Brass knuckles to add into your collection

The term "brass knuckles" refers to a type of weapon that is typically worn on the hand. The individual wears a metal, usually brass, ring around their respective thumb, which fits specifically in the palm of the hand and wraps around the closed fist. 

These weapons are often used for self-defense, as they are typically easy to conceal and small enough to be hidden anywhere on an individual's person. They were commonly used by gangsters primarily during Prohibition for fighting off law enforcement agencies trying to collect taxes or seize illegal goods in order to avoid arrest and conviction without resorting to violence. 

They were also used by the military to supplement the use of a pistol whenever a soldier was not allowed to bring their weapon or they needed an extra weapon. If you are looking for brass knuckles for sale to add a few into your arsenal, there are several exceptional variations that you should consider. Here we reveal some of the best types of knuckles!

Knuckle Dusters: Association

In modern times, they are commonly associated with certain action-oriented media like post-apocalyptic or martial arts films. This is also sometimes used to describe similar weapons consisting of metal spikes, blades, or studs attached to the glove in order to inflict more damage. 

Knuckle dusters usually fit around the thumb and are designed with projections that extend into the palm. The projections cause more serious wounds than those caused by typical punching. They also help with maintaining a better grip.

Knuckle Dusters: Dispute Settler

No one wants to attract attention. It's better when people don't notice you. But some people are made of sterner stuff, and they need to diffuse situations that may challenge their personal boundaries. 

If you're the one who needs to show that violence is not a long-term option for them, this guide will teach you how to do just that in many different scenarios. With brass knuckles, or any other type of hand-to-hand weapon for that matter, you can avoid clashes without a single bruise on your forearm.

A lot of people are more willing to negotiate when they're presented with the threat of violence. Because it's so versatile, these knuckles can help you make sure that any disagreements don't degenerate into a fistfight. 

It may also encourage people to let bygones be bygones. You never really know what kind of person you're dealing with until you look them in the eye and ask them to de-escalate the situation. And if they refuse, then it's time for knuckle dusters to do the talking.

Excellent Qualities of Knuckles

Knuckle dusters have been used by fighters who want more control over their punches, but sometimes brass knuckles have an added benefit that can provide increased damage. These weapons are usually constructed from sections of brass tubing, wire, or even pieces of hardwood.

There are many excellent qualities of knuckle dusters. Here are three most important:

  • These knuckles can be used in self-defense. If a thug tries to take your hat, or hurt you with a brick, knuckle dusters are the only way to go! 
  • When you punch someone in the head, the force of your fist gets pushed upwards and outwards. That's why knuckles' ends are pointed away from your body and end up sticking into things like wood doors.
  • The knuckles' metal is hard and strong. If a brute punches you in the head, and his fist hits your knuckles, that brute will feel the full force of the hit.

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Excellent Variants of Brass Knuckles

  • Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a metal or plastic device used to open bottles by inserting it into the top of the cap and rotating it around a fixed post. If you want a bottle opener why don’t you check out the Knuckle Bottle Opener? This ingenious gadget uses the same sturdy metal as knuckle dusters for leverage when it comes time to uncork your beverage. Genius!

It's built from tough metal that's used for knuckles, and features fingers that are perfect for grabbing the neck of any bottle... including beer bottles. 

Brass knuckle bottle opener

The Knuckle Bottle Opener offers both these two qualities of opening bottles and can be used for self defense when need arises. They can be great tools for you whenever you need to defend yourself from animals and attackers. Having one of these tiny tools can be a life-saver! 

  • Brass Knuckle Knife

Knuckle knives are a type of fighting knife and are therefore illegal to own in certain countries. Knuckle Dusters, which can be made from the same base materials but with extending knuckles for punching and not stabbing, are legal in some countries with strict weapons laws and illegal in others. 

A brass knuckle knife was originally used when the person was bare handed and either had lost or did not have their weapon on their person. There was usually a basic handle at the bottom of the blade which allowed it to be punched into an opponent's flesh. 

Brass knuckle knife

Today they can be used to stab through clothing, so one may want to look at snagging the knife from its sheath. "Knuckle knives" are a type of knife which has thick blades with metal spikes on the backside. They were used in both the U.S. and Iraq before being outlawed by law enforcement in both countries for their use as a weapon.

  • Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle 

Belt buckle brass knuckles are a type of weapon often seen in the hands of fictional characters and superheroes, they are designed to look like a standard belt and have knuckles attached. There are many variations on the designs or even the way that these knuckles are attached, however most will have an actual buckle made from metal with holes drilled through it. 

There is some debate as to whether this design really works as well as it looks, while there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that they are dangerous weapons you should be very careful if you decide to try them out for yourself.

The idea of these weapons dates back to the 1840s or possibly earlier, while they may not have been invented in that year they were certainly popularized during those decades. They weren’t actually considered weapons until the 1970s and 1980s, when it was realized that they were useful for self defense and even for poking people in the eyes. 

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One of the more notable users of belt buckle brass knuckles was The Punisher, who had them attached to his black leather belt during his time fighting crime as an extra precaution against attackers and gangsters.  It's also quite likely that he had these weapons made from actual brass by a blacksmith rather than by a machine.

Brass knuckle belt buckle

  • Knuckle Duster Paperweight

Brass knuckles are hand-forged weapons favored by criminals in many urban areas of the United States. When made properly, they are usually constructed from durable brass and have a small spike at the top for stabbing an assailant. 

Injuries from the spikes can be brutal, but the downside is that these spikes can also break off during use, rendering them useless and sometimes dangerous to handle. Therefore, knuckles generally function as a paperweight or decorative piece more than anything else.

Because they are hand-forged weapons and are easily concealed, they pose a significant threat to law enforcement officers. In fact, many law enforcement organizations have banned their members from carrying knuckles for this reason.

The knuckle duster paperweight is actually a weapon that is designed to look like the real thing but with no functional aspects to it. The fictional weapon was popularized in the 1987 movie “RoboCop” which starred Peter Weller as the title character who was a man-made cyborg law enforcement officer in Detroit.

  • Metal Knuckles

Metal knuckles are not just slabs of metal. They're small pieces of metal shaped like a fist with individual pointed ends on the knuckles that can come in different shapes and sizes. 

Metal slabs used to be popular in prisons as makeshift weapons to protect oneself from other inmates but today they're often used as fashion accessories. These fashion statements are banned or heavily regulated in many places because they can do serious damage if made out of heavier material such as brass.

Wear Your Knuckles - It’s Advantageous

There are many reasons one may want to carry brass knuckles on them. Different people have different needs and expectations regarding this weapon. Some people believe it can be used in self defense, while others consider it just a tool that they can use for whatever purposes they need. 

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The advantages of carrying a knuckle range from the practical (being able to damage someone's face and not get caught) to the spiritual (focusing the mind). Whatever you decide is your reason for wanting one, carrying this is an easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones without having them be too noticeable.