a pocketbook, jacket, purse, or backpack. These knives provide users with the benefit of surprise since the weapon is concealed in an object that is not normally associated with a weapon. 

This type of weapon is excellent for women's self-defense because it allows easy concealment in a coat pocket without raising suspicion to others. Unlike some other weapons such as stun guns or pepper spray, these knives are not illegal in most states. This weapon provides a way for women to protect themselves without causing suspicion to others. It can be easily carried and is difficult for even a trained eye to detect. 

While some self-defense experts recommend mace or pepper spray, it is important to remember that those items are usually detectable by others. These knives do not offer the same level of protection, but they are quiet and allow for a very quick attack. This hidden blade can be used to slash at an attacker, creating an opening for the user to escape or gain control of the situation.

The Features of Lipstick Knife

This article assesses these knives and their features, such as the maximum length of a lipstick knife, the most common materials used to make these knives, and where they can be concealed. Learn more about a secret weapon in tonight's criminal's arsenal -- the lipstick knife!

These knives are a type of weapon that typically have rounded points which are used for stabbing an opponent or cutting through objects. These weapons became popular in various countries around Europe after World War II because they were easy to produce by sewing razor blades onto leather belts. 

Some countries even made it illegal to possess one without special permission from government authorities as part of their national firearm laws. Here are the cool features of these cool knives that make them best for self-defense:

1. Small and Easy to Conceal

The lipstick knife is a small weapon, thus it can easily be concealed. It looks just like a tube of lipstick with a pointed end on the cap, which could be used for stabbing an assailant. In fact, the handle of the blade can even contain miniature compartments where you can hide a small knife or other tools (like keys or a lock pick) in case of being taken hostage. Other small weapons like throwing knives and mace guns also come in concealed compartments that are easy to hide under jackets, blouses, or purses.

2. Made of High Quality Steel

Another top reason for the popularity of these knives is that they are made of high-quality steel, so they don't break easily when put under pressure. Most of these knives are also heat treated to make them harder and sharper. However, this does not mean you can cut through anything with a lipstick knife without it breaking. The key to using a lipstick knife effectively lies in knowing how to handle it well.

3. Needle Sharp Points

The pointed end makes the weapon less likely to get stuck in your opponent or any surface it's pressed against because it can easily be twisted away from any object during counter attacks. A small diameter combined with a sharp point also makes the lipstick knife an excellent stabbing instrument.

4. Comes in Various Sizes

These knives come in various sizes according to the length of the blade. These are very good for self-defense because they are easy to hide and carry around but they can still inflict fatal damage on an opponent. Here's a list of some popular sizes:

2.5 inches or shorter - The smallest size for lipstick knives is only 2.5 inches long, which includes smaller versions designed to be used as letter openers, scissors, nail files, etc... with shorter blades that have pointed tips rather than blades that curve into a point at one end (sheepsfoot).

5. Used as A Weapon

It was used as a weapon in World War II by many nations, especially the United Kingdom. The lipstick knife became popular after World War II when several countries deemed it a concealed weapon of choice because it was disguised as an ordinary object. Germany, for example, prohibited the possession of these knives as part of its national firearm laws since the gun law was legislated in 2001. Other countries like England and Australia are also prohibited from owning or carrying these knives without proper licenses or permits.

6. Used for Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Aside from the fact that the knife blade is concealed, these weapons are also very easy to use. Just think of it like a pen knife or pencil; you just have to press on the top end, and the sharp blade will spring out, ready for use. 

Once it's no longer needed, all you have to do is press again on the top end, and the blade will retract back inside your lipstick case (unless you're using a non-retractable lipstick knife). These knives can be used for both offensive and defensive tactics because they are light enough for quick strikes but heavy enough to make an impact on someone's face.

7. Women’s Self Defense Tool

Women are not as likely to use large fighting weapons because they are often shunned from using such powerful items. However, this need not be the case when you have a lipstick knife! Female users typically favor the 2.5 inch long variety (the smallest form) because it's an excellent self defense weapon for ladies who would rather not go around with a large knife attached to their waistbands.

The lipstick knife also provides great advantages in a personal defense situation. It's one of those weapons that can be used to stab an attacker or cut through objects. Not to mention, it's small enough to be hidden well (without being noticed) from a distance. These knives have become and will continue to be highly popular self defense weapons, so much so that some countries such as England and Australia also made it a law for people to carry one on them at all times.

How to Sharpen a Lipstick Knife?

We know that these knives are a vital tool in the makeup artist’s arsenal and with proper care they can last for years. But what exactly is a lipstick knife? Let us take you through all of the steps to sharpening your lipstick blade so it can work magic just like it did before!

  • Step One: Make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. The most important thing to remember is that you must have ALL of the supplies listed below, and you cannot purchase any of them in any store around you. There is a list of everything that is needed at the end of this article.
  • Step Two: Get your knife sharpened! This should only be done by professionals, but it truly does not need to take a long time, as the blade will not be changing much. Your blades may probably need to go through a few sharpening over a few years, but the end result will definitely be worth it in the long run.
  • Step Three: Get your blades clean.  Rinse off the blade so that it is free from any lipstick or makeup remnants. You never know where it has been! Make sure to remove any dirt or oil from the sponge as well, so that there is nothing left on it of any kind. This is when you will want to use your new sharpening kit.