Types of Bullets

Ammunition is usually an intimidating subject, considering the fact that many of us are unaware of the firearms and their bullets. Choosing the right ammunition for your guns whether for self defense, hunting, airsoft, or more is quite tricky. Having the right types of bullets is essential to keep your firearms secure and enjoy optimal shooting performance. Exploring the types of ammos can be extremely confusing and overwhelming at times. However, we are trying our best to simplify it for you! 

Before we explore the types of bullets, it is important to know what sort of firearms can fire these bullets. There are real firearms that are too dangerous and are only used by the licensed individuals, armed forces and concerned authorities. Also, some hunters are licensed to use real guns for hunting. 

Apart from real firearms, there are replica guns that use different types of ammunition. Replica guns include blank guns, airsoft guns, and pellet guns or BB guns. The types of bullets used in all these guns are different. Let’s explore the types of ammunition used by all these types of firearms, and classify them further. We start with the real guns and their bullets. 

1. Real Ammunition Types - Used in Real Firearms

When we talk about real bullets, we mean the cartridge which is made up of four key components, including a primer, a case, propellant or powder, and projectile. A case is made of steel, brass or nickel at times. A primer is the ignition for propellant and is a round dimple on the base of the cartridge. The gunpowder is another important component of a real bullet. Finally, we come to the projectile which is the only part in the cartridge that can be called an actual bullet. 


Real bullets come in several types and are used for several different purposes. Every type of bullet is referred to by its acronym making. Following are some of the most commonly used types of bullets used in real guns. 

  • Wad Cutter (WC)
  • Lead Round Nose (LRN)
  • Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Semi-Jacketed (SJ)
  • Semi Wad Cutter (SWC)
  • Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP)
  • Special (RCBD)
  • Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

So, these are the different types of bullets used in real firearms. Apart from these, there are a few others that are important to be uncovered. Here we reveal some other types of bullets:

  • Soft Point (SP) 
In this bullet, the tip is composed of exposed lead. 

  • Armor Piercing (AP): 
In this type of bullet, the core is not composed of lead but of alloy.

  • Boat Tail (BT): 
This is the bullet in which the rear end of the cartridge is usually tapered to provide stability to the projectile in flight. 

  • Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP): 
This is a bullet known to be a combination of the hollow point features and boat tail features. 

2. Steel BBs - Used in Pellet Guns or BB Guns

As the name suggests, steel BBs are the bullets made of steel. They are round in shape, small in size and quite powerful. Pellet guns are the guns that shoot these bullets. Also called BB guns, pellet guns are used by hunters as well as armed forces. 

Steel BBs

Steel BBs are small but they have severe effects. This is why these types of bullets are used for hunting. You can easily do small game hunting with these guns. A steel pellet can easily take down rabbits, squirrels, ducks, quails, and similar small game. The size of these bullets may vary and are often smaller than real bullets used in real firearms. 

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3. Plastic BBs - Used in Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are replica guns that fire plastic BBs, called airsoft bullets. These are almost identical to pellet bullets but are made of plastic and don’t pose a great threat of injuries. These bullets are not used in hunting, but are used in airsoft, reenactment and target practice. 

Since these types of bullets are made of plastic, they cause no harm if they hit anybody. Airsoft is a popular sport in the USA because it is a safe sport to play involving guns. Airsoft guns provide a realistic shooting experience since they look absolutely real and work like real guns. However, these bullets are not real. 

Airsoft bullets

Airsoft bullets are small, round in shape and made of plastic. However, they can still cause damage to sensitive organs of the body such as ears, face and eyes. This is why airsofters have to wear face protection and eye protection to ensure their safety when stepping on the airsoft field. The types of bullets are similar in airsoft shotguns, cheap airsoft sniper, airsoft pistols and airsoft revolvers. 

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4. Blank Ammos - Used in Blank Firing Guns

Now we come to the most interesting types of bullets these days called blank ammunition, blanks, blank bullets or bank cartridges. These bullets are mainly used in blank guns, also called blank firing guns, prop guns, movie prop guns, and starter pistols. 

These guns are used in military training, starting races, and self defense etc. The blank ammunition, when fired from these guns, produced a realistic sound. In addition, it dischages fumes or flames. This is why firing looks absolutely real with these guns. 

Blank ammunition

However, blank ammos don’t come out of the barrel. When you pull the trigger to shoot blanks, the bullet does not come out of the barrel. However, fumes are discharged from tha barrel, either from the top of the barrel or from front. 

Blank ammunition is used in movies in particular because it produces a real firing sound, and with the fumes coming out of the barrel, the action looks absolutely real. There are different types of blank guns, including 7mm blank guns, 9mm blank guns, front firing and top firing blank guns etc. 

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